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    This is an old thread that I figured could use a bump. This 1860 colt replica was built from pieces and started as a .44 cap and ball. Now a 45 long colt, with stabilized maple burl grips. Silver crosses on both sides. These were my grandfathers. He was a chaplain in ww2. Silver turtle front sight, but it's not needed, she's a real pointer out to about 10 to 15 yards. This 1858 Remington replica is the current project. A target model, she's also converted to 45 long colt, but has yet to be gated for rear loading. The "remmys" don't fit my hand like the colt, thus the target sights. Again maple burl grips. Love the old wheel guns
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    Current truck: Chevrolet Sonic LT, 1.4L Turbo, Wrong wheel drive, 6 speed auto 4"+ lift kit, 100% GM stock components 215/75R16(28x8)General AT2's Warn Axon 55S, rear mounted On board air w/air horns Accessory lighting and a front receiver for the winch are in the works. Still considering a set of 10" travel, dual rate coilovers on the back and a pre-runnerish style bumper up front. With next to no concern for aesthetics or structural integrity, she can be driven just about anywhere. Soft sand is a no go. I do carry extra recovery gear. I also carry plenty of spare parts, from a set of axles to a pile of zipties, and carry plenty of tools to make sure I can destroy what ever breaks, for good. I know posting a pic of such an amazing ride, the modern marvel of over-engineering that is, opens me up to vehicle theft, big time. I'll risk it this one time, cause I'm pretty sure you're all decent folk.
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    Out hillside and piddler wash prospecting in a new spot yesterday paid off... Think I will be going back because I like cornflakes.
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    Colorless and sherry topaz from Topaz Mtn. Worth every flat tire to get out there. Take multiple cans of fix-a-flat and a compressor. You will need them. We did find one tiny, partially replaced piece of red beryl after 2 days of busting rocks. Never got a pic of it, and it's in my partners garden now! Had a day to myself and decided to spend it on Sunstone Knoll. Glad i did. I'll end up there again next year, mainly because I have some strange urge to use the sunstones for fishbowl gravel. Yes that is an entire Ziploc snackbag full of sunstones.... I do tend to get kinda greedy.
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    Nice to see some people have a sense of humor.
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    I like it! Some equipment makes more sense if it is disposable. Vehicles fit this slot perfectly. I knew a fellow who prospected in a PT Cruiser. It was a bit extra effort for him but it sure didn't hold him back. You can tear up a $40,000 pickup in three or four seasons and get a couple miles closer to "the spot". Or you can tear up a dented Kia Sportage in four seasons and spend a thousand bucks. Either way you find just as many rocks. I have driven a 1976 fj40 Land Cruiser for 35 years. It has 650,000 miles on it. When the forces of erosion weather the mountains to dust I will drive it in the flats. I paid $3000 for it in 1984. I figure I could give it a paint job and sell it for $10,000 today. It has sentimental value after all those miles. That sentimental value is a liability sometimes.
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    Bob, I usually don't start topics to redirect/move off topic subject matter, if someone else would like to do so I can however move any posts that are off topic here and pertains to that topic if need be, especially if the OP (DaveZ) feels they are a distraction to his topic and subject matter.
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    Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and today it did,.....I found my "ugliest" gold nugget ever!!!! I was exploring some new ground when I got a real strong and well-defined signal just under a 4"-or-so (shelf) drop in exposed bedrock. The small (10" round ) area was covered with green grass, which also contained an over abundance of intertwined roots that really became a pain when trying to clear them away. Every time I swung my coil over this area ( after pulling out dirt and small rocks) it .....screamed...., and gave off the same noise as I had heard 6-times today after unearthing 6-chunks of varying sizes of lead slugs. I briefly considered blowing this target off as just another chunk-O-lead,............But, considering that the statement: "Dig-every-target" has proven beneficial to me (many times) over the years, I continued with my pursuit. I eventually dug all of the dirt and rocks out of the area down to a depth of about 6", with solid bedrock remaining. The signal continued screaming each time I swung the coil over the area, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly where the target was, even when I used my pin pointer???!! I used my small (90-deg.) angled screwdriver to pull any dirt, etc. away from under the back edge and side corners of my exposed area, but the target continued being allusive, and over and over ...screamed... as if to mauck me saying: "I'm still here!!!"" The only thing I finally noticed was a barely-noticeable crack in the flat-bottom of the bedrock that ran about 2" long towards me. So I started scrapping everything out of the crack with my angled-screwdriver. The crack was only about a quarter of an inch wide, but I then discovered that it went down about an inch-and-a-half deep, and was filled with a very hardened and crusty clay-like material, which, made it hard to scrape out. Again my coil ...screamed... when I swung it over the area, but this time my pin pointer went off as well showing me right where (down almost 2" in that little crack) the target was. I wasn't getting all of the fine dirt out of the crack with my screwdriver, so I stooped-down as close as I could and blew the fine dust out as best as I could ( I didn't have a straw or tube to use). Then low and behold I could "finally" see a very small (faint) speck of gold peeking back at me. It turned out that the nugget was on-edge vertically in that crack, so I used my ice pick-type tool to get under the nugget to pry it out. When I got it out it looked weird and dirty, and was not like the clean-buttery-colored gold nuggets that I have become used to finding over the years. I even tried cleaning it up at home with some soap, tooth brush and water,..........and it's still "Ugly,"..and is a bit magnetic ( the dark and boring coloration is iron crystals that are attached- to the nugget,...yet, it is not a speci). Guess I'll let it soak in a bath of nitric acid to clean it up. Gary
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    A meteorite does not contain mineral iron in quantities that would make it magnetic. So if a magnet sticks to a rock and the source of the magnetism is identified as magnetite it is not a meteorite. Free metallic iron and nickel make meteorites stick to a magnet. Hematite and magnetite are what attracts a magnet to a terrestrial stone. Differentiation in the field is as easy as determining the form of iron that is attracting your magnet. There are exceptions to every rule I suppose. And in a laboratory under a microscope all sorts of things are observed in meteorites. But in the field with a magnet and streak plate you are going to be able to determine the source of magnetism. And if the source of magnetism is mineral iron you have a terrestrial stone. If the source of the magnetism is free metallic iron you have more testing to do to rule out the possibility of a meteorite.
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    Yep Bedrock, same stuff, Utah Sunstone/yellow labradorite. No or very little schiller. Those are all float, picked up in about 6 hours. Don't cry over the red beryl loss... It was about .5mm thick and 2.5mm round. It looked like a tiny stop sign, but was mostly replaced, half grey/half red. After finding that one tiny piece though, I know where to look again!
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    Here it is after a nitric acid bath,.............looks much better,........ It initially weighed in at 1.0 grams with all that poop on it,...now it's .98 of-a-gram,........close enough to a gram for me....Guess I'll keep it... Gary
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    It was a rhetorical request directed as a question to Mr. Stillwillie. Not a request to actually move or create a new thread. I just said that instead of telling Mr. Hillbeaver that nobody gives a ratsass about his flat tires. Nor do we need instructions and/or advice on tire repair. I was trying to be polite and it wasn't any fun at all. What is with this place anyway? It is full of wackos and cranks and a bunch of swinging bratwurst. As soon as a normal guy that writes in full sentences shows up with some cool rocks someone has to go and derail the whole train with some handy tire tips. It is like building sandcastles at the beach. But instead of some muscled out meatsickle kicking it over, some old crank mumbling about global warming and tire maintenance trips and falls over it. I'm telling you Skip there is something in the water. And it aint good.
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