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    I thought the coin/relic folks might like to see what my daughters and I pulled from our change bowl. We empty it every year or two and go through it for cool coins before taking them in for cash. This year was epic! Now keep in mind I dont know anything about these so "epic" is a relative term. But we did get more of these than foreign coins this time. Lol!
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    Out hillside and piddler wash prospecting in a new spot yesterday paid off... Think I will be going back because I like cornflakes.
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    Thanks for the great outing! It was nice to meet so many people all in the hobby. I am aiming to get more hours out there, and I learned a lot from you guys! Very grateful to have stumbled onto your website forum, and honoured to actually be there in person. I had some fun dancing around with those soft fluffy cactuses there - like cotton candy almost eh? Amazing design by nature right there - you couldn’t manufacture such an efficient seed spreader or whatever those fish hook things are on those spikey balls that jump out at ya Good Times! Thank You!
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    I bet you were the only one wearing shorts.I've had many encounters with cholla and lost each time. Beware.... Thanks for the pics.
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    Well done Shay & Mitchel !! Here`s a close up of my bigger piece.
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    Colorless and sherry topaz from Topaz Mtn. Worth every flat tire to get out there. Take multiple cans of fix-a-flat and a compressor. You will need them. We did find one tiny, partially replaced piece of red beryl after 2 days of busting rocks. Never got a pic of it, and it's in my partners garden now! Had a day to myself and decided to spend it on Sunstone Knoll. Glad i did. I'll end up there again next year, mainly because I have some strange urge to use the sunstones for fishbowl gravel. Yes that is an entire Ziploc snackbag full of sunstones.... I do tend to get kinda greedy.
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    Dave if you also add a window shield defroster mod and maybe even a cockpit heater mod it might not snow either!!
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    If you get to fabrikatin' a Legal Eagle windshield wiper mod, it won't rain
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    Bluebird sky here in PV right now. Expecting 3+ inches of snow Thursday night then turning to rain over night continuing into Friday! Are we having fun yet?
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    For those of you who have not had the joy of a Teddy Bear Cholla(aka Jumping Cholla) encounter may I suggest that a pair of good tweezers or tight fitting needle nose pliers is a must have. I have also found that carrying a small hair comb is a benefit. The comb will allow you to get the Cholla ball off and then it is easier to get the remaining barbs.
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    I wish they would let you bring all those permits into the jailhouse with you. Then a fellow could have something to wipe with after he sat there facing 20 guys on that stainless steel toilet-sink contraption and had to relieve himself. If you are one permit short the officer is going to tell you that you can wipe your fanny with the rest of them. So they may as well allow you to wipe with them after they throw you in jail. It beats having to beg a 300 lb. Navajo that has been tazed a dozen times in the past hour for a few squares of single ply.
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    Thank you to Bill, Minelab and everyone who put the outing together. My daughters and I had a great time! They loved all the Minelab schwag. Alexa even wore her Minelab beanie to school today. It's was great getting to see everyone and chat with some friends. I hope to get out with some fellow nuggetshooters this winter. Here's the gold we scored right before heading back to the outing and also my first GPX5000 nuggets.
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    It was great to see all the new faces, meet so many people from the forum, and subscribers to my channel ! Here`s some gold found during the outing. Boulder dash`s above the dime, and mine below the dime ...
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    For Sale: Minelab SDC 2300. It’s used with normal scratches. Comes with Doc’s Cover and 3 sets of rechargeable batteries and charger. I also have the original Headphones and an an adapter so you can use your favorite pair of headphones. $2000 firm Tim 951-818-1991
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    Apparently you don't understand the concept of global warming.
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    What Wind ? Still waiting for batteries on my wind turbine toy.
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    Great price for that machine! I recently sold one without the cover or adapter for a little more money than what you are asking ... so whoever is looking at this one is getting a bargain for this price.
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    Not sure where you are from but I encountered Cholla cactus for the first time last year. Every day they got me LOL I’ve learned next time to bring a pair of pliers along because trying to get them off just keeps getting worse and worse LOL
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    Good to meet you and those Cholla will get ya...
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    Breakfast of champions
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    The OHV permit is to cross State lands on unimproved roads. The ASLD permit is to engage in any activities on State land. I think there are 2 separate activities here. One for vehicle access. One for "use". Leastwise that is how I understand it. Unless you are stopping and doing something on State Trust Land you don't need the ASLD sticker. Nor do you need it while legally hunting or fishing. But if the trail you are on crosses State Trust Land you have to have the OHV sticker on the vehicle no matter what you are doing. ...Unless the vehicle you are driving exceeds 2400 lbs., you have out of state plates, trailered the vehicle or the LEO does not like your looks. In which case you may be cited. If you resist you will be subdued and locked in a cage after being stripped, searched, chained to a wall and forced to submit to an injection. You may be digitally penetrated if they think it is needed. Then you will be given a blanket and spend the next 12 hours on a steel bunk chatting with a vato with extensive facial tattoos. Then when you get your day in court the LEO won't show and your case will be dismissed. You will have received the justice you so richly deserve. That right there is my understanding of the situation.
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    Geez Arizona is getting almost as bad as Crapafornia. I think that is all the politicians do is invent ways to take our money. Then give themselves a raise and a pat on the back for getting more revenue. Bob
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    I have a Bug Pro, and it's found lots and lots of nuggets, small and large. Easy learning curve and loves to hit hard on gold, plus, due to its light weight and shaft design, you can swing it all day long without killing your arm. Great detector if you're looking to get into nugget shooting and don't want to spend a fortune. All the best, Lanny
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    Catch and Release Gold:Did something the end of the summer season I haven't done before.I went to visit a friend of mine that runs a large placer operation.They had made a cut 70 feet deep to bedrock, and they'd piled the dirt up near their huge washplant to be processed. After the large run was finished, there was a small pile of pay left on the big area they'd scraped to push up the remainder of the piled paydirt.My friend told me to take my detector over to the pile to have a bit of fun. I was shocked by his offer, but of course, I giddy-upped to the site and started swinging my detector. Within minutes I had my first repeatable good signal that was pinning at 40 on the Bug Pro. Using my Garrett Carrot, I'd soon pinpointed a nice, flat nugget in the pile.I kept working my way around the pile, up and over the pile, and worked my way carefully all the way around the bottom of the pay-pile. In this way, I recovered 5 sassy nuggets, which was much like shooting fish in a barrel, but way more fun.However, my gold fever brain kept nudging me to try to the scraped area around the pile, a much larger undertaking, so I headed out into the wilderness of flatness . . .About ten feet out from the pile, I got a good signal under a rock about twice the size of my fist. At least, that's what I thought. But, when I levered the rock out (which was a hot rock), the signal was more to the front of the rock (as it faced the direction of the pay pile). The hot rock had been distorting the signal.I scanned the hole again where the rock had been, and sure enough, the signal was coming from the area described above, and its signal was pinning in the 60 range on the digital display of the Bug Pro. I used the Garrett Carrot to pinpoint the signal, and it sure came back nice and loud! Moreover, I could see the edge of the nugget.I reached down at the tip of the Carrot and pulled out a flat and sassy nugget of just under six grams! (The flatness was likely why it read so high on the digital meter.)I kept working the scraped area and recovered another three nuggets, so by the time the rain hit to stop the party, I'd pulled out nine sweet nuggets in total, weighing in at over a third of an ounce.It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.Of course there were lots of bits of steel blade and track shavings, but the gold was consistent due to the loaded nature of the area I was working.I made my way over to my friend's truck to show him what I'd found, and he was surprised that I'd found the biggest nuggets in the scraped area, and he assured me they would sure scrape deep before they were finished with the pay-pile area.I decided to give him all nine of the nuggets, even though he wanted me to keep some of them, as he's been great to me over the years to let me detect on his claims wherever and whenever.Fun, fun catch and release day.All the best,Lanny
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    I have an OHV Decal for my metal detector
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    Chet has a nice one coming when he gets back to a WiFi connection at McDonalds or somewhere! I got my first nugget in LSD/SD. It is a .25g whopper!
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    Caught this on the internet today..cool pic of children running a rocker in the Klondike. The caption read...Greta...time traveler/ ? Regardless its an authentic picture showing youngsters mining gold.
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    Bill put up a vid. on his you tube channel. Tom
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    State laws pay for State lawmen. They are enforced by any LEO agency that has jurisdiction. I suppose you could go to court and prove your vehicle weighs over 2500 lbs. if you got cited. Trying to explain the law and how much your vehicle weighs to an officer in the field who intends to write a ticket might work. Then again it might not. If you are travelling to an event and get cited there is a 99% chance that you are going to pay the fine. In the 1% of cases where a judge gets involved the officer fails to show up and the case is rescheduled. Then you have the choice of paying the fine or coming to court again. After two or three times of an officer doing the "no show" routine the case is dismissed. But you will NEVER get the chance to point out you were cited unfairly. You can't tell your side to the court unless the officer is there. And they are not going to show up to lose. So that is how that crap works. The letter of the law only works in court. Not in the field. And you cant get to court without the officer's approval. So a whole lot of citations are written knowing that most people will just pay the fine. And the ones that fight will jump through hoops and wind up frustrated even if the charges are dropped.
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