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  1. I love the Equinox 800 for prospecting. However, when I prospect at one location I go to at over 9,000 feet in Colorado, I prefer to take lightweight equipment that can be easily backpacked. This time of year I usually have over a mile hike into this location in rough, steep, snow and icy terrain where carrying a detector in my hands is pretty dumb and packing in lightweight equipment is a must for my 63 year old stamina or lack of stamina. So, if you have a similar need I am posting this to let you know that, flimsy as it seems, the XP ORX is an outstanding and durable nugget detector. The lo
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  2. Nice bass Bob, that about the same size as the biggest I have caught on rod and reel with 10 lb test line on it, I was completely surprised when I caught mine since all the bass we had been catching up to that point were in the 2 Lb range or smaller, we were in a 16' canoe and there were some very big alligators in the 5 acre lake we were fishing and that bass was sorta towing us a little bit as I was fighting it, it took me a little while to land it because there were many submerged trees and log in the lake and I didn't want to get tangled and break the line and I was afraid that one of thos
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  3. You need a D-11 Cat Bulldozer for that area in the picture. You could literally push every bit of material into a pile and dry wash it for the rest of your life.
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