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    Sun was out today so I headed out for 2 1/2-3 hrs but the sun never got over the mountain and my feet froze out. Dredge piles gave up this .800 gram little noogie!!!
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    This is right in your mining area Desertpilot USA v Tom Tierney Tom didn't need permission either. It's an important mining case to understand your right to mine no matter what "regulations" the local Forest Service comes up with. If you see Tom give him a big Thank You! for seeing this to the end.
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    Odinxgen, This is a warning to you to not be giving forum members grief because you don't like their opinions, it's not their responsibility to prove what you have is a meteorite, and they don't even have to give you their opinion but some have and you need to be fine with that or else! Anyone on this forum for the most part have never claimed to be an "expert" on all types of meteorites, no member here to my knowledge is a scientist specializing in meteorites, which is what they would have to be to certify what you have is a meteorite and even if some were they would have to have the object in hand and do many, many tests to determine that is or that it is not, no one here can do that for you....and what you have even if it is a meteorite will never be scientifically a meteorite until such scientist/s do those tests and prove that it is and give you written certification to that fact, until that happens it's just an usual rock!! Also you stated that members here are being racist towards you, to my knowledge no one here even knows what your race is or the color of your skin, nor to my knowledge has anyone even mentioned anything racist towards you..IF I have missed that being said PLEASE direct me to where such was stated and I will contact that member and it will not happen again!! Also you stated that members here are putting/looking down towards you because you have no money, again I have never seen nor read anyone saying anything about your financial status, again if I have missed such statements PLEASE direct me too where that was stated! I will not warn you again about verbal abuse towards other members, if any members here are truly attacking you and I miss it, let me know and I will put a stop to it.
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    Here are a few of my friends from the last several weekends. GM 1000 and SDC 2300
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    Found these near Helena. Big one (my biggest so far) weighed in at 25g and smaller one is 4.5g.....total was just over 1 ozt. Wished all my hunts were similar to this!...lol Oh yeah....I lost a little dink but after the big one I could have cared less...
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    Hit Franconia this past Sunday to take advantage of the extra hour from the time change. Stopped at a dry lake on the drive out the night before, no finds but a very nice evening. Made my first find the next day after lunch. It was a very faint signal and after scraping the surface the signal moved, so I dragged my magnet through the scrapings and lo and behold the smallest complete fusion crusted individual I'd ever seen from this location came out, 1.15g. Has mini regmaglypts and everything, even a lone chondrule poking up in one spot. Hammered the same area until dark and made one more find. This one took a bit of digging, it was down 5"-6", came in at 37.85g. Just a fragment so either the rest is buried deeper than I could detect, or someone else found the rest of it a while ago. Attaching a few picts in random order here. Good times!
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    I put another $765 dollars out of my paycheck from work for this past week into the printing account for the publisher which brings the amount reached to $3065. I have it updated on my website and I am still working on my employer for a loan. If he doesnt give me the loan for the rest of it then on the sept 10 my wife will be putting in $2000 for the printing. I am still waiting to get ahold of my uncle to see if he can float me a loan to get this amount reached as soon as possible. My publisher is working up a couple chapters as a digital copy for Rob Alison so he can get a feel of the book to let everyone know a little something about the quality of material. Any questions feel free to ask.
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    About 3 hours of raking and chipping out bedrock released these little fellas from their eons of bondage!
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    there's your sunshine in the palm of your hand.
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    Nice heart shape to it, cool beans man
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    I filled it out I think humans need to figure out how to find gold to enable a machine to do it. Autonomous vehicle with a detector cold be a dangerous claim jumper
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    So much patience toward these people that think belief is fact. That wanting will make it so...and now he has a prayer....Good luck fred
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    Happy to fill it out. And not BS to me. We've got a rover crawling around on Mars. They're currently working the kinks out of self-driving cars that will likely be widespread within a decade. An autonomous vehicle with a detector attached that could crawl around the desert, locate targets and mark a waypoint? That seems more than feasible to me, way simpler to design than a self driving car. Now designing one and making it a profitable venture, that will likely be a challenge.
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    Barry/Bob Thanks for the clarification I was hung up on what was written about battery powered dry washers and metal detectors. See below. “Prospecting and sampling which will not cause significant surface resource disturbance and will not involve removal of more than a reasonable amount of mineral deposit for analysis and study which generally might include searching for and occasionally removing small mineral samples or specimens, gold panning, metal detecting, non-motorized hand sluicing, using battery operated dry washers, and collecting of mineral specimens using hand tools.“ But that makes sense they regulate the disturbance not the equipment. Thanks for the input and it’s good to see you back on the forums Barry.
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    I have always understood that it was gas powered earth moving equipment that was regulated. Not gas powered processing equipment. As far as I know there is no federal regs for gas powered drywashing equipment. I could be completely out in left field with that but that is how I understand the regs (or not). I have always used a gas powered air plant with a vibrating box and fed it with a shovel. No BLM people have ever indicated I was doing anything wrong.
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    I have to post controversial stuff to get people talking! of course this gold is worth it! A little "pot stirring" every once in a while is good for our community!
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    It looks just like a hunk of sandstone to me. What is your objective here? We have all given our opinions and you won't accept them. Now you are writing volumes in your defense. It is going to be up to you to prove your theories. I can't see how your dissertations to us get you any closer to that goal. Why don't you invest the time and effort into finding a real one? How about focusing on pitching your sandstone to the scientific community? It seems your objective is making someone "believe". You are using a lot of calories towards that goal. Now your posting is getting more abusive because you don't like our opinions. It is clear you are emotionally invested in the quest. The disconnect here is we are not your therapists and we don't care about your emotions. We are rock and meteorite guys. So it is getting a bit weird. Why don't you make these appeals to people who might be interested in them? I am not sure why you keep hammering at us for validation. The only thing that is clear is that it has become an emotional thing for you. While you are trying to make someone believe your stone is a meteorite we are out finding real ones. It is my opinion that this is the reason for your abusive posts and emotional behavior. I believe that you want the acceptance of this group and to be recognised as a "meteorite hunter". In order to do that you are going to have to go out and find a rock that looks like a meteorite. It is my prediction that you will be frustrated with any other approach.
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    Volkswagen. Easy to work on, cheap and available parts, and can last decades(or more) with proper love. I average 18mpg when off road. Highway milage is quite a bit higher. Hauls azz too.
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    Here’s how I did on Friday. Some of you might recognize the area.
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    A few hundred grams!! Ha ha
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    Well Alright Luke,.....I'm with ya,.....Let's steer it back on course;....These are from a season or two back as well........And maybe we can see if we can get together for a few new-patch hunts this season???? I am about to get cabin fever from not getting out due to the heat. I do have a good roll up mattress that will fit in the back of my pickup (for the outing) as long as I move my spare tire. Gary
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    From what I've seen/heard/been told, the big draw on an ATX is that it's water proof. (Heavy?) and a decent PI (for the money) but not a superior, top of the line PI. More of a beach detector than desert. The Nox is quickly growing in popularity; not only with the multi-purpose crowd, but with Professionals, Instructors and users who dislike certain features of the Monster. Example(s): The (constant?) noise a Monster makes and the, "loud, shrill screaming sound it makes which is annoying and fatiguing to have to listen to it all day" The Monster discriminator seems to work on small iron trash, not well on large rusty metal (reads it as a good target) A common problem with detectors. The Nox seems to be able to handle mineralization pretty well. The multiple frequency concept is being credited (so I'm told), with smoothing out the threshold sounds and signals of normal ground noise. In a head to head competition, both the Nox and the Monster find gold. Most regular users appear to like both machines, ie; whichever one they own. Personally, I have only observed the Monster in the field finding gold. With the small coil, it's a vaacum cleaner.
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    I've been a regular on this forum for at least 4 years now. I can't remember one time when someone posted gold found with a Garrett ATX. No doubt it (ATX) finds gold in the right conditions, but.... If you're only looking for gold, then a dedicated gold machine you should buy. GM1000.
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    Took a while for me to find this picture. My wife took it with a film camera the day I found it in 2002 and apparently she did not get the focus right. Anyhoo, the nugget is 26 grams of Mojave desert tertiary river gold. The old timers dug a vertical shaft down to bedrock and this one got missed when they processed their material. A modern dry washer came along and let it roll off his grizzly and then he failed to detect his tailings before leaving. It was only a couple inches deep and believe it or not I found it with a $99 Radio Shack detector.
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