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    My dry washer has fine gold timing too ...
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    Awesome machine for sale ! Here`s what you get Minelab SD2200 V2 11" DD Commander Coil ( almost new ) Koss UR-30 Headphones ( brand new ) GP/GPX Ground Tracking Handle ( Smart Point Port is installed ) Gold Screamer Audio Amplifier Pocket rocket battery system. 2 Batteries ( each battery lasts about 8 hours detecting ) 110 ac charger 12 v Charger Located in Prescott, Arizona Comes from a pet & smoke free home.
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    It looks great Dave! Did the foam release or did you have to dig the form out of it? Your sanding task will be much easier and the surface will be infinitely smoother if you apply a coat of thinned resin over the surface before sanding. I thin with acetone and use it like paint. Then after sanding with 80 grit I shoot it with hi-build primer and sand to 120 and do another coat of primer if needed. Sand to 320. Then the surface will be perfected and the only texture left will be the gun finish when you paint. Then sand the paint with 1000, 1500 and then some Maguire's polish. The finish will look just like a brand new car. I think you are one talented fellow. Your project shows skill in a whole lot of disciplines. Not very many guys could even begin to grasp the varied crafts that you have mastery of. I am highly freaking impressed!
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    That is an agate. And it looks pretty clean. The stuff on the outside is cortex. You are not going to wash it off. It will need to be abraded or tumbled off. Agates are impervious to most strong acids. The stuff you are trying to get off is insoluble. So a saw, a grinder or a tumbler is about your only option. If you are careful you can also knock it off with a copper billet. That will reveal some of the interior but will leave you with some shattered spots unless you really know what you are doing. A wet tile saw works O.K. for cutting that stuff. If you want to get a good look at the inside that is what I would do. Otherwise you could tumble it in 60-90 grit slurry and grind most it off. It will take a month or so in the tumbler and the stone will be much smaller. But it can be done. You will never get all the pits and pockets out of it though. Muriatic Acid (10% HCl) will get rid of anything left that you can get rid of. Do it outside and down wind form any living thing, It will liberate some chlorine gas and that is wicked nasty stuff. Make sure you use an HDPE plastic container or a glass jar or you might wind up with a toxic waste spill. If you soak it in hot muriatic acid it might get rid of some of the calcium and soluble crud. But it looks like it is mostly silica cortex left and that is there for good. I don't think acid will help it much. Hope that helps. It looks like a fairly nice agate. Under the cortex it will be solid. You will like the interior. It looks like it will have lavender and blue hues and those make nice agates. My advice is to cut it in half and polish the cut face. Leave the rest on the outside. You can do that fairly quickly with a cheap saw and some polishing grit.
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    Yes it is Fred, and it sure does sniff out some gold....I have found a couple grams with it.
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    an excellent package, an excellent price and the older tech will still find the goodies! fred
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    was reading about the Siberian Taiga anastasians. they face the hostility of the Russian Orthodox Church. much like the amish do here from the Christians. both are simply natives like me, do no harm.
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    The meteorite I have was obtained in a similar set of circumstances. If left with my brother in law, I believe it could easily have disappeared if he were to pass away. If there is a chance that your "rock" is a meteorite, you could review my post "New member excited to jump in" and see what steps I took to get to where I am today. I can tell you from my experience, there is a good chance the process of authenticating and possibly having it accepted by The Meteorological Society will take quite a bit of time and will cost you some personal time and $1,000 or less for the testing. But, all of that can be both fascinating and rewarding and very well worth the effort! Oh, by the way, don't be tempted to accept and offer that may prove to be very less than the true value to be!! Good luck and anxious to see the photos.
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    That is just not true bob. There are teachers in Siberian schools. All of them. From age 5 through age 17 all students attend schools much like ours. With teachers and everything. Sometimes they get bored. And sometimes the students in those classrooms get bored. That is the real story in Siberia bob. Their schools are socialized education similar to ours. The universities have tuitions just like ours and you may very well need a loan to pay for it. And yes, they have "teachers" too. It took me five minutes of clicking to learn this bob. I learned these facts because I saw very clearly that your post was fantasy. When someone says something I know is not true I try to learn about it. It is a way to offset the BS. While others are busy in their heads imagining how it is, I am busy learning real stuff. This morning I learned a bit about schools in Siberia. Thanks bob! If you actually want to learn about schools in Siberia this is a great link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_Siberia. There is a link to all the major universities as well as a few on how the educational system in Russia is structured. Just keepin' it real bob.
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    there are no teachers in siberia schools. students teach each other. what a great idea, no costly student loans no bored students and teachers who are more bored than the students. me ten grandkids are home schooled and the two oldest at eighteen have their own businesses. the adults in siberia believe, "let kids be kids".
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    I defer to your wife of course. She undoubtedly knows best. These are the most recent flakes found with a GPZ. My wife said I could tell you if you don't spread it around.
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    Wow thats amazing that you guys can find them that small I hope to one day be able to have the same skill as you all Mike-just trying to stay cool- C...
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    My wife said I'm not supposed to talk about my equipment..
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    I guess it's been a while since I've been on here, I dont recognize half the people haha. We will be at the outting!
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    heading to red lake nation today. think about this: governments claim that they control all land. stupid bastards forgot to claim the native soil that covers the land.
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    reason red lake nation remains their own country is the mid 1930's is because they refused forming an electoral government whereby the government would be able to control their soil on the land. that's why me is native registered at post in Morristown Arizona which is situated on native soil. me ryder estate is registered there. going to register these fall rocks under mother's earth estate soon as me moves out of the united nations. see how that works out. registering me car at the post sure works great, cops pass me by BP waves me through and BLM leaves me alone. thanks to all you natives for your interest, lil bob.
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    me being ryder estate president only works for me family estate. working on moving the mother earth estate out of the united nations. concerning mining claims, will post instructions on how to get them out of the government control. original deffination the word leader is first one into battle. me enjoy's battling the corporate government. sit back and enjoy the show.
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    have given a lot of thought to this. me happiest times in my seventy five years has been among the poorest of the poor, matriarchy. slums have visited while serving four years in the navy. three years in the outlaws mc. mormons gave me thirty seconds to vacate me home and machine shop in roll Arizona first August 2007. at the same time me son and his pregnant Chinese mate and two kids had their new car impounded in Yuma and left stranded. August three 2007 had me car impounded on ogilby road in CA. young mormon males were wanting to work for us to learn a trade instead of serving their missionaries. are we bitter? no. natives seeking to do no harm spirits travel the universe when their bodies return to mother earth. do harm spirits are tortured. for those who went through gas chamber in boot camp. makes you bulligerant for fouty to fifty years. drinking alcohol reactivates it.
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    natives seeking to do no harm require no government. there were no governments until pope innocent III invented the income tax and gifted person's with dates, (april 15th 1199). thats why me brackets dates. there is over 100 million laws, not one that requires a drivers license. 18 USC 911 whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the united states shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both. evil entrapment. people have been enslaved by words. golf is coming on, tv only gets turned on Saturday and Sunday for golf, a game played against mother nature. do not disturb me for the next three hours. thanks 😊
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    This topic will stay here, at least for the time being to see if bob can offer more proof that is understandable and doable for non-natives on how they can become a native on native soil, if so then it can help others on BLM controlled land. I will make sure all of Clay's current info topics stay easy to find.
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    I try to put myself in the boots of the Spanish. Why would I waste my Indian slave's labor on monuments and markers, when I needed them to work the mines. I wouldn't. Why not use natural markers and landmarks? Anyone that has lived and worked in the Bradshaw's, Superstition's, or any other mountain range in Arizona, knows how to navigate using natural landmarks - so why wouldn't the Spanish? That wouldn't make a good book.
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    Hey Doc, is there an ETA on the GM1000 covers, heading to Alaska in a couple of weeks and am looking for something to keep the mud and weather off, to keep the Monster looking purdy!! Cheers!! Mike
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    I am not sure his version of what is "real" is as concrete as one would expect. My guess is bob does not comprehend the difference between mineral rights and being able to camp and look for meteorites. He rationalizes since BLM does not take exception to what he is doing (and why would they?) then he is truly immune from the law. To him this is cause and effect and he presents it as such. He thinks federal law does not apply to him and his "native on native soil" concept is acknowledged by the officials. He makes that clear in his first post "bla bla bla ...that's why BLM leaves me alone when collecting meteorites." I think he sees this as some sort of acknowledgement that the BLM recognizes his special status as a "native". And that status would allow him to be free of federal laws that would require a claim to hold mineral rights. It would be inferred by his statement that since he did not recognize federal authority that a federal mining claim would not be recognized either. He says this about the Border Patrol too. He claimed his "native status" was motivation for their reaction to his activities. As if the law enforcement knew they were powerless when someone claimed native status. Again he uses lack of reaction as implicit approval of his bizarre philosophy. It is clear he believes laws do not apply to him and he goes out of his way to provide this as evidence that law enforcement acknowledges his special status. This is not a support of a legal point nor is it about claims or claim fees. Like very other post it is an attempt to support an alternate reality. One in which he is special. One in which he is in control of even if it requires denial and withdraw from society. bob makes me very sad. I have loved ones in the same position. So vested in a bizarre thinking pattern it is costing them years of happiness, life, relationships and experiences. Completely withdrawn into some alternate reality. It is plain that most of what he fills his world with is completely imagined. It is no less than a self inflicted wound to keep from having to deal with the pain and horrors of real life. His situation is as heartbreaking as an addiction, disease, grief or any other human crisis. It is one that is misunderstood and there are limited ways to get help. Most refuse help and are relegated to a hard, sad existence. I have no stomach at all for the crap bob spews. It is just not real. But I love him as a human and hope he can find a way to accept some professional help. I screw with him in hopes that I might make him question his behavior in some tiny way. In hopes that he sees a big enough disconnect to at least consider how batcrap crazy some of the stuff he says is. I generally wind up feeling like I am being mean to a guy that is just so screwed up he can't find his way back. I don't know which side my posts lie on sometimes. I hope that Mr. bob knows that I love him ALMOST as much as I love the truth and what is real. And I hope he knows that sometimes reality is hard for me to handle as well. I think all of us have been there to some extent and can sympathize with a guy that needs to compensate. When he has to compensate that much and it starts to affect his interaction with others it is easy to misinterpret what is going on. I like to be a smartazz and rake guys over the coals for their testosterone (or lack of) induced outbursts. But bob is a bit different. He is a strange fruit and I am not trying to be cruel I am trying to be real. And sometimes with some people being real is the cruelest thing to be.
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    Getting and/or keeping mineral rights on public land without filing a valid claim is very important to me too. I can't wait until bob explains how natives can accomplish that. I just don't see how natives on native soil could hold mineral rights on public land. It seems the two concepts exist on completely different planes. If a native is immune from federal law and needs no mining claim to have mineral rights, does a "native on native soil" claim to minerals trump a valid claim holders rights? How exactly does that work bob?
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    Can someone move this to the prospector's lounge? This is likely to be an active topic. For those of us that have to either pay fees or file small miner's waiver, than this post will likely make Clay's info hard to find.
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    So lets talk about the Postmaster and the red ink stuff bob. Maybe if you explain your philosophy and why you believe the things you do, it will be easier for us to understand. You have to admit that the things you say stand in stark contrast to the realities that many of us live daily. Since so many of your ideas just don't fit with how other people see things it would be helpful to explain where you are coming from. Please expound on your beliefs and tell us where you learned all this strange knowledge. Give us some links that might guide us along this path as well. At least we might understand better and react differently when you say the things you do. It is plain that your beliefs share much in common with the "Sovereign Citizen". At least with the postmaster/red ink/maritime law/corporate vs. natural being stuff. Can you give us a link or a name that might lead us to information that may enlighten us? Can you post a red ink document that would open our eyes? Show us where to find the truth bob. You also have mentioned a fellow with whom you share this same peculiar philosophy. He was arrested for selling some fake meteorites or so you have indicated. You said you had created some red ink documents with him as well. You too have sold rocks as meteorites on ebay (with a 100% rating I might add). This is no coincidence and I asked about your connection with him and how many rocks you sold. You were going to expound on that at one time but have not delivered on that promise. I know a bunch of meteorite hunters on this forum would love to hear that story. If you were inclined to tell it of course. Respectfully, Bob
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