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    Hi my name is Boomer! I'm 3yrs old and my owner thinks i'm a american staff./sharpei. I want to go prospecting really bad with my owner, he likes to dig rocks and I like to smell them. I don't think he'll let me go because he thinks I will smell this plant called a cactus and my mouth will end up looking like a angry porcupine. I've begged to go. Occasionally I sneak inside this motorized human buggy. I also got crazy and found my own buggy.
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    My Sonoran Trout Hound goes on all my adventures. He can smell a rattler a hundred feet away and makes certain to point them out for me since I can no longer hear the bastards. Just last night he let me know I had a diamondback in the horse corral. He avoids cholla very well and has learned to remove it himself. Rarely has he needed my help plucking it. I think he figured it out as a pup following along on trail rides if he was going to keep up. Only time I won't bring him is where there's not enough water to mitigate this freaking heat. He's 1/4 Heeler, 3/4 Mini Aussie so he easily fits into most overhead compartment bins.
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    He looks like he is being mistreated in this photo. You can see the stress and unhappiness is overwhelming. Mine is the same way. Life is so tough for him that sometimes he rolls over on his back and wants to be rubbed on his chest. That is a sure sign that someone needs to call the SPCA and report the abuse.
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    "Okay you guys go dig rocks i will rest"
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    I think after reading everything i'll just leave him at home lol. Thanks guys yeah he's a great dog, I've had him for 2yrs. He loves Human's. lol
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    Cholla cacti at LSD is very easy for a human or dog to tangle with. Painful and time consuming to rectify....
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    Takes more of your!_____ energy to run a big coil, hard to swing for me, Grubstake_____
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    Excellent little video: https://www.atlasobscura.com/videos/the-first-meteorite-that-wrecked-a-car?fbclid=IwAR0495z0UQLTZAEtG-WOHqIQkWynSFnFKDW97yVXkkgHcszoU_Mnys4bo4Y
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    He looks like a nice guy! Dogs are a huge pain prospecting. It is hard to focus on what you are doing. Some of them are no problem but most of them wind up getting into trouble. I take mine everywhere and he is always getting sprayed by a skunk, eating some rodent or chasing an elk for miles over the mountain. Never a dull moment. Dogs are cool and I usually take him with me even though it makes life a lot more difficult. I don't let him run free anymore. I try to keep him on a rope. He still manages to get into trouble and eat something vile or roll in a dead carcass. They figure most of it out pretty quickly. The sakes, ticks and foxtail grass are the main things you need to watch for. They will get cactus in their nose once in a while or hurt a foot/break a toenail. It is generally no big deal as long as you check them over good and address any problems right away. I always keep a syringe of dexamethasone in case he gets bit by a snake or injured really badly. It is an anti inflammatory that often makes a big difference if you give it to them early. My vet measured it out and gave me instructions on how to use it. If you are a couple hours away from vet care and something bad does happen it will really help. Ask your vet about it. I did and dexamethasone is what he recommended. There has also been a lot of bad water the past few summers. Cyanobacteria in water can kill an animal quickly. Several ponds and stock tanks around here get toxic in hot weather. I try my best to keep him out of any stagnate water. Even stock tanks and ponds. If it isn't moving water or a big lake we avoid it. Where I detect is pretty barren country. It is hot with little shade in the summer. My dog gets miserable long before I am ready to give up and go home. So I take it pretty easy and try not to get too serious about prospecting when it is hot. In the winter he loves to go all day and there are a lot fewer animals and snakes to worry about. So I take him more often in the winter and there is a lot less stress. Bob
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    Couple of small points made of the local rock off the mountain here in Wyoming.
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    No, it's not explosive sandstone meteorites from Mars, but never-the-less interesting. It also highlights the diligent science that is required to make such a claim of a new meteorite type. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0009281919300236?via%3Dihub
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    I agree it's best for them to leave them at home if you're going to be distracted metal detecting....but if you plan on just going out to check out areas to see if they would be good for future metal detecting for sure take him along and on a leash, at least until he gets used to all the hazards of the desert, and for sure check out on getting him "Snake Trained", I'm sure there's someone who does this training somewhere near you, even if you have to drive a ways to find someone it's well worth it for your best friend's safety!!
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    Good looking dog...but, unless he is snake trained I would leave him at home. Plus, you will be spending a LOT of time digging cacti out of his paws/face and keeping track of him. You have to concentrate on detecting. You could always take him out in the desert on a leash and let him get his fair share of sniffing done that way. Dogs are great..but they are like little kids. Tom H.
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    I like to Knapp rock for relaxation and it is just plain enjoyable .
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    Just got back from 7 days of archery hunting. I got mine but Cameron struggled to seal the deal. He got 4 shots with 4 awesome stalks. Unfortunately he didn't connect. Pretty good buck fever though lol. Then the wind messed him up a few times. Awesome smallmouth fishing mid day and dozens upon dozens of bucks to look at. We have 3 more weekend's so he will get it im sure. Take care everyone. Dan
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    How cool is it that the car seat and muffler were saved and preserved all this time?
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    If I am not mistaken Sharp timing takes more energy to run than the rest of the timings.
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    I've tried to get him to just chill and ride in the saddle or a pannier but noooo
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    Yes I confirm fraudulent site. In Italy this ara called "trapolieri"
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    Campgrounds and roadsides. You never can tell what nastiness is hidden behind the bushes or in the fire pit. Pork chop bones. Those things will hurt a dog bad and they are laying all over the ground in every campsite in the West. Old diapers, household garbage, toxic crap, you name it. People toss it out. You can hardly travel with your dog anymore and stop at the convenient places on the road. Or anywhere people have camped. They have covered the ground with nasty stuff that you just can't let your dog get near. Parvovirus is bad news and it is transmitted by dog crap. Tularemia, plague, parasites and most other dog diseases are transmitted by fleas. Exposure to dog crap and rodents with fleas are how a dog gets really sick. Adventure dogs are exposed all the time. The very best defense is keeping them on a rope. Otherwise sniffing dog turds and chasing ground rats will be their full time job. Years ago I started getting creative about the places I stop for a break or to camp. I don't do rest stops or campgrounds anymore at all. The dog caused me to re-think every aspect of travelling and camping. No matter what is going on I drive that extra mile to find a clean spot to park. Tie the dog after a brief "prowl and growl" to stretch his legs. Then get fresh water. Then I watch him really close for a few minutes to see what he can find in his perimeter that I don't see.
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    Yes indeed dogs are extra work, even our old hank who knows his way around the desert after years of trail and error, we also keep hank on a rope or try to. Last weekend camping at Pyramid lake we wake up to go old hank finishing off some old nasty brats out of an old fire pit. Yum!
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    Of course Mike, I do understand you are doing your job and I certainly appreciate and support that. I wouldn't expect, nor would I want you to do anything other than what you feel is right, and the appropriate thing to do under the circumstances. There is a lot of ribbing, teasing and cajoling among members on this forum, and for the most part, it seems to be all in good fun. I have engaged in my share but never in a malicious manner (IMO) What concerns me is that the forum rules only seem to apply to those willing to follow them. You can count me among the willing.
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    BMc ... I am a believer in equal opportunity for all! However there is a point where it goes down the slide of no return. I haven't been on the forums much this summer but I have noticed a bit of negative behavior that just doesn't taste good! Soooo ... Just trying to prevent that slippery slope from appearing. BTW ... Not aware of me laughing at attacks on you ... if I did I apologize. In any event until Bill or Skip tell me to knock it off I will be making an attempt to prevent personal affronts when I see them. This is a family forum and those of us that have a bit of age and experience should be setting a positive example ... not the opposite! Thanks for understanding my position on this.
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    Mike, Of course I will respect your advisement, and hope that you would take notice and be kind and officious enough to extend me the same rule enforcement if I PM you regarding BRB's attacks; insults, personalizations and belittlements when next they occur, instead of just laughing at them as you have done in the past. Thank You Sir!
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    Subject: Senior At the Gun Store...
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    "In the end, this is all a reminder that "gun control" isn't about guns. It's about control" As recently as the1990's, the Justice Department of the administration in office did not recognize the 2nd Amendment as a Constitutional right of the individual citizen to "Keep and Bear Arms" Since then, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that it is an individual right. History shows that Rights must be exercised or else they tend to be eroded, preempted or eliminated by those who want control. Let's also not forget Gun Safety. So called, "Accidental Discharges" and other misuse of guns provide ammunition to those who want to ban personal firearm ownership. As we reflect on the 2nd Amendment, the"1st Rule of Gun Safety", comes to mind: "Carry it With You" . . .
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    Defensive Gun Uses Abound Nationwide The Second Amendment is in the U.S. Constitution as a bulwark against tyranny. The right to keep and bear arms is primarily about protection of the Constitution and the Liberty it enshrines. It is only secondarily about personal protection and hunting. Too many Second Amendment advocates fail to drive this point home. Given that foundation, however, and while the Left is busy exploiting the deaths of innocents to ramp up efforts to destroy Liberty through various proposals to ban guns from the law-abiding, it is also important to note that firearms save lives. In July alone, there were numerous examples of law-abiding Americans using firearms to prevent crimes and save lives. We'll give just the briefest of details of a handful of those stories: A South Carolina man shot a drunken attacker. A disabled Florida senior was wounded by four armed men who broke into his home, but he used an AR-15 to kill two of them while sending the two others fleeing. A San Diego man killed an assailant who was stabbing his father. A North Carolina woman killed an ax-wielding attacker. A Tennessee Uber driver shot a man who had fired on his vehicle, defending himself and his passenger. A Louisiana man shot an attacker attempting a carjacking. Others in Kentucky, New Hampshire, Arizona, and elsewhere merely brandished their guns or held would-be burglars at gunpoint and awaited police. Again, these are just a few examples of what in reality are millions of stories. In 2013, even Barack Obama's Centers for Disease Control affirmed studies showing that perhaps millions of lives are saved every year by the lawful defensive use of firearms. Bill Clinton's CDC conducted its own studies in 1996 and 1998, determining that there are "likely over 1 million defensive gun uses of guns" annually. More than 20 years later, concealed carry is more widely practiced. In fact, mere possession of firearms is a deterrent for countless crimes — whether criminals are stopped in the attempt by citizens brandishing a firearm, or whether people with a mind to commit a crime decide otherwise because a gun might be used against them. In the end, this is all a reminder that "gun control" isn't about guns. It's about control.
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    Based on appearance alone I’m going to say no. My guess based only on your pictures is that it’s a piece of chalcedony. Have you done a hardness test? Know the specific gravity? This info along with better pictures taken in full sun will get us closer to a proper ID.
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    Never to late for this:
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    The assumption is that ALL pieces will be zero weight. The winner or winners will be selected at the end of the contest by the people who participate. HUH? OK, Well, that's Fabulous and thanks for the invite! I'm all for going out there and finding . . . but I would kindly refer you back to Fred's post regarding the drama (and the pretentious self pity, woe-is me, victim-hood, self flagellation; self pity etc.), that you continually dredge into your posts, while trying to gain sympathy and attention; while suggesting that "every one is against me", But that's OK of course! I am in full support of what ever contest you do, or do not initiate! But, come on really? Weight, size, dimensions, color, tone, thickness, purity, . . . etc, etc? Hey, I'm not being negative or critical here Bob. I hope ypu can pull this off in a fashion where the participants enjoy the contest, but you can't reasonably expect to "INSIST" that everyone else (critics, non-participants or not), be excluded from reflection and commentary.
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    The El Paso's are a 288 mile round trip about 2.5 hours each way. Even for driving fools that's a good jaunt for some flake detecting. The weather has been 'way over 100 almost every day. So yeah, it's a decision that can't be taken lightly. I'll let you be the expert on the cocaine part Bobby, I finished with all that in the 60's. And, yes I do know you love me...
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    Here is my spin on it. Just my personal opinion and then I am not going to post again about it. Guys with sunburned necks and split figertips that can find these tiny flecks want to see what their kindred spirits can do with a detector. I don't think they need anyone to announce they won't be participating. Or offer advice on how the contest will proceed. They want to see tiny gold that others have detected this season. Real live prospector stuff from guys who are active in the hobby. Or obsession. Or chemical imbalance. Whatever. ______________________________________________________ I will be headed out in a week or ten days with the GB2 to find some tiny stuff. I have not been out detecting in a year and I have been out of practice for five years. But I will do my best to make a real contribution as a competitor. I have offered suggestions on how I think the contest should be structured and I am assuming there is agreement enough to proceed. I have offered to put up a prize in gold equal to the total weight of all entries. We already have a couple small nuggets posted and guys who are willing to participate. So let's start a thread in the "CONTESTS" forum. I would welcome it if one of you guys started the contest using one of your nuggets as the first entry. Post the basic rules as you think they should be. Feel free to cut and paste and add to anything I have posted. I will get involved again as a competitor when I have a tiny nugget to post. Otherwise the contest belongs to the guys who are finding the gold and posting it. Until I can qualify as a competitor I am not going to get involved. I would be happy to discuss it by P.M. if someone is interested in officially starting it up and wants my input. Otherwise we would have much less interference and you guys would get the respect you deserve if someone else took control of it. Bedrock Bob
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    It does not appear to be a meteorite to me.
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    Columbia river agate & wild horse jasper
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    LipCa, Yea i have got several pieces of rainbow obsidian from Quinn. When i lived in Washington in my younger days i spent a lot of time down there collecting obsidian from those 4 mines .Here is a piece from the Pink Lady.
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    1 more ,Mexican gold sheen obsidian looks like motor oil but in the sun light the gold sheen comes alive.
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    me partner has quite a few ancient palm agate tools. me have found some, look at them but never pick them up. have worked in over twenty two metal and wood working shops we never use another one's tools without permission. that ancient camp me found, large chunk palm agate they chipped their stone tools off of. have to get back there someday take pictures.
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    One of my neighbors wanted a point made for a pendent for his wife so i made this one last night from Mexican royal velvet obsidian.
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    Very well done. I would hope you have a presence on YouTube with your work? Would love to see the technique. My wife found this Spedis II on our property. Obsidian or smokey quartz in your opinion?
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    John, you are like a fine wine....
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