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    Just wanted to post another couple pictures of the meteorite which I think gives a better idea of its size. It weighs 72.6 pounds! I have decided to go through the process of sanding and polishing the 2 previously made cuts and Dr. Gross has generously offered to etch both surfaces next time I see her on Sept 3. Personally, I believe that whomever ends up owning this meteorite would love to be able to see the patterns. Of course I would like to be that person, but this is all being done for my brother-in-law and to help with his finances, so unfortunately I doubt that person will be me. Whatever ends up happening, this meteorite and joining this forum has been both educational, been lots of fun and opened up a whole new world for me. Hope you all enjoy the photo and thanks for looking!
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    The Gold Screamer is SOLD..
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    True, ask any of my children... in my defense cigars of any kind turn me green....of 7 kids, two parents and lots of guests...I never smoked. love beer- and tequila and really love tacos! I am sorry but I am what.... and if I kicked up my heals...you would be picking me up! anyway, my first Oz of gold had more than 500 bits and the biggest was over half Oz... I think we would both be in the race. xoxo fred
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    Dug this rock in the Texas hill country by the frio river. It's around 10 inches high and 6 inches thick. It's egg shape. One pic was under a short wave UV light. The last pic is the egg resting up against a rock that was given to me by a family friend from del Rio texas. Said it was poop. Just was curious. Looked cool. Here is the link I posted to Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/groups/169785333057?view=permalink&id=10157398683953058
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    Hi... I recently bought a minelab eqx 11 to search for relics as a hobby (my first real metal detector). On my searches I occasionally stumble on some cool/interesting rocks that I would like help identifying which is what brought me here. Nice to be part of this community.
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    Anyone remember the old Popular Science ads? I thought this was a good classic to share. Even though this ad pre-dates me by 6yrs, it puts a smile to my face
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    That's really cool! I remember when i was a kid in 80's i tried to make a hovercraft with a vacuum motor. It didn't work.
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    I have a mine lab 2200 sd, and a whites gold master 4b (yeah I know totally obsolete) I haven't gone hunting in 20 years. well the itch is back I have lots more time on my hands lately fixing up my RV and looking at the gold monster for starters and heading out as soon as it cools off
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    It is almost certainly a concretion of some sort. There’s a chance it’s a heavily weathered septarian nodule, but I think it’s just a run of the mill concretion. I really like your snail fossils in the foreground.
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    So, today was the day that the larger slice was etched at Rutgers Univ. I am going to include both a still photo of the finished etched piece and a short video. I donated the piece to Rutgers which will be used for educational purposes. The next step in the process, to my novice understanding, is the mineral and element analysis, which will tentatively happen on Sept. 3. I leave for vacation the following day and Dr. Gross informed us that she has heading to NASA in Houston for head up their moon rock department for the next 18 months! How cool is that ?! She was kind enough to give my friend and I each copies of REVIEWS OF GEOPHYSICS AND SPACE PHYSICS, Classification and Properties of Iron Meteorites for us to read.
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