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    I kid you not! These two pieces don’t even tip the scale. I mean both together are exactly 0.00 grams! Found on bedrock in a small crack with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Hey Bill, I remember watching a video of yours where you said you found the smallest piece you ever seen with a detector. I think I got you beat with these!
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    That's just a generic measure, Bob...Just wash it before you put it in your pocket! Cheers, Unc
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    A butt load of silver. I wonder who came up with that measurement system? Honestly. I mean WTF? I could have a butt load of silver and not be able to buy a cup of coffee. I guess I never thought of it as a storage compartment and neglected to work on increasing my holding capacity. I honestly don't know how much silver my butt would hold but I would probably feel like I was rich enough after stuffing just a couple ounces in there. A buttload could easily turn into a pantload if you were not careful. My advice would be to sell.
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    An unexpected and much appreciated voice of moderation. Thank you many times over Skip! Slim, No one in El Paso cared what Trump was doing as long as he stayed out of public view. His opinions could have only caused chaos in an already tense setting. He seemed to realize this and did as well as can be expected given his personality, the hand he was dealt and the position he put himself in. The truth be known he did a lot more to calm the situation by not talking in public as some other politicians did by speaking to the crowd. That is my honest opinion as an anti-partisan bystander. That is as fair an answer as you will get on the subject from someone from the El Paso area. Most people here will agree with that assessment regardless of their political stripe.
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    digital scales are pretty accurate and will even weigh in carets and points which are even "smaller" than grains which of course are smaller than grams which are smaller than troy Oz...and so on more or less for you picky engineers.... I have two d-scales one for the small stuff and one for the multi-oz stuff that I have never found. It is good for meteorite weights.... fred
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    I guess I can now close out the two 'reports' I have been monitoring after what Skip said publicly. Keep it clean guys ... this thread is encouraging and enlightening showing that folks who disagree can be civil! We need more of this in this world.
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    I have some good "inside info" that a buttload of cocaine is worth a lot of money. And rumor has it that there is a fellow that can get a couple kilos in there. He is a local folk hero. There is even a corrida about him. They call him "El Chile Relleno" The thought comes to mind that some cargo would diminish in value after a sweaty trip across the bridge. I hear the cocaine triples in value after that short butt ride. If I can make a dollar out of 15 cents by stuffing diamonds in my crack and doing the hundred yard dash you will see me in tennis shoes a lot more often than detecting boots. I tell people that my placer gold nuggets are worth more than finished gold. They are unique natural creations that can only be found with an incredible amount of time and effort. An ounce of finished gold is worth whatever the market says it is. It comes in a nice boring lump. Natural gold mined by some freak that spends too darn much time in the desert is rare stuff and a lot more valuable per ounce than specie. If a customer wants a genuine natural nugget like it came from the mountain they are going to have to pay more. I might start hauling my poke () back from the placer in my fanny and adding shipping charges to the price.
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    No worries and no disagreement, Bob...the trouble with being a little/lot bored is I have to stir the pot-even when I am - nope-I can't use that nasty word... I just gave my old balance beam powder scale to the SA...I doubt they will have a clue what it is for... they are very accurate scales and I found Gold Bug 2 bits that would not weigh even a 1/10 grain... I could not see a speck that small now...only the big ones for me! fred
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    I'm sure in time you will find even smaller pieces... Probably half that size. I've found them many times before just have to listen for that crackle in the detector.
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    Yep , that GM1K sure can sniff out the micro pieces ...Nice beepin !
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    Great observations and well said! Slim, I don't think Bob went there to see what Trump was doing and I'm guessing Bob could care less! We will not be going down that rabbit hole, trying to derail this topic and turning it towards politics any further than it has been isn't going to happen, FlakMagnet who is a Moderator has already ask for that to stop!! This topic is about community feelings, tolerance and human kindness towards each other in the face of a horrible event and not politics, any more posts from here on out turning this in any other direction will be removed.
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    Hi to all This is my latest finds from an expedition of meteorite hunting. jimale is back again
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    I expect it came from the illegal transport of silver way back when Spain owned all the silver... could have a been a butt load of gold or diamonds, or emeralds...but never a set amount because some butts will carry much more than others... words, they can really make you think weird thoughts... fred
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    Hey Jimale! It is good to hear from you and see your new finds! Your photos are a lot better! The first photo is obviously a metamorphic rock that has been rounded in slurry. It was split in half when it impacted the earth surface. It is likely a Martian meteorite that will only be explosive in a pure helium environment. Since it is obviously water worn it could be very important. We know Mars used to have water and your stone may provide evidence as to why the surface so abruptly changed to the exploding Martian sandstone you have found in your second photo. These are both valuable meteorites and you should send samples to the University of New Mexico. The guy you need to speak to is Dr. Whammo and he is the head of the Applied Frisbonics Program at UNM. He operates the nuclear observatory on Mt. Chingada near Toadlena, New Mexico. He has the equipment needed to analize the samples at no cost. I honestly don't know what the rock with the hole in it is. Its structure is too complex for my limited knowledge. It obviously has a thick fusion patina and armored chondrules. There are places where I see olivine and there is some iridium staining around multiple pentahedrite inclusions. It could be slightly radioactive too so be careful when handling it. I know the moon has a lot of craters so the one with the holes could be lunar. I think Dr. Whammo would definitely be interested in seeing a sample from this one too! Your beautiful partner, Bedrock Bob
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    You must be using a digital scale set on grams. Most digital stuff is only sensitive in 2/10 gram intervals (.2). Many digital scales will change to grains. This is Troy weight. The system that gold is generally weighed. Just like bullets, powder and such. A digital scale displaying weight in grains is a lot more accurate. But digital scales are not very sensitive. A cheap beam balance powder scale is probably the most logical device you can use for tiny gold particles. It will accurately weigh a particle at .05 grains. One grain is .0648 grams, so a powder scale will weigh a particle down to .00324 grams. Compare this to a digital scale with an accuracy of .2 grams. You can find an old Lee or Herter's reloading scale for $10 at a swap meet or gun show. Then you can weigh those little fly specks. Your units of measurement will be in grains (Troy) rather than grams (Metric). When you convert back to grams your decimals will run way out showing how much more sensitive the powder scale is. I have always said we should have a formal contest to see who can find the smallest particle. We should all put up our tiniest piece found and send them to the guy that finds the tiniest.
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    Unless you've got a butt load of silver I wouldn't for a while, but stay on top of price and be ready to sell if it appears to be plunging...I probably won't be selling my silver or my gold for a while.. Cheers, Unc
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    So, today was the day that the larger slice was etched at Rutgers Univ. I am going to include both a still photo of the finished etched piece and a short video. I donated the piece to Rutgers which will be used for educational purposes. The next step in the process, to my novice understanding, is the mineral and element analysis, which will tentatively happen on Sept. 3. I leave for vacation the following day and Dr. Gross informed us that she has heading to NASA in Houston for head up their moon rock department for the next 18 months! How cool is that ?! She was kind enough to give my friend and I each copies of REVIEWS OF GEOPHYSICS AND SPACE PHYSICS, Classification and Properties of Iron Meteorites for us to read.
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    This situation makes the detectors like GB2 and Gold Monster and even the older Whites Gold Masters more valuable... Heck, when you find a half grammer worth 25 bucks that's not too shabby...Dinks galore!!! ... So I'm guessing $1,700 by Oct. 1, followed by a brief plunge before inching back up again ... Cheers, Unc
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    Thanks for the good words bob! If you are ever in El Paso try the Mexican tacos. They are completely different from what you are probably used to eating. Tacos Al Pastor are a Lebanese dish that has become the pride of Mexico. Carne asada, pollo asada and barbacoa is mighty delicious too. You can get fed for about five bucks at any food truck in town. We have a local dish called gorditas that are popular too. Like a taco it is an entire meal in one hand. And sea food (Mariscos) is the classic Mexican fare with ceviche an seafood stew (siete mares) being one of the most popular dishes around. In the summer we drink a lot of horchata and Jamaica. Jamaica is just natural hibiscus tea sweetened with raw sugar. Horchata is rice, condensed milk and nutmeg. Horchata is natural Gatorade and you can do handsprings in the sun after you drink it. You would really enjoy it. If you have not already discovered it then make some or get some at the market. There are plenty of traditional recipes on the net but it is basically ground rice, water, milk and spices. It will do everything that coconut oil and cider vinegar will do and then some. Provecho bob.
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    Many good points here, I too found gold in Holcomb Valley many years ago. <> Human time, not geological time as in epochs or some such thing. Generally I have found insights offered here by some members to be worthy of serious consideration. I know Adam for example is a respected fellow in the arena of sniffing out placer gold deposits as is his pal Wade I think, and that Bedrock fellow from NM also is a wise and cunning fellow, he has probably forgotten more about iron meteorites and ironing boards than anyone on these here forums, not many NASA veterans on here. ... I would urge you to be open to the insights these fellows may offer, as they have serious credibility with members of this community. Maybe Fred or Mr. Wet/Dry washer will chime in as well and we can drag a few poodles into the conversation... It has been a long day so thank you.
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    Nugget finder EVO for me I have two coiilteks that are bump sensitive also. I am usually in Fine Gold as the ground above PHX seems to have a lot of iron stone and hot rocks. Run my gain at 9 Tom H.
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    About me; Retired from 53 years in Radar, Sonar, Computers, and many other electronic systems. Now enjoying hunting for nuggets with my newest detectors; a GPZ-7000 and a Gold Monster 1000. Most weekends will find me in the mountains of northern California or a few times of the year around Rye Patch, Nevada. Have a good day, Chet
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    Thanks to all who reacted to my posts. I call upon Institution or an individual willing to classify my finds, I am sure it will be a beautiful partnership.
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