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    It is tough to get out in the southern deserts right now so I though i`d share some gold you may not have seen. A while back boulder dash and I had a really good day. The article was in the November, 2018 issue of the Mining Journal. We have visited this patch several times since the discovery , finding maybe a piece or two ...Good times.... Over 65 grams in one day was recovered by us in a narrow little gully. Keep hunting folks, its out there ! Here`s some pictures...Enjoy ! The single narrow little gully , maybe 200 feet in length... The first 3 gram nugget discovered with a Gold Bug II in the overburden...
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    Hey Bill Southern and the rest of you gents roasting in the AZ heat - I have a question for you: Is it normal for you folks to have snow drifts among the trees in your prospecting areas in mid-July? Well, when they have a big snow year in the Sierra, its not that strange. This was just a little tiny drift, but there were ones a lot larger, including one blocking one of the roads I wanted to go down. This little guy was just the only one I photographed. Wait a minute - I forgot, you guys dont have trees, let alone snow among the trees. Sorry you didn't make it up this way Bill, we could have had a snowball fight in July. While I was up there, I didn't just make summertime snowmen. I filmed a few videos for my youtube channel and detected 10 nuggets for a total of 2.5 grams of the good stuff. I was using the SDC 2300, and working around some old spots and doing a bit of digging. Because I am digging into an old patch location, I am also dry washing the dirt I dig, and I have about 2 grams of additional fine gold in the DW concentrates as well. The high temps for the couple days I was over there were around 80 - very comfortable.
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    The other night I went out for a night on the town and I also saw a LOT of grey foxes running around....but here we call them Cougars!
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    I think this user should be kicked off the forum Nice color Chris !
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    (I guess I set myself up for that one) Ha..Ha...
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    Of "lead" that is, and based on the dullness and look, I'd say that these have been hiding out for some time now. Decided that enough was enough, so I headed out for a couple hours of detecting, after spending the last 2-3 months painting the outside of my house, painting a number of rooms within my house, doing repairs and maintenance here and there, pruning this,..pruning that, planting this, planting that,...Honey-do this, Honey-do that, etc., etc.,etc. So darn-the-heat, I heading out. The two nuggets where a bonus;,...It just felt great getting out again. Gary
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    I found these two rocks in a river close to where I live. I was wondering... Do these two rocks look like they are full of broken fossils to any of you? I am thinking they are fragments of trilobites maybe. When I look at them under a magnifying glass all of those pieces that look like fossils to me, all look like quartz mineral or something. I was thinking of breaking one of them open to see what's in side. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Detected after work last night.. It rained right before dark and cooled things off some but kicked the humidity way up.. I was pouring sweat like the monsoons and basically put sweat lines on my new hat. It was amazing all the wildlife and critters I was seeing.. I saw 2 different deer, some strange night bird that looked like a small owl and a sparrow made a new species. Lots of crickets covering the ground.. At least 10 black widows and more other random spiders. I detected for 4 hours total and found 5 pieces during the night. Slept extremely well and bailed before the heat set in.
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    I found some galena once, Arctic Dave should remember that dark vein up on top of the hill over towards Kirkland...hit it with a torch and plumbing flux an got shiny little molten beads. The density can be a dead giveaway. I had San Diego Dectector Xrf it but there was no Ag mixed in.waaaaaa. just lead
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    That's the same one I read a few months ago. Very interesting.
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    1 box Kraft Macoroni and Cheese 1 can of Spam 1 bottle of Tobasco Sauce Pretty easy and darn good.
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    This the article d_day? https://www.yooperlites.com/img/Yooperlite_Sodalite_Discovery_Paper.pdf
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    I'd like to read that report if you can find it.
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    Yep. A friend worked closely with Erik Rintamaki (the discoverer) and wrote up a paper for some journal. I’ll have to see if I can find it and post it here.
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    Hello all, Up for sale is my MInelab GPZ 7000 purchased from Rob's Detectors in February 2019. This detector is in excellent shape. Warranty is transferable. Unit has stayed in Doc's Goldscreamer Control Box/Screen Cover whenever I have taken it out. Also included is an extra battery, Miner John's White Heavy Duty Coil Cover, Doc's Scoop Pouch, $200 hard case, Minelab soft carrying case, Minelab Koss headphones, external speaker with cover. The detector is currently located on Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. Asking $6,000 Feel free to text or call if you have any questions. Phone: 530-867-5910 Thanks for looking! -Kyle
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    Just wondering if there is a simple test to see if this is Galena. I found it a few years ago, with the detector. It was just out there all by it self in the middle of nowhere. Very heavy for its size
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    I have a Fun Hypothetical Situation for everyone and I hope lots of people participate. ( to the Mods if this is not allowed I apologize, please delete post. ) The situation is this The Earth is under a mandatory evacuation order. The evacuation will be conducted in waves. The next wave will consist of Geologists, Amature Geologists, Rock Hounds & Fossil Hunters. You will be leaving to go to Saturns moon Titan where you will live and now call home. You WILL NOT be returning to Earth! You get to bring Three tools related to Geology and your top 5 favorite Rocks, Gems, Fossils and or Minerals with you. What will you take with you to Titan? The Rules: 1. The specimens MUST have been found by you. They can not have been bought, given to you or traded for. 2. There is no size limit for specimens 3. Only 5 specimens total between all categories can be taken. 4. Only 3 tools or less are allowed to be brought with you. If possible Please post photos of your specimens and tools.
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    Bob, I "explored" many drill steels and 90 lb. hammers years ago working as a powder monkey...It's not all the fun it's cracked up to be, believe me...especially when you get a 10' steel stuck! ... You just have to start over again, load the new hole then blow both the rock and the stuck steel out ... And it's hard work drilling and rebelling at the same time! ... Cheers, Unc
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    Bird brains it is... hand me a straw would you? I like the slurping noise
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    You would if you were one of the Rebels of Titan. Otherwise you would have never been brought back to earth. You would still be eating soylent green furnished by the government in some slave mining camp on Titan. Which by the way has been left in a smoking ruin after the Rebels pillaged it. So you can eat bird brains with the warriors or slurp a soy shake with the slaves. Those are your only menu choices in this Brave New World.
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    I'm not going to eat small bird brains Bob, count me out please.
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    I would refuse to go to Titan and continue mining earth. Anyone who tried to force me to leave would have to whip me good and then whip me again after I healed up. Then they would have to whip me some more. It would not be easy. Whomever was doing the whipping would need to wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast because it is going to take a while. If they put three or four big guys on the job and managed to get me on the rocket ship to Titan I would take these items - Five nice big jasper pieces as big as I could carry. A long handled Estwing geologist's pick. A shovel. A 24" section of drill steel. As soon as I was released on Titan I would strike as many sharp edged flakes as I could from the jasper and fill my pockets. I would use the shovel in my right hand as a defensive weapon and the geologist pick in my left. I would set out directly to slaughter every idiot involved in putting me on that worthless rock. Then I would turn my wrath upon the settlers. I would enslave the ones that would not fight and force them to support me. As soon as I enslaved a few people other strong settlers would join in my fight. They too would have hammers and shovels. We would wade through the masses on Titan slaughtering anyone who would not join us and enslaving anyone who could not or would not fight. We would take over the landing facilities on Titan and demand they take us back to Mother Earth where we belong. Once back on earth we would build high fences from the bones of our enemies. We would bury ourselves in dirt and howl at the moon like dogs. We would crack open the skulls of small birds and eat their brains with a lobster fork. But we would never be relocated to Titan. Never. The End.
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    Yes many fossils
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    There is no tourmaline visible in the original photo - the dark mineral is Biotite mica. Tourmaline has no perfect cleavage like mica - like the minerals in the original photo. Biotite is dark colored and may be nearly black. If you cleaved off a thin flake of it, it likely would be dark brown.
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    Check this interesting picture from the rover on Mars. Looks like gold leaf coming out of a iron vein formation..
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