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    Detected after work last night.. It rained right before dark and cooled things off some but kicked the humidity way up.. I was pouring sweat like the monsoons and basically put sweat lines on my new hat. It was amazing all the wildlife and critters I was seeing.. I saw 2 different deer, some strange night bird that looked like a small owl and a sparrow made a new species. Lots of crickets covering the ground.. At least 10 black widows and more other random spiders. I detected for 4 hours total and found 5 pieces during the night. Slept extremely well and bailed before the heat set in.
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    You bet Chris ....Heres another photo from the same spot
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    Any body missing this? I've heard it hasn't moved in minimum 50 years.
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    I thought it was pictionary, so I posted a picture.
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    I thought "men" were from Mars! Doubt this would have been there. :P
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    I second the motion to read Chris Ralph's book. (since that's me). Its available on Amazon - Fists Full of Gold is the title. Perhaps the best area to detect in southern California is the El Paso Mountains area. (Goler Gulch, etc.) Yes, its a fair ways up 395 from Dana point, but people do find gold there. Another location is in the area of the Dale district. Farther out is the Chocolate Mtns / Cargo Muchacho / Potholes area, and people find gold there too. All these areas have plenty of existing claims. Join some clubs to get access. The trash and bullets are a product of people being there. You live in a highly populated area, and places where a lot of people have been over the years will be shot up and trashy. After reading my book, your second book should be California mineral resources bulletin 193 - gold districts of California. You can buy a paper copy or if you search the internet you will find a downloadable copy for free. Read this and you will learn loads on the gold districts of California. A couple more things that new guys need to know - 1) Gold sells for more than $1400 an ounce because its rare. Its hard to find. Be patient and dont set your expectations super high. 2) Gold prospecting is a skill - one that is learned by working at it, just like learning to be a plumber or an electrician are skills that require work and effort to learn. You wont become a successful prospector merely from owning a good detector any more than buying a pipe wrench will make you a journeyman plumber. Learning a new skill takes time.
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    Hello everyone, i just bought a F-Pulse and want to share some important findings. Alkaline AA (Panasonic Platinum Power) = Sens-3, works perfect. Lithium AA (Energizer Lithium Ultimate) = Sens-3, noisy on everything even holding in mid air. Hope this helps someone because i've been reading about people thinking there pointer is broken.
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    That makes sense. So since you figured it out then it is your turn to go next. You post a model number for a rifle, a typewriter or an alarm clock and the first one to post a picture of that item wins!
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    Five pieces over night is pretty good. Well done, Sir. Luke
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    They say one in eight Martian Men have a keen eye for fashion and won't leave the house with a wrinkle. Coulda been one of theirs. Maybe a Venutian came for a visit and forgot it. It seems every time a Venutian stays the night she leaves some kind of hardware or dry goods behind. So it could be Martian material even if it originated on Venus. Maybe it came flying outta Uranus at cosmic speeds? A lot of items initially thought to be Martian or Venutian actually come from Uranus instead. We see a lot of Uranal material here on this forum.
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    Hi everybody, Made it back out to the new spot today for a few hour with the boys. I actually beat the heck out of Cameron today on relics for the first time in....well ever. He just wasn't getting over the good stuff. I actually found 3 coins today. One was a 1887 1 Ore from Denmark and another 1889 2 Ore from Denmark. Thats a first for us. Then i found an 1883 Indian head penny in great shape. I also found some really cool ornate 1 piece and 2 piece buttons along with 4 Chinese robe buttons and some other really cool relics. My little guy found 1 nice ornate 2 piece button with what looks like a shamrock and some other rusty stuff. Here are my finds for the day, my little guy is trying to find his button now. Have a good night everyone. Dan
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    How exciting! I love this find.
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    HI everyone. I hail form Newfoundland Canada where I do a lot of beach combing and picking up all sorts. I love rocks. I posted about something I found without introducing myself. I have another post with questions so here goes. I find a lot of this "coal clinker" on the beaches. I assume it is what it is. Does anyone have other ideas?
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    Hi Bob! Some 'ol stuff is right! I was calling it slag until I looked into it. Would it be the same stuff thrown off steam ships when cleaning the boilers?
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    LOL, Call those tires and wheels Floats and they don't count on your 103 Weight limit. Eaaaaw?
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    I have hunted them down each year to sign the waiver, and it's a bit of a pain. If one of them dies, it's a nightmare!
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    It's an ore cart washed onto my claim from a gold mine upstream
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    Thank you everyone for the great tips and your time to answer. I will definitely get the books. I am also going to join a club so I can go on some of the claimed lands to try my luck.
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    It's a wonder this guy wasn't killed. That is the scariest cacti I've ever seen. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/11/us/cactus-car-saguaro-arizona-drunk-trnd/index.html
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    Ooooh - square nails = old diggings.
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    The size of the crystals that make up the piece are the difference. Agate is cryptocrystalline or microcrystalline like glass. Quartz is crystalline like a sugar cube. Check out the threads in this forum. I have written a half dozen dissertations on the different forms of silicon dioxide. Your pieces of petrified wood are agatized and "cryptocrystalline". They are a form of agate and break with glassy surfaces. The rose quartz "quartzite" is not glassy when it breaks. It breaks along the cleavage planes of tiny crystals and is rough like a broken sugar cube. Not slick sided like broken glass surfaces. Agate is translucent and "clear" where quartzite is translucent and "frosty". That "frosty" look comes from the small but visible crystal structure.
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    I think everything above the pet wood looks like quartzite.
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    Got a little bored while waiting for the wife in the Doc's office so went to YouTube and found this little jewel....enjoy:
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    This story is of a friend of mine, "Bob Ellithorpe" an equipment operator in Colorado. The rock is on display in the Denver Museum of Natural History and I have personally seen it on display http://pagosasprings.com/the-summitville-141-oz-gold-boulder/
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    We have found this rock that's like glass but it's green purple and it has white streaks and white dots in it
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    It looks like rainbow obsidian or some other phase of obsidian mighty close to that. Where did you find it?
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    I'm thinking obsidian just looking at the fracture. Really can't see the different colors.
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    Me again with another new find, me and a buddy were out in the desert mountains when we found this, at first guess I thought it was calcite, but it does not react in vineagar, but does scratch with a fingernail. any ideas on what it could be would be super helpful. Also it grows in these super interesting formations. the last picture is a small piece I cleaned up.
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    Motherlode Mineral Society will be hosting it's annual show this weekend at the Turlock, Ca fairgrounds. It is a family event with good speakers and exhibitions. One of the largest in the stateand definately the best. It is from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Admission is 6 dollars and kids under 12 free. It is worth the visit.
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    Boy does this photo bring back a painful memory for me!! When I was about 10 while spending the summer months down at my grandparents ranch in Skull Valley I got the bright idea to go up on the mesa above the house and fly a kite ( best wind up there ya know). I was dressed all-summery,..(for back in those days) levy pants cut down as cutoffs, short sleeve T shirt, and ratty-thin-soled tennis shoes. Well, up on that mesa where small patches of about a foot-high cactus somewhat like the one pictured;..some where closer to the ground than others. I got the kite up a ways and then made a run for it (forward) to get it even higher, skipping and dodging the cactus plants and ground-level cactus patches as I ran. I was doing just great, and even got the kite high enough up to run thru a whole ball of string. I tied on the start of another ball of string and started letting it out as I (without thinking) began to back up. I hadn't made more than a step or two backward and something stumbled me; upon which I fell backward onto the ground and smack dab in the middle of one of those cactus patches. It was made up of both green and dead cactus joints or fingers (like jumping cactus) each being from 1" to 3" long, and just full of daggers. My entire back, back of my arms and shoulders, and the back of both of my legs where just covered about like the dude pictured. As I recall for a young and energetic 10 year old I was in extreme pain. I managed to painfully-struggle-my-way down off of the mesa (cactus-hitch hikers and all), where my grandmother and my mom had me lay flat on my stomach while they both took plyers, and even tweezers to pull all of them out,.....one-at-a-time. I think that the worst pain came from the backs of my tender legs,........................"YEP", that's a memory you will never forget!! "AND" definitely keep dogs away from these patches, as their first instinct is to pull the cactus finger out (from where ever) with their mouth; so it is now stuck in their mouth,.........."or" they try to shake one off of their feet and the thing flies thru the air, and if you are within it's path of travel,..you now have one jabbed in you,................"YEP,.. been-there,.....-it-done-it-to-me"
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    Teddy Bear Cholla... nasty critter and I've sported more of them than I like to think about...There's all kinds of pain in the world, but Cholla has a special perch in Hell! The guy in the picture was riding a mountain bike a few years ago, missed a turn on the trail, and, well, you can see the outcome ... I Always carry a stiff comb and a pair of multi-tools ... They've been put to use many, many times!!!! BCOT ... Cheers, Unc
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