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    Got out with boulder dash yesterday for some recon in new areas It was particularly challenging due to the hiking involved and temperatures, however we managed to get over a couple pieces in the process My one piece on the left and boulderdash`s 3 on right ...Sorry for the bad picture but you get the idea
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    The BLM just raised mining claim location fees to $40. They also raised the annual maintenance fees to $165. That $165 applies to every 20 acres on a placer claim. These new fees take effect on September 1, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. If you have already paid your maintenance fees for the upcoming mining year you will still need to pony up the extra $10 per claim/20 acres. The BLM is saying they will send you a notice if you owe more than you have already paid. If they don't you still need to pay so I wouldn't be waiting around for that letter in the mail, just be prepared to pay up before September 1. This will give you an idea of how much the annual base maintenance fees per claim/size will be now. 0-20 acre placer millsite, tunnel site or lode claim = $165 20-40 acre placer claim = $330 40-60 acre placer claim = $495 60-80 acre placer claim = $660 80-100 acre placer claim = $825 100-120 acre placer claim = $990 120-140 acre placer claim = $1155 140-160 acre placer claim = $1320 If you have 10 or fewer claims you may be eligible for the small miner's waiver. The fees are the same for the annual small miner filing $15 per claim no matter what size it is as long as you complete $100 worth of work on each claim. You can read the notice announcing these new fees in today's Federal Register.
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    This is the bar at the Bali Hai restaurant in San Diego. It’s banded calcite which been cut and polished, and is nicely backlit. It’s stunning in person.
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    I am not sure his version of what is "real" is as concrete as one would expect. My guess is bob does not comprehend the difference between mineral rights and being able to camp and look for meteorites. He rationalizes since BLM does not take exception to what he is doing (and why would they?) then he is truly immune from the law. To him this is cause and effect and he presents it as such. He thinks federal law does not apply to him and his "native on native soil" concept is acknowledged by the officials. He makes that clear in his first post "bla bla bla ...that's why BLM leaves me alone when collecting meteorites."ο»Ώ I think he sees this as some sort of acknowledgement that the BLM recognizes his special status as a "native". And that status would allow him to be free of federal laws that would require a claim to hold mineral rights. It would be inferred by his statement that since he did not recognize federal authority that a federal mining claim would not be recognized either. He says this about the Border Patrol too. He claimed his "native status" was motivation for their reaction to his activities. As if the law enforcement knew they were powerless when someone claimed native status. Again he uses lack of reaction as implicit approval of his bizarre philosophy. It is clear he believes laws do not apply to him and he goes out of his way to provide this as evidence that law enforcement acknowledges his special status. This is not a support of a legal point nor is it about claims or claim fees. Like very other post it is an attempt to support an alternate reality. One in which he is special. One in which he is in control of even if it requires denial and withdraw from society. bob makes me very sad. I have loved ones in the same position. So vested in a bizarre thinking pattern it is costing them years of happiness, life, relationships and experiences. Completely withdrawn into some alternate reality. It is plain that most of what he fills his world with is completely imagined. It is no less than a self inflicted wound to keep from having to deal with the pain and horrors of real life. His situation is as heartbreaking as an addiction, disease, grief or any other human crisis. It is one that is misunderstood and there are limited ways to get help. Most refuse help and are relegated to a hard, sad existence. I have no stomach at all for the crap bob spews. It is just not real. But I love him as a human and hope he can find a way to accept some professional help. I screw with him in hopes that I might make him question his behavior in some tiny way. In hopes that he sees a big enough disconnect to at least consider how batcrap crazy some of the stuff he says is. I generally wind up feeling like I am being mean to a guy that is just so screwed up he can't find his way back. I don't know which side my posts lie on sometimes. I hope that Mr. bob knows that I love him ALMOST as much as I love the truth and what is real. And I hope he knows that sometimes reality is hard for me to handle as well. I think all of us have been there to some extent and can sympathize with a guy that needs to compensate. When he has to compensate that much and it starts to affect his interaction with others it is easy to misinterpret what is going on. I like to be a smartazz and rake guys over the coals for their testosterone (or lack of) induced outbursts. But bob is a bit different. He is a strange fruit and I am not trying to be cruel I am trying to be real. And sometimes with some people being real is the cruelest thing to be.
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    wet/dry washer...bob please stop high-jacking other's topics, I will be moving your replies in this topic and all other replies to your replies into it's own topic just for you to post your native on native soil info, in case there are others who can benefit from that info or care to reply to your philosophy, please in the future post all of your info on this subject matter in that topic, if you post another off-topic reply in any other topic it will be either moved or removed depending on how much time I have at that moment! Link to your new topic in this forum section.
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    Those are Holocene sand deposits 60 foot above the river on the other side of a Late Pliocene to Early Pleistocene unconsolidated gravel ridge. Essentially that means they are very recent sand deposits separated from the river course by a much older deposit. Being that older deposit is unconsolidated means that the river hasn't passed that way before. That sand did not come from the Hassayampa. As Chris pointed out what you are showing on these maps are private and State Trust lands. They are also nearly barren of any worthwhile mineral deposits. Just to the north and west are dacite rhyolite deposits dating from the Oligocene to Middle Miocene and nearby phyllite schist dating to the Early Proterozoic. Those formations have produced considerable paying ground and continue to be drilled and mined for valuable minerals. North on the river San Domingo, Ox and Little San Domingo washes enter the Hassayampa - those are all historically rich placers. Those lands are for the most part managed by the BLM and open to location wherever there are not already claimed and being mined. Your choice - Home Depot sand quality or real mineralization that has paid off in the past and continues to produce. Oh wait - it's not your choice because the sand deposits you are seeing aren't open to prospecting or location. Nothing wrong with studying the area but the geology and the land status are both telling you there is nothing there to see. If you want to access the area just take Gates road off Hwy 60 across from the Morristown Post Office and turn left when you reach the river (it's a huge sand pit - you can't miss it). If you want to go down the river to those State Lands get a State recreation pass or risk getting run off or ticketed. The river bottom makes a good road if you know how to drive in deep sand/gravel and have a vehicle up to the task.
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    Just a guess on my part, but I think it would work like any other claim, first come first served, or it might be cowboy and Indian time again!
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    This topic will stay here, at least for the time being to see if bob can offer more proof that is understandable and doable for non-natives on how they can become a native on native soil, if so then it can help others on BLM controlled land. I will make sure all of Clay's current info topics stay easy to find.
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    still working on the currey sittutation. steve currey did everything right. he offered to meet blaine reed for council meeting at library to debate the issue with a state geologist concerning currey's lunar meteorites. instead, blaine reed went and purchased one of currey's lunar meteorites, checked it with a X-RF took it to a deputy and showed him that it did not have 13-16 percent nickel. currey was summon in to court ordered to pay reed $1,400 and do 400 hours community service. this happened in 2012. continue later
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    So lets talk about the Postmaster and the red ink stuff bob. Maybe if you explain your philosophy and why you believe the things you do, it will be easier for us to understand. You have to admit that the things you say stand in stark contrast to the realities that many of us live daily. Since so many of your ideas just don't fit with how other people see things it would be helpful to explain where you are coming from. Please expound on your beliefs and tell us where you learned all this strange knowledge. Give us some links that might guide us along this path as well. At least we might understand better and react differently when you say the things you do. It is plain that your beliefs share much in common with the "Sovereign Citizen". At least with the postmaster/red ink/maritime law/corporate vs. natural being stuff. Can you give us a link or a name that might lead us to information that may enlighten us? Can you post a red ink document that would open our eyes? Show us where to find the truth bob. You also have mentioned a fellow with whom you share this same peculiar philosophy. He was arrested for selling some fake meteorites or so you have indicated. You said you had created some red ink documents with him as well. You too have sold rocks as meteorites on ebay (with a 100% rating I might add). This is no coincidence and I asked about your connection with him and how many rocks you sold. You were going to expound on that at one time but have not delivered on that promise. I know a bunch of meteorite hunters on this forum would love to hear that story. If you were inclined to tell it of course. Respectfully, Bob
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    Wrong thread? All we got around here is dirt. No soil but there are meteorites just like every place on earth. What the *&#% does any of that have to do with mining claim maintenance fees?
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    Lol..... or bring the price of gold to .01 cents per ounce...
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    I posted this to other forums, and thought it might be of help, so am posting it here, too. Bit the bullet and did the sweep speed mod this morning. Made a huge difference in the acceptable SS. I ran the 1 grain gold bar past the 8 x 6 Sadie coil before doing the mod, and there was a relatively slow, specific sweep speed that gave the best signal. Too fast, and the signal completely disappeared. After the mod, the SS made almost no difference. Fast, slow, the signal was steady. No change in indicated depth in the air test. Threshold was still smooth. I'll post a video of the before/after tests later on. I changed the filter caps (C20, 21) from .47ufd, to ,22ufd. A friend in Florida, who is a civilian tech working for the Navy, was kind enough to send me a few matched pairs of the caps. Without his encouragement, and help, I probably never would have tackled this. Now I'm really glad I did. One tool I'm glad I had was my fly-tying magnifying light. My eyes don't focus like they did when I was young, and that magnification allowed me to see the soldered spots, to be sure I had done a thorough job. You can see the difference in sweep speeds, before and after the mod, here: Sweep speed comparison
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    I was detecting mid slope in an area with almost no trash. I got a semi-strong and mellow sounding hit near the base of a bush. I got excited and confident. 10” down this very heavy rock was pulled out. Looks like a ball of iron but very weak on the magnetic side. The ground was mild with no hot rocks. Any suggestions would be welcomed. And some gold from the last 5 trips. Brownie
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    Ha ha .... Not much activity out there in the hills. It really was not to bad....If you keep walking, there is a 2 mph breeze
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    Ohh I'll have to stop by there and check it out since it's so close!
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    Thanks for the design. I found this. I usually cross about three miles north of there. Before you head out there, there's a Hassanyumpa travel management plan that has shut a lot of the roads down to motorized traffic. I tried finding a copy, but no luck. One of the potential claims I spent a while researching had a BLM "road closed sign" about a mile away from the site. A lot of these closed roads were the old washed out trails with real rough going. I did hike in but I found nothing worth warranting going back to that particular claim myself: no gold but plenty of copper mineralization in the rocks. There's some lithium claims going in that area. I hope they actually start to produce. Those trucks are parked on state trust land. It's mostly tate trust land and private property where you've got the phot, but if you go to the North and West, there's plenty of BLM land.
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    Get yourself a land anchor, or build one.
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    I've seen a couple jeep caravans drive by, but certainly not that big. I wonder if they were doing a photo shoot? Also, with the four wheel access along well traveled creeks, I've seen the sand turn to impassable bedrock in some of the photos, but because its well travelled before and after the boulders, there's usually a way around, sometimes not easily viewable on google maps or the USGS maps. Loneliest feeling in the world I had was for the few hours I was stuck in the creek with no one to pull me out. I carry more to get free, but most places here do not have trees to tie a wench to, so most of my gear like pull straps require me to have someone else. Someday I plan on getting a wench and something like a pull pal. Someone said all I have to do is to bury a spare tire three feet deep and that will allow me wench free. I hope it never comes to that.
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    Just as Bedrock has said, some of us would love to hear more about you and Steve Currey you guys are kinda of celebrities.
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    Edited to show respect to the owner of this thread.
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    Undecorated crotal bell with square cast hole sprue top - late 18th to middle 19th century or later. The subject of the thread is:"SPANISH MINE MONUMENTS IN THE BRADSHAWS?" Despite all the verbal dancing and unverified or outright false Spanish records there is still no evidence presented of any Spanish mines, monuments or even a presence in the Bradshaws - unless you believe in the King's poodle rock/carving/construction magic religious object. It's cool if that's what you believe but it's more accurate if you don't imply that your belief is supported by history or science.
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    Nice chain coral!
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    Then I zoomed in real close ...
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    Thanks to Dolan Dave for agreeing to cut my rock to ID it. Confirmed space rock!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Thank you Dave! I have since realized there is a meteorite section on Bills forum so I will post there next time. Just an update for everyone. brownie
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    My first thought too was a meteorite as well
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    Nice gold and..... I am with Fred and Dave, Meteorite (likely) Nice hunting man! Or at least worth further investigation
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    NICE GOLD! I suggest you grind a window and take a look...it could be a low iron/nickel chrondrite. fred
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    Getting and/or keeping mineral rights on public land without filing a valid claim is very important to me too. I can't wait until bob explains how natives can accomplish that. I just don't see how natives on native soil could hold mineral rights on public land. It seems the two concepts exist on completely different planes. If a native is immune from federal law and needs no mining claim to have mineral rights, does a "native on native soil" claim to minerals trump a valid claim holders rights? How exactly does that work bob?
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