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    Here is a better video that Bill shot.
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    The rainy season here in central Brazil is over now and the big fires have started. Yesterday I turned off the pavement onto the dirt road that runs about 10 miles down the middle of the valley that has produced much gold in many years. Then after about four miles I saw a big black cloud of smoke start up so I turned around at the first gated road entrance. Within seconds I saw red flashing lights coming up behind me, yep the police were watching the road. They asked why I was running from them, I said i was running away from the smoke so I couldn't be accused of starting the fire. They said have a good day and waved me on. WHEW! Could have been different if they had seen my detecting equipment stored out of sight.
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    I have the pf 35. I use it . But rarely. It will speed up recovery, but only when your pin pointer can see . Some detectors are so "good" that it will see what a pin pointer wont (tiny gold). If you think you might be digging relics also it would be wise to keep it.
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    Lots of break in time on the stand. I was thinking a good 10 hours at least...just to be safe.
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    There is a bell icon by the like button Adam and one can click that at YouTube to be notified whenever a new video is posted by that channel. I have your bell rung mister
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    Dang Sir ! Your Da Man. What Next ? You going to give it some break in time on the stand ?
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    Its alive. Awesome stuff Dave, great job. Thanks for the video Bill.
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    Thanks for the videos Dave and Bill, sounds awesome and it will blow dry your hair that's for sure!!
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    I purchased a GM1000 and it rebooted itself from time to time while using it. I contacted Minelab via email and got prompt replies with troubleshooting tips. After exhausting those I was told to send it back, being so new they would do a replacement. The day my detector arrived at their facility they shipped the new one. In the past I was lead to believe Minelabs customer service was lacking but that does not seem to be the case anymore. Thank you Minelabs!
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    WHEW! the crystals I found while just walkng along beeping. Hope they stay posted.
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