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    It looks like regular sugar quartz to me as well. I am not sure how copper makes anything glow. There is no copper in your specimen for sure. Moonstone "glows" at 180 degree planes because of light refractions between layers of mineral. This is obviously not a layered mineral but a granular one. That easily differentiates it from topaz as well. Any chance of a photo of the specimen without the creative lighting? Outside in sunlight works best for mineral ID.
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    Hope you have yourself a fine birthday Dan.
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    Great day ahead for you, go out and enjoy it. Happy Birthday bro. Old Tom
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    Happy birthday Dan I hope you have a great day!
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    Anyone know who made this crusher? Any information would be helpful. thanks
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    Tom and I found a dead elk with a beautiful rack while hunting for turkey. it was full of maggots and decaying quit a bit. We cut the head off and made a pole sling and carried it out. I was the rear carrier and got most of the stink while Tom picked the way and breathed clean air. Maggots were dropping all the way out which was quite a distance. When we got to a road we hid it in the brush and went for the truck which was several miles away. Got a ride to camp and deliberated weather to go back for it or not. We finally decided to retrieve it and brought it home. We threw it in the pasture and the chickens had a field day cleaning it up maggots, meat, eye balls and all. Tom soaked it in lye and made a great mount out of it. Still have it on the wall in the barn, maybe I can get him to take a picture of it to post. Old Tom
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    Leverite and I set a goal on where to placer to. We hit that goal and decided to go home. We pulled another 1.6 Grams today!
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    Will do! It will be soon. The stand is tacked together already. A few more days will have it operational.
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    Dave when you get the engine mounted on the stand and running you gonna have to shoot a video and post it, photos just won't do it for us at that point!!!
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    Jim and Dave, thanks for your posts and kind words. I first met Dowie in the Dale one morning in the spring of 1981. This "tough old geezer" (I was 28 and he was 78) was hiking up a hill with probably 60 pounds of equipment. He looked like a refugee from the Foreign Legion. His drywashing partner that day was the 29 Palms dentist "DOC" Smeton. Doc introduced me to Dowie, what a guy. He was an electronic genius, founder of Crittenden Transformers. I understand that even today certain types of transfomers are known as "Crittendens." At his home Dowie pointed to his DOORSTOP, a leather pouch. It contained 42 pounds (yeah POUNDS) of gold dust. He had a 2.5 ounce nugget which had initially "grizzlied" off his drywasher. In those days many a granite-bottomed ravine in Dale was totally devoid of sand and gravel, due to Dowie's efforts. It was great to know him. HH Jim
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