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    New "Bird" for the North Korean Air Force. Innovative for sure. You can never tell what these guys will come up with next . . . NEW NORTH KOREAN AF JET FIGHTER.mp4
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    Jim was a good friend and mentor to many of us, especially those of us who got involved in nuggetshooting in the pre-1990 era. In the late 1980's he would frequently visit us at the editorial offices of "Treasure" Magazine, where many happy hours were spent "talking gold.". He was rarely absent from GPAA Gold Shows in Southern California, Las Vegas, or Phoenix/Mesa. At one such Show he approached my booth, handed me a spectacular specimen of auriferous quartz, and asked me "Where do you think this was found in Southern California?. Studying it, I answered "[site A]". "Nope." "[site B?]." "Nope." "[site c?]" "Nope." I then asked, as he turning away "So where?" "Ain't tellin'" was his response. Then he added, "but I now know of 3 new places to try!" ,
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    Goldseeker4K Congratulations on putting your project together, it certainly looks good, at least the front and rear covers do. I know there is a market for high quality stuff with good content and wish you well going forward. Bob has been known to stir a bit, but he does it with style and grace, so all things considered things could be worse. Carry on.
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    Sorry to hear of Jim's passing. May you rest in peace Brother in Christ. Old Tom
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    I like that cover. It looks good and I wish you the best of luck with your book project.
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    Pairadiceau, thanks for the comment. The inside will be good as well. I'm not one to do things half measure. There will be good content in this book. It will get you thinking outside the box when it comes to gold detecting. It will be a good read. When this one is making its way out to those that buy it, I will be starting the third book on detecting for gold.
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    There is a easy fix for the tray and that is to grind the back lip on the tray to fit in easy. If you did not receive a reply is probably because, we did not get your message or spam or not sure. If you had such a frustrating problem you should have attempted to call us. As we are not perfect and not robots, we try our best to serve our customers. We strive to make the best equipment possible and go out of our way to help people. Each tray is fitted to to it's own box. Sometimes if you have any debris embedded on the foam, it does make it difficult to get in position. I tell people to shave the back lip on the tray 1/8 if a inch and it will slide in easy, every time. The better recovery is due the electrostatic charge and the layered board, that make a big difference. We want everyone to be satisfied with their purchases from our company. We have sold tens of thousands of these boxes all over the world and have had, great success. No other dry washer manufacturer, compares in technology and recovery. The time you spent writing negative comments, would have been better served, talking to us to fix the problems. You can call us anytime and we will help you and work with you to solve any issues. Sincerely, Patrick Keene
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    Your coil must have gained some weight from not being used much Mike C...
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    CBD with out THC is legal in all US states now. The only place there's a potential problem is Canada. CBD oil is legal there but only from Canadian suppliers. Technically, the hemp must be grown in Canada, processed into oil in Canada and distributed by Canadians. A licensed Canadian importer/distributor can bring it in with the right license. I know one CBD US company that ignored or didn't research the law that has had big shipments seized at the border and confiscated...Big loss for them. Canada legalized it solely for the benefit of Canadian agriculture and marketers. OK by me because there's a huge US market growing every month. I'm really enjoying helping others feel better and we had two major good results in our own family. My wife's step mom was diagnosed in Fall 2018 with stage 4 cancer throughout her body. Drs. started her on chemo immediately, and at the same time we began providing CBD oil to help her however it might. Six months later she's been given a clean bill of health, no cancer and she's been out of bed since February and doing well. One of Dodie's brothers has major diabetes and was diagnosed several months ago with major Macular Degeneration which apparently is a common effect of long term diabetes. He went back to his doctor very recently who told him there was no evidence of MD. The Doc was amazed, but we never put 2+2 together until we started researching it. Check it out! Cheers, Unc
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    He must have, he was only here for about 2 months before making his fortune and going into hiding!
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    I get a kick out of reading some of these old threads. I wonder if the original poster on this topic became a millionaire. 😉
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    The word is out that Jim has passed away. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He was a good man and wrote many books on prospecting as well as many articles for the ICMJ. It is sad to see him go. I know I posted this picture before, but its my last one with Jim.
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