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    Im up to 29 nuggets now!😁
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    Got out with a buddy this past weekend in the great state of Virginia. We both dredged on sat, then on sunday he continued to dredge and decided to fire the GM 1000 up and see if i could find anything. My buddy was on chucky gold and nuggets with his dredge, so I started detecting a section of exposed bedrock a short distance up stream from him. Got the detector up and running and ground balanced in the water, (settings were auto+ in all metal) swing a few time and she pops off. The probability meter was swinging both ways, I pull out my little crevice tool and pop open the little crack and out pops some nice shiny. Was about a 2.5 grain picker, and ended being my biggest piece for the day. I continue on and each target i hit keeps being gold, which is something i have not experienced before. I will say the probability meter was jumping around on each target, hence why it is ignored lol. All in all i got thirteen pickers in about 1.5 hours from about 5 square feet of bedrock, for a total of 8.2 grains. The bedrock in this spot is decomposed and can be crushed in your hand. I also had a few signals that came from exposed bedrock with no evident cracks, but once i ripped into it with a little pick out would pop a picker. I believe that there use to be a crack there, but since the bedrock is so soft the erosion force of the stream has melded some of the cracks back together. This i why when i hit these soft bedrock spots while dredging i will rip into it up to 6 inches or more. Im stoked i found this little spot. And i will be taking the equinox 800 and the gm1000 there this evening to continue sweeping the exposed bedrock and test both detectors on small gold. Based on what my buddy pulled from downstream a little bit with his dredge, there is the potential for much bigger chucks to be nearby. Pictures below are from his clean out on saturday. And once the exposed bedrock is swept with the detector we will clean up whats left with dredges, so that nothing escapes. Hopefully this little paystreak hold out for a good while and produces some big gold that this locality is known for.
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    Awesome job, Tamster...What's the total weight? Maybe you can have a weight guessing contest, down to the grains weight and Bill can give a 7000 to the winner .... ...Cheers, Unc
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    I almost traded it but after some thought I think Ill hold on to it as it finds gold almost every time out Mike C...
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    Went fishing at Cottonwood Cove. I got 2 , but lost a couple , my Girl Friend got 2...This is the big one. No Scale...
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    There's more! I have carefully reviewed the aerial region and discovered an additional trail extension NW following the rock line that continues an additional 1500 feet to a large wash that acts as a natural highway into this area. All along the ancient trail there continues the intermittent broken rock line switching from one site to the other of a clear path. The basaltrock line begins at a large wash that acts as a trail highway and terminates just after the rock maze. I am certain its purpose was for the same reason that I used it, to locate the ground level rock maze. This indicates that they came back to the site over the years for a specific purpose and wanted to remember where it was at. The dozen small pieces of pottery are interesting in that the few that were found at the largest rock circle may indicate that this is cremation burial site with a ‘kill pot’ burial motif. Pots were broken to symbolize death and mixed with the remains. I did not notice potsherds near the other circles, but also did not search all that carefully. The one detractor is that most of the multiple rock groupings are too small and unorganized with no apparent ancient ground disturbances to indicate a burial. The few other potsherds were found infrequently along the rock line and at the maze structure. At this point my internment hypothesis is only a guess and may not be accurate. I am planning to return and check out the rock line and rock groupings more carefully looking for any artifacts which might identify the true purpose of the rock maze site. I am also very interested in what may lay at where the rock line meets the large wash. Trees and bushes cover up the aerial view. There may be a cairn type of structure or something else to mark where the trail begins to the maze from the wash. It begins at a significant bend in the wash. I will carefully search, survey, photograph, and not take. Both Dr David Abbott, Director of ASU Antiquities Dept. and Dr Shereen Lerner, Hohokam Rock Art expert, at Mesa Community College are keenly interested in this site. Dr. Learner has already indicated that she would like to visit the site. All indications so far confirm that the site is a true discovery and unknown before I'd found it. I'll keep you posted. Cheers! billpeters AKA: Indiana Jones
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    Great job, girl! Keep it up! Soon you'll outdo The Olde Bearded One. hee hee
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    Au Seeker - This should take you to the FB page, ill have to approve you as a member. https://www.facebook.com/groups/378993799241791/?ref=bookmarks Fishing8046 - Yep there is some really nice gold in VA the key is getting access to the old mines since they are all on private property, no claims here. Purity ranges around 21 to 23 karat. Boorx4 - I grew up in Beaver County. I started prospecting after I found out there was gold in VA. It escalated quickly, from a pan to 4 inch dredge in less then a year, and some nice nuggets to boot along the way. I still have yet to prospect outside of VA, but I hope to eventually do some detecting out in Arizona and dredging in Alaska.
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    I like traditional modern American folk music.
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    Mexicans have some great music....if I understood it I rather listen to it than the crap our industry produces lately.
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    Soccer, boxing, baseball, bicycling and golf. Another contest winner! What prize did I win this time?
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