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    Got out with a buddy this past weekend in the great state of Virginia. We both dredged on sat, then on sunday he continued to dredge and decided to fire the GM 1000 up and see if i could find anything. My buddy was on chucky gold and nuggets with his dredge, so I started detecting a section of exposed bedrock a short distance up stream from him. Got the detector up and running and ground balanced in the water, (settings were auto+ in all metal) swing a few time and she pops off. The probability meter was swinging both ways, I pull out my little crevice tool and pop open the little crack and out pops some nice shiny. Was about a 2.5 grain picker, and ended being my biggest piece for the day. I continue on and each target i hit keeps being gold, which is something i have not experienced before. I will say the probability meter was jumping around on each target, hence why it is ignored lol. All in all i got thirteen pickers in about 1.5 hours from about 5 square feet of bedrock, for a total of 8.2 grains. The bedrock in this spot is decomposed and can be crushed in your hand. I also had a few signals that came from exposed bedrock with no evident cracks, but once i ripped into it with a little pick out would pop a picker. I believe that there use to be a crack there, but since the bedrock is so soft the erosion force of the stream has melded some of the cracks back together. This i why when i hit these soft bedrock spots while dredging i will rip into it up to 6 inches or more. Im stoked i found this little spot. And i will be taking the equinox 800 and the gm1000 there this evening to continue sweeping the exposed bedrock and test both detectors on small gold. Based on what my buddy pulled from downstream a little bit with his dredge, there is the potential for much bigger chucks to be nearby. Pictures below are from his clean out on saturday. And once the exposed bedrock is swept with the detector we will clean up whats left with dredges, so that nothing escapes. Hopefully this little paystreak hold out for a good while and produces some big gold that this locality is known for.
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    Thanks a lot guys. Its not a Pek, Pek have bronze age history of gold prospecting. Even Roman emperor Hadrian have a 50,000 slaves that prospecting gold on Pek for his count. My small creeks its virgine grownd. There i find half gram-gram in few hours of paning. So i hope there its chanse for good score with highbanker or tromel
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    YUP! Was down there last fall shortly after the monsoons were done ... maybe late September. Deep dig holes and trash all over the place. I knew that eventually if it wasn't cleaned up ... and who would do that? ... it would be make off limit to all the panners and sluicers that spent time there. Going to happen to Lynx too if people don't start cleaning up after themselves. Carry it in you can carry it out and a little more if you find it. Not a difficult concept but people are too lazy in many cases ... they think "oh well someone else will be along to clean it up" or "the rains will wash it away!" And if the rain washes it away where do you think it all goes? It doesn't automatically and magically make it into a dumpster! I know I am stating the obvious but if we as users continue down this path more will be taken away and pretty soon we will have no place to go legally! 'We' are truly our own worst enemy when it comes to preserving our right or in some cases like Rose Creek our privilege to use the land.
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    Shove a hot needle into it. If it’s amber or copal, you’ll smell tree sap. If the needle doesn’t penetrate then it’s something else.
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    If it goes by the past times sometime in early November.
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    Welp, another great outing under the belt. Had about 20 people show up. Mostly the old corp. group. Did have some new people though and that was great. Weather was over all nice temp wise...but as you know the Q can get windy! Had a great pot luck on Sat. River stix was kind enough to bring 16 boneless rib eyes, caviar, cheeses and dips for everyone and there were a LOT of side dishes. As of Sun. 4 of the guys found gold. I didnt get any pics of that so if you have more pics or gold pics feel free to post on this thread. I wanted to steal RiverStix little dog..... Tom H.
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    I use an Ridged electric 5hp wet dry vac. Remove the air filter is a must. I never have problems with much material being stuck in the hose with such strong suction. After more oz than I can count have been sucked up I strongly recommend.
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    I don`t think the weather could have been any nicer. It was nice to meet some new folks, and see some regulars too. Here`s the four I managed to find
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    I ended up with 7 nuggets. 5 were found Saturday afternoon in old hillside rake down hillside area. I raked about 15ft square and nuggets were popping out quite a bit. This hillside patch had more dig holes than I could count. The area was quite large and without a doubt has many more. Just because someone has detected an area doesn't mean they get them all. Had a great time detecting with Adam, thanks for all the laughs and I brake for bedrock shirts.
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    thanks for posting pictures Tom.
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    Agree with Bill. Nice gold is still there to be found.
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