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    At Dome Rock area in Quartzsite, AZ... This will be held the 22nd to 24th of March 2019 and all are welcome. Mike posted for me in Outings section and this is a bring your own meat to grill affair with each of us bringing another dish to pass. We will have a huge grill that Roger D built many years ago for this purpose and will have a nice hot charcoal fire ready to cook on Saturday evening. BRING some firewood if you can or a bac of charcoal for Sat. Dish to pass RV access is easy here we will be on a GPAA claim Joining the Quartzsite gold club is a good idea can get VERY WINDY! both GPAA and Roadrunner claims in the area. Maps will be posted as we move along and hope to see you all there.
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    So Bill was hunting with the GPZ 7000 today. He found a target and after digging it up some lost the target and got frustrated and gave the target to me and I dug this up. I call it the teamwork nugget!😄
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    No sure Mike. I'm RETIRED now, remember?
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    That is exactly what it is! It is the tailfeathers off a Sky Scout I got the plans out of the old EAA reprint of the 1933 SA flying manual. Thanks a bunch Dave! I had a weird case of intuition today. I had to drive into town in order to visit the bank, and on my way there I had a strong feeling I should go to the veedub shop I deal with. I walked in and chatted with Don a bit, and walked out with the perfect cylinder head for... $100!!! Another customer had blown up an engine and this was the good head. It's got new valve guides already installed and a fresh 3 angle valve job...and new valves. I just need to shape the chamber a bit and cut it in half.
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    I'll be heading there tomorrow.
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    thanks. need to find me female mate to help me on me new lap top. me lost 224 pictures trying to upload to the lap top. had no problem with the old ones, new ones think they are smarter than me. friends tell me that me destroy's the english lanuage like now when mispelly a word on this forum a tab "add to dictionary" appears. when writing on an email, dictionary appears. hate these smarter me phones. thanks again, dumber than phone bob.
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    Aluminum or lead. Silver is almost always tarnished blackish in my limited experience.
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    She sounds like me! I do the same thing! Tell her don't give up though!💪😄
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    I know! Showed it to my gf and that was the first thing she said
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    The Nugget Shooter Spring Outing is on for the weekend of March 22-24 2019. That is Friday Saturday and Sunday at Dome Rock, I-10 Exit 11, Quartzsite AZ! We will be camped on the South side of the highway. Events that will happen that I am aware of so far: Saturday morning will be an informal lesson on the GM-1000 and the Equinox 600/800 for those who want to learn more about those machines. We have done a few on the Gold Monster now so I assume ... have not talked to Bill about this idea as I just now thought about it ... but we will probably spend more time on the Equinox 800 than the Gold Monster. Saturday early evening at the usual 4:00 PM time we will have our famous potluck dinner. We will NOT be supplying the meat this time as it is a bit of an ordeal to provide so far from home ... we will probably have a good size gas grill or two and/or we may just make a big charcoal pit grill from the local rocks ... we might need a couple pairs of volunteer hands to accomplish this ... You will need to provide your own meat and bring a side dish that all can enjoy! Salads, Beans of all kinds, Chili, Chip and Dip, Corn Bread, Potato of all kinds and Desserts of all kinds (Desserts must be sugar, fat and calorie free as I am trying to lose 30 pounds! LOL!) ... just to get you to thinking what to bring. And Saturday night the Camp Fire where we all share tall tales and lies about our prospecting experiences. If some can bring firewood that would be great as there is little to none available in or around the campsite. There are club claims nearby the camp. I will get the contact for the local Quartzsite club should you decide you want to join. GPAA and RRPC have claims in the general area. As we get closer to the date I will post a poll for those who are planning to attend just so we all have an idea of the size of the sides you might want to bring. I don't know if we will be graced by any special guests at this time ... Kevin??? ... Debbie??? Updates to follow on this thread. I need to talk to Bill to firm up a couple ideas ... more on that later! So plan to be there and camp with us for the 3 days ... and more if you can. Bring the family and lets have some fun in the warm Arizona sun! Bill may change some of this up a bit ... so check in around March 1st or before for any updates.
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    Thanks, they'd make awesome chaps too. Been a few times I Wished I was wearing them.
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    That would be more likely the two legged variety!
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    Looks like a Pietenpol stabilizer except maybe smaller. Good to see you're back at it.
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    I'd rule out a stone tool, has zero appearance of being tooled.
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    I have that in a 3 screw, mother of pearl grips.
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    Im curious if you'll be needing pack animals to get gear into some places, I can help with that.
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    I have a new set of gators I'll sell cheap, they go to the hip and attach to your belt. I'll ad a pic later.
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    because artic is a native male, protector for females and their kids. man, woman and men are corporate inventions in the minds of men and not mother nature's creation.
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    Looks like the same lead I find. Although the stuff I find is mostly 45-70 but the patina looks the same. I agree with Adam, the silver I’ve always found has always been black to a dark grey.
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    I know right ? Dave seems to find a means to get just about anything needed done . Some How, Some Fashion, Some Way ! With Professional Results I must add.
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    I use headphones and keep one ear uncovered. My son went with me when he was younger and one snapped at him when using headphones on both ears and he has never gone out detecting with me since. I know someone that used a self loaded pistol snake shot to get one under his trailer, but other than that, don't think they need to be shot. I've seen one ?asleep? coiled up next to where I'd been cleaning brush for my truck one cold morning on the claim. So happy that it was not a warm day. I did not have my gaiters but wear them all the time now. The gaiters are very effective at preventing cactus needles from penetrating. After seeing where they hide, I avoid stepping in the brushy weeds when moving place to place. When detecting, I take my time and look. I have two sets of the knee length gaiters from Cabela. They do not have foot protection, just ankle to knee, so mine need to be worn with an all leather boot.
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    This is heavy like lead. Not even close to the weight of aluminum. Doc
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    Lol. Good to know she's not the only one... She's doing everything right, I tell her it's my fault, for not putting her in an area with nuggets in it. (Yet!) Kyle
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    Thanks, Andy What you mentioned about climbing out of a wash, and the bushes, are my two biggest concerns. I've looked at snake proof chaps, but most still only offer bite protection up to the knees, and the $ start to climb fast. I'll keep doing what I'm doing, and hopefully the snakes want no part of me. I only worry about the one snake that missed the last meeting, and thinks for himself Regards, Kyle
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    Hey Doc, it's probably either lead or babbitt material. If it had melted in a camp fire and cooled in the ashes it might have taken some of the junk in the pit. You should be able to distinguish it between the heavy and lighter materials by weight. I have seen both glass and alum. take the ash patina. Brass just turns black. Old Tom
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    Cool shirt. Sometimes I "break" for bedrock at lunch too.
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    It seems to soft for silver..looks like old lead that's been buried for a long time to get that patina. But I could he wrong and may just have to go through all my buckets of what I i.d. as lead. If it were silver not sure it would cut so easy.
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    Somehow Patrick I was going to guess you would be one of the first to respond! Look forward to seeing you again!
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    I use ear buds as well, Bose.
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    Hi, Kyle. As most agree, no reason to shoot them unless others are in the area. I do carry a small 9mm on my side .. but more for rabid animals and my peace of mind. I hunt a lot overnight, when the rattlers are supposed to be most active. At night, I rarely wear headphones. I can hear the snakes fine through my black widow headphones, though. I just want a split second extra to hear a person or that mountain lion sneaking up from behind me. On that subject, since you are considering snake safety, let me point out a couple things extra ... The most dangerous time for me is if I am climbing up out of a wash. This could put the snake higher than my gators. Reaching up and putting your hand on a rock or boulder could get you into trouble. I had a friend bitten this ways. Secondly, take an extra few seconds to check the bushes before getting down to dig. My first year detecting, I was digging this hole for trash. It was a deep hole and when I was done, I was a little winded. I am still on my knees and just sit back on my hips and look at the bush right next to the hole I was digging. There was the ring tail of a rattlesnake leaving. Apparently, he was disappointed I didn't get any gold, too. It was scary to think I could have leaned over and put my arm in that bush. The snake never rattled. Headphones would not have made a difference. But realize, most of the time, they rattle on the second person and don't want anything to do with you anyways. This was proven to me over and over again in my wildfire fighting days with the forest service. Now, I guarantee I walk over them all night long. But they leave me be.
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    Thanks guys for all the B'Day wishes! Old Tom will make you fulfill that promise ... one of my favorite hard liquors! Terry ... ah ... what can I say ... she had other things to do! And Uncle Ron ... ole FB put you in jail over a 'rag' comment, ehh! Thanks again guys!
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    I agree with Fred ... No real reason to shoot the snakes. I have seen a few while nugget shooting with my headphones on. Never been chased by one ... Mohaves are aggressive but never had one chase me. If you are paying attention to your coil you or at least I will see the snake before damage is done. You are smart to wear the gators at all times if only to prevent an attack from the cactus!
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    Kyle; I wear earbuds-Sony mdr-j10....I can hear everything and the detector...but, aside from being careful where I walk and where I reach there isn't much to be done. I don't bother with guns, if you have time to shoot then you have time to back away. Let them live! fred
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    I need a day like this! The first nugget my Wife finds "should" grease the wheels towards a PI machine. Currently, her Gold Monster is referred to as the "Trash Monster". She calls birdshot things that would clear out a truck stop bar.... Seeding a patch isn't immoral, if done to facilitate a new detector purchase, is it? Lol. Nice job! Kyle
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    Hey this guy is legit my friends and I have been communicating with him prior to his post here. I am the one that sent him here to look for folks more experienced in actual Treasur Hunting as I do mostly nugget shooting with a bit of coin relic hunting thrown in. Would be a cool and fun opportunity for someone me thinks.
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    A buddy of mine gave me an old tumbler. It had been around since his grandpa bought it in 1968. It is an old Lortone 15 lb. tumbler. The barrel was cracked and brittle. It broke when I tried to wash it. Lortone does not make this tumbler anymore but I found a replacement barrel for a Thumler's model B that works great. It cost me about $50 to replace. So I have very little invested into the machine. I cleaned it up and serviced it. It has been running constantly with a full charge of broken glass and abrasives for six months. It has stopped only long enough to change out the material when one load is complete. No problems so far. It can hold a lot of rock. And it can tumble some big ol' chunks too. Here is a load I just ran in the pre-polish. This is a full load of stones. They fill the barrel up just les than 3/4 full. It holds almost 1/4 of a 5 gallon bucket ! The barrel is easy to clean with rounded corners. It is pretty quiet with the neoprene liner inside the steel barrel too. Not much noisier than my dual 3# tumbler but it runs more than twice the rock in the same time! The down side is the addiction. I go through a lot of white powder. I have a connection in Oregon that sends it to me in boxes 25# at a time. Try getting through the Border Patrol Checkpoint with this under your seat. And that is just the pre-polish and polish. This rascal eats about 1.25# per week. Do any of you tumble stones? Do you use silicon carbide from rough to polish or do you use aluminum oxide for prepolish and polish? How do you build your slurry? Lets talk tumbling! I am learning a little bit on my own but I would like to hear others experience!
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    Bill, that has happened with Tom and I several times. Target disappears and I come in and pinpoint it. I have also followed after him with the smaller VLF and found targets on edge in shale that the 5000 skipped over. Sometimes it takes two and you still don't get everything. Old Tom
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    I cleaned the fuselage yesterday in preparation for painting. I am will have to hold off on actually doing the painting, as we have rain in the forecast for the next few days. I ripped some stock for the horizontal stabilizer and built a little jig to cut my 1:15 scarf joints in the table saw. Works pretty good! Tomorrow I will start building the stabilizer.
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    Ah-ha Watson, you have solved the problem. But of course you it knew it all the time. Tks, I just figured you had something up being such a astute craftsman as you are.
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    Here are some more pics.
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    Well done, Rocky! It was fun to be part of the journey, now get out there and find its big 100 lb. brother! Ha ha. Bring some fragments to trade in Tucson, you've got the market cornered and a really cool name to boot.
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    I could see that being mistaken for a home made IED.
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    Cigar box battery tray It's just so funky...I may use it
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