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    Got tired of not getting out , so I went to Bullhead City with the excuse of getting cheap gas...2.08 a gal , then I went to the fresh water beach. Looking at the tracks I could tell I was not the only person to have been there, the water was high so I went to the swimming area. First target...bottle cap... 2nd target , newer penny , hit a strong solid 21 on the Equinox....third target , showed it was deep , I dug , about 4 inches down I still got good reading, kept digging . Out popped my target....did not look right , washed it off in river....1943 D steel wheat penny....made my whole day...pics to follow.
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    Can you give me Kirsten Gum`s phone number ?
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    It looks like everyone around here is either too shy...or they have warrants. It sounds like a fun project, but Momma used to say I had a face made for radio. You should talk Adam and Boulderdash into it. Of course... they would steal the show by finding the treasure within 5 minutes of arrival!
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    Just as a professional golfer knows exactly where the hole is to be placed for that perfect shot and a pro basketball player knows the precise positioning of the hoop, so an experienced meteorite hunter knows the best way to set up a crater for a meteorite to strike. A well planned crater is essential for a new meteorite fall. Rocks from space look for good craters in which to land, just like a bird looks for the perfect site to build a nest. You have to determine in advance the size of the crater needed to attract your target. It is is too big they will fly right by and ignore it. The same if it is way too small as it won't be recognized or seem attractive enough. You had better to stick to a relatively smaller size though. Don't try to get that rare eagle rock when sparrow stones are plentiful. If this will be your first attempt it would be good to start by digging a round hole about a 18 to 24 inches across that's about eight inches deep in a hard dirt patch of ground. Be sure to blacken the surrounding ground as this enhances the attractiveness of the crater. Now here is the key. The only way your are going to truly attract a falling meteorite is if you set up a slow burning fire in its base that is totally out of place. They have to spot it all the way up in space. The fire in the bottom of a dirt crater makes it visible and stand out like nothing else around. A petroleum product, like a good kerosene or long burning liquid paraffin oil, works well. Get it lit with absolutely no other man made flammables around as that makes it look just like an ordinary fire and it will surely be ignored. Once lit get out of site, but stay nearby like a hunter in her blind. Meteorites always want to completely surprise people. If they know you are suspecting they will come they will never ever land nearby. Once you do hear them come in to roost give them time to settle in. A video camera is an absolute must to show off your find. They are really not camera shy and love attention. So, post, post, post! Show it everywhere, youtube, instagram, facebook. Call all the local TV news networks to get it on local and national news. Your little meteorite guy will be famous and you will get all of the credit. Please watch the entire youtube video to see a successful crater and recovery. https://www.adventuresportsnetwork.com/random/man-claims-found-burning-meteorite-yard-real-video/ The burning crater with the new fallen meteorite is below. Now you too can build your own meteorite landing site crater. Enjoy! billpeters
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    Not compared to Adam and your haul... but i was jumping around pretty hard because i put a 3 month old skunk to sleep. What a great feeling it is....
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    Been looking at an extremely remote creek on Google Earth for a while. Teamed up with boulder dash for what we already knew, would be a challenging day. The detour around the waterfall was by far, the most physical of all I have come across. Once we arrived my first 10 targets were gold. Boulder dash followed suit with his gold soon enough. A search for the source will likely be on the horizon early summer. Detectors used : GP3K, SD2200, GM1K, GBII Here, boulder dash hunts a bench. A fine coarse nugget as it was found: Almost all the gold found yesterday. Mine on left, Bd`s on right
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    I know! She was the only reason I watched that show. She sure filled a pair of pants just right...
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    And the fines were impressive, Got to see the over all pic today Tom H.
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    Are you looking for people who look for treasure or people who actually find treasure?
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    Second pocket. Mudstone ledge intersecting quartz seam creating enrichment zone. Mudstone is heavy in pyrites. Quartz strike is left right in image.
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    Here is one of my pockets. Note the shape of the arch, me thinks it was a gas bubble. Enrichment zone. Strike is left to right. looking down the dip in this image.
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    Mmmm, yummy. Makes me hungry to get out again. My F150 gets out of the shop at week's end...Yippee!! BTW, I am attaching a summary of the Alex Quartz pocket mining piece that I wrote up last February. It only focusses on the type of pocket we as detectorists are most likely to run across. Pocket Mining Segment PDF.pdf
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    Beautiful nugget Tammy. Thank you and Bill for all you do for the rest of us!
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    Thanks y'all! It made my day!😁
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    I went with a friend of mine to a permission location in the middle of suburbia at a early 1900’s dairy farm surrounded by cookie cutter houses. We did a two day hunt and one the first day, my friend found 2 pieces of a silver coin purse and I found 2 wheat cents. The first wheat cent is a 1929-S and the second one we can’t get a date due to the condition of the coin, but we think it might be 1929 or 1939. One the second day my friend wanted to find more of the silver coin purse which she did and continued where she left off at from the day before. I continued around the trees next to the foundation of the second house to see if I could find more coins. Moving away from the trees into the iron infested, dug up hole everywhere field. I moved a large metal bumper (probably from the 60’s) and got a really nice tone. I was using my sniper coil the day before and switched over to my 15” flying saucer when I got this nice signal. There is so much iron trash such as nuts, bolts, nails of all shapes and sizes and not including car & truck parts scattered throughout the property it was driving me bonkers. Then I dug out the plug and out came a lid that looked like a ceramic mason jar style lid. I flipped it over and saw some weird looking mechanism caked in dirt and it clicked right away. I found a old pocket watch and from my sources it is to believe that it’s the great depression era style “dollar pocket watch”. Jumping up and down with joy and I ran over to my friend to share her my find. I think she was having some jealously feelings after finding this watch. About 10 feet away as we were getting ready to wrap up the day I got another nice tone. I switched back over to my sniper coil with the large concentration of iron. I’ve already scoured that area where I found the pocket watch to see if there were anymore parts or pieces and nodda. As I was pulling away the dirt I saw a glimpse of something brownish and reached in and pulled it out. While grasping the item I got excited and knew in an instant what I found. I started running over to my friend to show her my second cool find of the day and sure it was awesome to get some relics under my belt for the beginning of the 2019. The second item is what we believe to be a blues style harmonica reed from around the Great Depression as with the pocket watch. I cant wait to get back out to that property in the near future to hunt for more relics. This property has some issues and there has been problems in the past of other metal detectorists going out onto the property without permission digging up targets and leaving them next to their unfilled holes. The other problems which we did not in counter was the possibility of running into some homeless people as where the best and oldest tree sits on the property is the sits a homeless camp. The homeless camp is so filthy with human waste, spoiled food, plastic food containers, clothing, beer & liquor bottles spread out all over and not to mention a headstone near the tree and a the remains exposed. Don’t worry it wasn’t human but some pet dog. The headstone was a plain rock with writing on it in permanent marker. It’s just sad to see other people having no respect of other people’s property and living like slobs without a care in the world. Other than that it was a fun hunt and like I said I can’t wait to get back out their soon. Pocket Watch Harmonica Reed Wheat Cents
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