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    Hahahahaha......Haha, yep We said snake> (too cold) then Nugget lol
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    Thanks y'all! It made my day!😁
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    No offense but the weather and climate change are two different things.
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    I know a fellow in Virginia that found some pocket gold there, he followed much the same as described in that report to track down a lot more gold in and around the first pocket he found, he ended up with a few pounds after it was all said and done, many of the pockets were eroded out and leaving up to 1+ ounce nuggets scattered around the hillside he was working. Mostly such finds are very rare here on the east coast, but they do happen from time to time, it helped that the area he found this on was private property and has been for 100s of years and was never worked commercially.
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    Good Stuff !! They proly use that "line" in cases "the problem" is an altered part or circuit from factory design, that gives 'em an option to no be liable for.. I don't blame them.
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    Beautiful nugget Tammy. Thank you and Bill for all you do for the rest of us!
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    It seems to be an invisible rock, very strange!
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    I was referring to motor homes. I was pretty much in the goldfields for 12 years and wanted an RV with 100 gallons of fresh water, 50 gallon waste tanks, a big propane tank and all gas appliances. On the new high end coaches, all the appliances are electric. They have generators that start automatically when the house batteries drop below a certain point. In short, they are made to be plugged-in at an RV park. If not plugged-in, they require a huge amount of generator fuel. Renogy solar controllers were the 1st I saw that could convert 28 (or whatever) volts to 12 volts. That opened the door to using a wide variety of higher voltage solar panels AND that meant the wire needed between the panels and the controller could be a smaller gauge for even more savings.
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    I've been impressed with Renogy products and service. Interesting that you've seen new rigs being on grid designed, I've observed the opposite, at least with the smaller 4x4 rigs. We love being able to stay out in the gold fields for long periods of time, away from technology and finding new patches. Life begins where the pavement ends.
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    Funny side on this story, get back from the canyon and had the AU under my microscope, still had some bits stuck to it so I put it in a small tub, shook it around and then drained the water out. As I was tapping the tub against my hand for the piece to drop out it came down bounced against the fatty area below my thumb and right down the drain in the sink. The look on his face was priceless. I was laughing and said I'll get it out tomorrow because right now I'm going to go take a shower and eat dinner. He looked like a whupped pup. I saw my big green gold pan on the deck so I went out and grabbed it, put it under the sink and popped the P trap off and recovered the piece and sent him home. His dad says, "you spent all that time to get that?" lol
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    Not compared to Adam and your haul... but i was jumping around pretty hard because i put a 3 month old skunk to sleep. What a great feeling it is....
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    Awesome sauce! WTG Tamster... what's that bring your total gold weight found? Cheers, Unc
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    Wow, that's tasty looking, Congrats! Did you find that with the Gold Monster? Regards, Kyle
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    Hey another chunkster for the Tamster!!!
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    Been looking at an extremely remote creek on Google Earth for a while. Teamed up with boulder dash for what we already knew, would be a challenging day. The detour around the waterfall was by far, the most physical of all I have come across. Once we arrived my first 10 targets were gold. Boulder dash followed suit with his gold soon enough. A search for the source will likely be on the horizon early summer. Detectors used : GP3K, SD2200, GM1K, GBII Here, boulder dash hunts a bench. A fine coarse nugget as it was found: Almost all the gold found yesterday. Mine on left, Bd`s on right
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    So I've been put in facebook jail the third time since January 1st, this time for a month .... I can't get back on until March 1 or so ... All three times I got booted for the same word: "muzzies" .... My offense is to complain that our govt. is being overrun by muslims ... Oh well...The weather's getting warm and it's time to get out and get some big nuggets with my new Gold Monster!!!! Yay! ... Cheers, Unc
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    Laugh all you want Dan. It's supposed to get up to 65 on Sunday. So take that.
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    I've switched to Spreely.com .....(short for "Speak Freely") So far much superior to FB ...Cheers, Unc
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    Found my second half gram nugget! Last one was 7 months ago!😁
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    JFYI, anyone with a Minelab modified detector with a problem. Always told Minelab wouldn’t service a modified unit. Last month my Woody modded 4500 started having problems with a failing function switch. I contacted Detector Center in PA (814.283.4270) or Service@minelabamericas.com and got a RMA#. Sent it off last Wednesday. They called this morning, they replaced both switches as other one was a bit slow. 2 switches and ½ hour labor paid and it’s in return mail. Does not get any better than that!
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    I bet you have some great stories to share from those twelve years. You're right, optimizing solar performance, even the little stuff, makes all the difference. When we first started getting into solar a few years ago we certainly had some interesting learning experiences, but dialed it in with a lot of research and reading.
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    Speaking of how nuggets are born I found this interesting. A piece of hardrock ore and then magnified. The shape on the ore is very similar to where I found the shape of a nugget I have. Almost like a mold for the gold liquid to fill into before it cooled.
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    My solar controller is a Renogy. Works great. The bigger the inverter (watts), the more power it consumes. I only turn mine on when I am using it. I have a larger propane refrigerator/freezer which is great for living off the grid. Many of the newer RV's are all electric and made to be plugged-in somewhere.
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    Rod, just had him over, I'm chillin on the situation and will continue to work with him on building his knowledge. We spoke of the situation and he mentioned his friend is stoved up and not really able to move dirt. I responded with my knowledge of the area and that it would take a lot of work to get a lot of gold so no big deal. Working it out without the stress as you said. Thanks.
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    Al, actual BLM claim, over the ridge is common land of the sub division. I showed him how to pan on my claim, providing him with materials from areas I knew would put some Au in his pan. Move him over the hill to the common area so he had knowledge of where to work (bedrock).
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    We use a Renogy 100w solar system in our 4x4 camper with a Whynter 45 quart refrigerator. To be safe we'll run the engine for 30 minutes every third day. We've stayed out for several weeks detecting and never had a problem. The Whynter is great, will keep food cold at 30-40 degrees no problem and runs on direct DC current or AC via an inverter. We run it DC. I've learned that inverters can really drain your battery on their own. That's why we run the fridge (and lights) via DC. Lots of low draw LED options on the market. I'll likely beef the panels up to 300w in the future.
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    I love it when they put a $$ amount on a lost, mythical treasure.
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    Alex Quartz 1893. Thanks to GeoJack for finding this article and posting it. I learned quite a bit from it, I now have a new sporoach thought out for a pocket I am trying to locate. This article is based more for Cali/Oregon, but the technique definetly applies here in AZ. Here's a link that AzNuggetBob posted to the entire article. Pocket Hunting
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    More than 95% of solar panels use no rare earths. Only the newest thinfilm solar panels use any rare earth metals. Those are incredibly expensive and are not in common use. Wind generators use permanent magnets so no rare earths there either. Solar panels are made from silicon. In 2015, China became the world's largest producer of photovoltaic power, narrowly surpassing Germany. China is also the largest consumer of solar panels. Much like with lithium batteries the biggest buyer in the market in essence controls the market. The U.S. consumption is barely a factor in the international solar panel market. Politics aside I'm pretty sure the 30% tariff on solar panels is more than offset by the 30% federal tax rebate available to those who install solar panels on their property. After rebates American purchasers of solar panels still pay less than the international market price for solar panels despite any tariffs. This has also created some bargains, there are three large OEM solar panel manufacturers in the United States - no tariff and a 30% rebate on taxes if you use their solar panels. Maybe a smart person would buy American if they were looking for solar panels. 30% less than the rest of the world pays just for buying American. Sounds like a bargain.
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    Good Shep, your back in the saddle again! Grubstake
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    There are no rare earth metals in a lithium battery. Lithium metal is the 25th most abundant element on earth. The largest proven deposits are in Bolivia but there is a lot of evidence that the deposits in Afghanistan are the world's largest. The Bolivian deposits are being mined exclusively by Germany. You can probably guess how the Afghani deposits are controlled. Peru has found some good deposits that are being mined by Canadian miner Plateau Energy Metals. The Chile deposits are huge and they are presently being mined by the Chilean Sociedad Quimica y Minera De Chile (SQM) and Albemarle the United States lithium miner. A Chinese miner has just in the last few months been allowed to purchase a minority stake in that SQM operation. Australia currently mines the most lithium. That will probably change soon since the Australian deposits are hard rock as opposed to the huge evaporite deposits in South America. As you can imagine the hard rock deposits (Spodumene) are a lot more expensive to mine and process than dry lake bed lithium carbonate salt deposits so price sensitivity is a major component of Australian lithium mine development. China does consume the largest commercial portion of the worlds lithium metal production. China accounts for 35% of total consumption, followed by Europe (24%), Japan (11%), South Korea (10%) and North America (9%). The other side of the lithium battery equation is Cobalt metal. Glencore Plc and Vale SA mine the majority of Cobalt in the world. Glencore is a Swiss mining company and Vale is Brazilian and the worlds largest iron ore miner. United States' cobalt reserves are estimated to be approximately 23 thousand metric tons. The Congo deposits are by far the largest in the world. About twice as much as the second place Australia. The big Cobalt deposits being mined now are in the Congo, Canada and Morocco. The reason the Chinese control so much of the lithium battery market is because they purchase 54% of the annual supply of finished lithium batteries. They are the biggest manufacturers, purchasers and middlemen in the lithium battery industry and that is where their control lies. With the Chinese' huge stash of US Treasuries I'm sure they could buy as many deposits as we will allow them to pay us our money for. So far that has been very little but that situation is changing fast. Several countries in the last six months have begun allowing incremental Chinese investment in their mining operations. You can read more about the current state of Lithium mining in this recent Mining.com article.
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    This is from a pocket mining article posted on the "Where does gold come from" thread. "Thegold in those pockets Is generally rough and " scraggly," and pieces are often found allhoneycombed like pumice stone where the quartz has decayed away and left nothing in asolid form except the gold. Sometimes in the larger pockets of this class there is smoothgold, similar to well-worn placer gold, found In the center of the pocket; but, uponexamination, it will be found that those smooth nuggets have a coating or glazing ofcopper on the smooth surface and are more of an orange tint than the rest of the gold inthe pocket.Sometimes those nuggets or pieces which are found In the center of the pocket arerough and scraggly on one side and smooth and glazed on the other. Those smoothpieces are found only In large pockets, and in pockets where they are found there Isalways a large percentage of copper In the mineral combination."
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    It is a cycle of the earth that has been going on forever.
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    Lord, please don't let this turn into a global warming debate.
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    Exactly ! I can not stand detecting in wet ground.
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    Great job Tammy! You should heard the racket down in the wash when she found that! I think they heard her in Wickenburg.
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    Keep on BEEPIN ! Congrats !
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    Way to go Tammy girl. Gonna give you a big hug for that when I see you. old Tom
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    Nice chunkster, congratulations.
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    Just to be fair here Bob, ever since Slim and I discussed the issue between you both he hasn't replied to any of your posts, posted anything derogatory towards you at all, this topic is the only thing he has posted that has anything to do with you since our discussion, he only posted this topic after your birthday topic was posted.
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