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    Found my biggest one this weekend! A total of five nuggets!😊
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    Well, its been a while..but, myself and some friends were finally able to get over some gold! Went back to Road wash. to hit it again after about a year of letting the rains move some stuff around. Road wash didnt give up anything, but......Golden diaper wash did! Went back to a trib James found about 7 grams in, and I had gotten 3 grams after him. Stuff was moved around and I was able to get another gram out of it. I get almost to the top and Luke comes over from hunting another parallel trib that did not give up anything. I told him to go up in front of me and hit the rest but he didnt want to take my "new" ground and said he would just detect over the wash I had come up.....Well........he spanked my butt!!! I missed some. And he got the most with 2 grams. Either due to my smaller coil, He had a 15" and really good ears, or going too fast or im just a retard Anyway.... He hit a nice one about a foot downstream from one I had to chip out 8 inches of bedrock to get to. I just plain missed that other one. DOH!. But it was all for the good. Scott was able to score a little guy with his SDC he got from Bill also. Luke gave him a lot of great pointers on using it. All in all it was a fantastic day out in the hills with friends, finding gold and helping each other. YAH~~~ Tom H.
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    So Bill was hunting with the GPZ 7000 today. He found a target and after digging it up some lost the target and got frustrated and gave the target to me and I dug this up. I call it the teamwork nugget!πŸ˜„
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    I managed to catch a break in the weather and make it out recently. No luck in several new washes so I hit a past producer for myself on the way out, I placered a few feet to what I thought was bedrock sticking up through the overburden, turns out it was a boulder with gravels wedged under it. It was too heavy to roll out of the way so with my pick I could only shimmy it over about a foot and prop it up, that was all it took to expose some hiding spots for gold. .8 of a gram between the two.
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    I had Monday off and wanted to hit a rather large drainage that I had attempted to detect years ago. Basically all those years ago I went up a 100 feet and said, no gold here... I walked way up there this time and detected a very promising stretch with lots of exposing jagged bedrock. Now I like to brake for bedrock so I turned on and nailed my first one rather quickly. Within a foot was another target which turned out to be gold then another after that until I had 6 nuggets. Right up stream from this dropout bedrock stretch the gradient becomes rather steep, fast, and has lots of large angular boulders. Above these boulders it finally started to level out. First turn I approach was a nice sweeping exposed bedrock bend, which gave me my larger piece of the day and 3 smaller pieces. Moving forward the wash became rather to deep for my vlf for approximately 200 feet. Then bedrock all over the place!!! Except no more gold targets in all that bedrock. I personally think it's shedding some place along the 200 foot of deep ground. It was 3pm and I was trying to leave around 6pm. Running out of time I went back to a place I'd found lots of nuggets and done above average drywashing in the past. I headed to a stretch I'd pulled 24 grams of handsome placer gold from about 5 to 6 years ago. Well wasn't I surprised when a nice little nugget poped out in a place I vacuumed very well all those years ago. Checking my hole again and still another target.... gold. I was seeing fine gold small pickers and nuggets as though it had never been worked. Managed 16 more in 3 hours.
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    Heres the photo . Well done dude !!
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    Welp, another great outing under the belt. Had about 20 people show up. Mostly the old corp. group. Did have some new people though and that was great. Weather was over all nice temp wise...but as you know the Q can get windy! Had a great pot luck on Sat. River stix was kind enough to bring 16 boneless rib eyes, caviar, cheeses and dips for everyone and there were a LOT of side dishes. As of Sun. 4 of the guys found gold. I didnt get any pics of that so if you have more pics or gold pics feel free to post on this thread. I wanted to steal RiverStix little dog..... Tom H.
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    Worked hard this past weekend. Better than being skunked.
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    Not quite as dramatic as the thread title, but who can resist click-bait headlines? Out hunting a claim I got permission for, where there has been a lot of placer work done over the years. I dug 3 bomb craters, for a piece of wire, a shotgun shell, and a Coors light can, along with some shallow trash. Found this tiny little specimen maybe an inch down. Really surprised the GPX heard it, but it was loud and clear. It's only .2 gram, but I am a happy camper. I can't seem to find an actual nugget to save my life, but these little specimens are cool too. I couldn't tell it was gold until I got home and looked through a loupe. I actually used my Gold Monster to pinpoint it, and the indicator was all to the right. I am very glad I didn't toss it in my trash pouch. It looked like any other tiny bit of junk. Sorry for the lousy pic. I gotta find some bigger pieces, if for no other reason than it's damned hard to photograph a grain of rice through a loupe.... Back at it tomorrow, same place! Regards, Kyle
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    Went off today with my new camo hat (thank you Bill) and found my 2nd nugget for 2019. Did some research, got lost again, proved real life looks nothing like google earth (but I will still use it) and somehow came up with some gold. Once again it was at the end of a half day so I will definitely be back✌🏻✌🏻. And I will be wearing my new hat and the same underwear. Brownie
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    Just some cool looking gold so thought I would share, GM 1000 .... GH
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    Update. Went to see dad today. He is doing WAYYYY... better. They did find another blood clot in his right leg and will give him some kind of medicine to reduce/get rid of that one. He was eating more and wants to go home. I talked with the Doc. and he said he may be able to come home on Sat. His pain level is really down a lot now. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts. Tom H.
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    I mentioned finding gold in the meteor forum so here it is. My brother and I hiked into an area that both of us had marked on our GPS. We covered lots of ground and I gave up on the area and was heading to the truck. I met up with my brother and he showed me a small nugget he had found. I guess the brought my motivation back up and I detected every little gully on the way out. My first nugget was the big one and the rest were within 100 feet. This was an excellent day in the hills and might have even have two more meteorites for the collection. I said might because I still have my doubts. AJ
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    I could have swore that it had been a Gold Forum (at one time),....ya know where you post pictures of real gold nuggets that you have actually found,....and not you tube crap. Guess no one likes posting any more, so I'll throw these on just for kicks-n-giggles. Had to move a few boulders "down-deep" on bedrock to get these. Gary
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    Hahaha, darn thing was so thin that I could hear it flat, but as soon as it got moved sideways it vanished. Oh and she was right there and I am lazy so I yelled "please come find this &$%#@* thing and you can have it. Whoops.....
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    I haven't posted gold for awhile so thought I would show off these little gems the Easter Bunny brought to me over the weekend. Combined weight at just under a half gram found with the GM1000 setting in Deep Auto 1. Both were found about 3" deep.
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    Came into Phoenix and hooked up with Scott, he taught me how to pan and a few of the things that he does when he’s looking for gold. Many thanks and much appreciated, it was pretty exciting but definitely work for that little yellow stuff. Makes me respect the old-timers a lot more and like my detectors LOL a lot better Another one off the bucket list now I need to find one with the detector. Definitely had a great time. Thanks again Scott AE2B5981-30EC-42F9-AF2B-F1AF0A62C93A.MOV
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    I like to Knapp rock for relaxation and it is just plain enjoyable .
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    I don`t think the weather could have been any nicer. It was nice to meet some new folks, and see some regulars too. Here`s the four I managed to find
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    I ended up with 7 nuggets. 5 were found Saturday afternoon in old hillside rake down hillside area. I raked about 15ft square and nuggets were popping out quite a bit. This hillside patch had more dig holes than I could count. The area was quite large and without a doubt has many more. Just because someone has detected an area doesn't mean they get them all. Had a great time detecting with Adam, thanks for all the laughs and I brake for bedrock shirts.
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    I know I totally stole the word "dink/dinkster" from @adam and @boulder dash. It is the perfect adjective to describe the nuggets Ive found though. So here is the pic of the dinkster I found today with Leverite.
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    At Dome Rock area in Quartzsite, AZ... This will be held the 22nd to 24th of March 2019 and all are welcome. Mike posted for me in Outings section and this is a bring your own meat to grill affair with each of us bringing another dish to pass. We will have a huge grill that Roger D built many years ago for this purpose and will have a nice hot charcoal fire ready to cook on Saturday evening. BRING some firewood if you can or a bac of charcoal for Sat. Dish to pass RV access is easy here we will be on a GPAA claim Joining the Quartzsite gold club is a good idea can get VERY WINDY! both GPAA and Roadrunner claims in the area. Maps will be posted as we move along and hope to see you all there.
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    Leverite and I found some gold today. 4.79 (wet grams)... The big one is 2.18 (wet grams).
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    Heres some yella stuff from Montana, bigger nugget is 19.5 grams. Also some specimens that were dug out of a vein in an old timers saddle, where they took the outcropping, but missed the gold just off to the side.
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    Hey I just put up another video, The Geology of Placer Deposits, Part 1 (it will be part 1 of 3) This one focuses on different types of placer deposits and how the gold concentrates naturally - then also about finding those natural concentration spots. I do think it has a lot of hints, information and secrets that will be useful to most prospectors. I promise not to continually do this, putting up video notice when I throw something on Youtube. That would be kind of lame of me. So if you want to see parts 2 and 3 also, be sure to subscribe and tick the notification bell. The other two parts will be out shortly. They are geology and doing research, and then also on recognizing rocks and minerals.
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    last season finds from 4 different locations, 2 in Idaho & 2 in Montana, all with the Monster...…...
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    Here are some found this year in south west Arizona.
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    Here is a few pieces from recent hunts. Working on an equipment trade so I took a picture.
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    Thank you everyone. Dad is a lot better and coming home today. He still has a clot in his leg and the doc. said they are just going to let the body assimulate it. It is small. Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes. Tom H.
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    Spent the weekend out at StV with a friend of mine from Michigan. His first hunt was at StV with me 6 years ago and he left empty handed. Since then he has found several meteorites across a few states, so we headed back to add one more notch to his hunting belt. I came away with 16 finds and he made 4. It was a great time, StV is always one of my favorite places to hunt. Here's a couple find picts, a coyote skull we posed for a photo, and a group photo of all of my finds. The desert is perfect right now, get out there before it gets too hot!
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    Hey low point I got out this weekend so I will post what I got .
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    OK, Yes this is a gold forum and has been for like 20 years now, you post the same question at least once a year Here is some Gold Monster 1000 and GP 3500 gold with a few GPZ 7000 bits included, just more into educating than showing off these days Sorry for the crappy phone photo, but camera in truck and I am too lazy to go get it, most all from 2018 with a few from 2019 so far thrown in..... Many of the actual finds are at my YouTube channel in my YouTube crap
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    I want to thank each and every one of you guys for you prayers and good vibes. They were indeed felt at the time of need. This was a rough one for me as I had no inclination just what was going on. I put it off too long trying to get the family Easter Celebration going. Finally called in the paramedics in and they got me to the hospital. Extreme pain and couldn't breathe. Lungs full of blood clots and wouldn't let oxygenated blood flow through lungs. Clots came from an operation that I had two weeks prior. Had me on a heparin drip for three days and that took most of the pain away and now I have to be on Eliquis the rest of the way, no more blood thinners or aspirin. Life feels good again and I thank God for my 'Return to Life'. Old Guys, Don't try to go too far after feeling something go awry. Get it checked on most times Medicare will take care of it. That's what you worked an paid for your whole life. A very grateful 'OLD TOM'
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    I found a nice blue Beryl the other day ! Pretty cool eh ?
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    Lanny when you mentioned that rich bank it reminded me of this.This was about a few months after the that same placer operation shut down in my last story. I had permission to hunt all the claims and I remembered a place down in the lower end of where we were working the creek.we had done pretty well chasing a pay streak along the bank of Weaver creek. We were doing so well there and it was right up against the claim line so the placer plant owner I was working for decided he wasn't going to get into a battle with the adjoining claim owner. apparently they had already had some discussions about it. he had the claims surveyed and had wooden stakes put up along the boundary line. So I'm thinking its got to be a good spot to hit. this wall of old cemented gravel is about eight feet tall and 20 yards long. So I gather up my wife, my daughter Heather about 4 or 5 years old and my nephew John about 7. We decided we where make a picnic of it in the creek bed.So we get down there and my wife breaks out a folding table and the ice chest. the kids are running around doing what kids do.we had scrapped it down to bedrock with a dozer when we were running the placer operation but because of the claim line left the wall. I go over and I start swing this wall/bank of gravel. I hit the first one. I chisel it out with my pick,this bank is like cement, almost a conglomerate. very old river bed.the first one is a couple grams.I'm excited. I move along the wall and I hit another one. this one was about a grammer/half grammer. and then another one. The next thing I know I got my headphones on and here is little John tugging at my pant leg saying is this a nugget uncle Bob. he holds out his hand and he has a little yellow rock in it. I say to him no John just another rock, keep looking and off he goes. I'm moving along and I hit another one. this is turning out to be a really good day. her comes John again, Is this a nugget? no john just a rock. so I pull out my nugget bottle and I show him. see this is what they look like. see how heavy they are and really gold colored. I let him hold a few and off he goes again. I move down a little further and and I get a really nice hit in the wall with my detector. I start banging on the wall, chipping out the rocks one at a time. I know this is a good one, its loud and deep. so I'm trying to concentrate so I don't hit it beating on the wall. all of a sudden I pop out another rock and I can see it. its a big flat nugget. I call them corn flake nuggets. its sticking out like a tongue looking me. I tug on it but its not coming out. no sooner here comes John again. Is this a nugget Uncle Bob he holds out his hand and I look and I look again. yes that's a nugget. where did you find it. he turns around and points at a bedrock knob. it was about a grammer. so I'm looking around trying to figure something to put it in and I just slide the cellophane off my cigarette pack drop the nugget in it and twist it. I remember I said put this in your pocket so you don't loose it. he stuffs it in his pocket and off he goes to find more, my daughter right behind him.so I go back to chipping at the bank again. I've almost got this nugget out, its got to be a good 3/4 ouncer maybe more, and there is John tugging at my pant leg again. I turn around and there is John with tears running down his face and I said whats wrong? he holds up the cellophane wrapper and there is no nugget in it. he said its gone. I went over where he was and swung around for awhile and could not find it. well its not his first nugget and wouldn't be his last but I felt so bad. I said to my wife go over to the truck and see if you can find a nugget bottle in the glove box. she comes back hands me a bottle. so I reach in my pocket pull out my nugget bottle and pour out some smaller nuggets and said her ya go John, pick one. and of course I had to give one to my daughter too. you know how that goes. everyone had a great day. Here is a photo of my daughter and some nuggets.see the flat corn flake nugget second from the left, top row. that corn flake nugget turned to be 39 grams. I love this photo. AzNuggetBob
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    Chris, I am not a dealer and have no dog in the race...my opinion is that there is not much difference in major manufacturer coils...I used coiltek and Nuggetfinder and I ended up using mostly Commander coils by Minelab- and they are usually cheaper. I am not telling what to do or not do, however... I suggest to anyone foolish enough to ask (you didn't) that they don't need more than two or three coils; small, stock and maybe a larger elliptical. Every time new coils come out the new users say they are the best ever, maybe and maybe not. What you need is to put your stock coil on and learn to use it and learn to find gold...new and more coils will not do that. You will do that. If my memory is correct you went through a bunch of detectors and gear and places and did not find much gold...the gold was there you just needed to spend more time learning. Practice, Practice and practice... best wishes fred
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    Dad and I went around to see John tonight. He is doing well (as well as he can) He was talking to us a lot and is being very well taken care of. Doing therapy every day and they are starting to talk about discharging him to go home. Keep him in your prayers and thoughts please. Hes a great guy and has helped many of us out through the years. Tom H.
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    Hello everyone, It has been several years since I have posted on this forum, or done any detecting for that matter. Went through some pretty trying times in life but have come through better than I ever imagined, so I'm back to detecting again. Some of you may remember me, and for those who don't me.....HELLO nice to meet you!!! Went out with DOC this past weekend with my new GM1000 and had a blast. Found one little dink, but spending the day with my buddy Doc was worth more than any amount of gold. . I have not been up-to-date with all the current (or older) clubs, so I am open to any suggestions. I will primarily be hunting the Mojave Desert areas of California, but plan to make several trips per year to different areas of Arizona. Looking to join clubs NOT like the GPAA. I've been there, done that, won't do it again....lol. So, I am all ears folks. Tell me your best suggestions for clubs to join. Thank you.
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    Got tired of not getting out , so I went to Bullhead City with the excuse of getting cheap gas...2.08 a gal , then I went to the fresh water beach. Looking at the tracks I could tell I was not the only person to have been there, the water was high so I went to the swimming area. First target...bottle cap... 2nd target , newer penny , hit a strong solid 21 on the Equinox....third target , showed it was deep , I dug , about 4 inches down I still got good reading, kept digging . Out popped my target....did not look right , washed it off in river....1943 D steel wheat penny....made my whole day...pics to follow.
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    Here are a couple better shots of the bear. It was broken off a larger piece. Maybe a pipe?
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    Bill, that has happened with Tom and I several times. Target disappears and I come in and pinpoint it. I have also followed after him with the smaller VLF and found targets on edge in shale that the 5000 skipped over. Sometimes it takes two and you still don't get everything. Old Tom
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    Thanks I think I turned the corner this past weekend. I stopped looking at the display and just started listening for the right sound.
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    The rookie also got 5
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    Looks do matter to me. Wouldnt want to be seen with that yellow thing. I need it to be in Desert digital camo so it will match my pants, shirt, boots, knee pads, control box cover, scoop, and my face paint.
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    Great story, Lanny....I hope you don't mind.... Oh what the imagination can see... Once , down around Yuma, I was sleeping in the bed of my truck; back when I was younger and tougher and much poorer... Anyway, in the dark of night I woke to see three or four aliens staring over the truck rail at me...I saw a long-ish head and big weird eyes...just like aliens at Roswell. I am pretty sure I screamed like a little girly... as the donkeys thundered away I woke up enough realize what they were fred
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    I would keep the GM1000 and also get the 4500. Sell the Eureka. The PI will be good for deep ground and the monster for shallow ground and small nugs. Tom H.
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    One of my neighbors wanted a point made for a pendent for his wife so i made this one last night from Mexican royal velvet obsidian.
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    Went out last weekend and did some panning and a little dredging. Water was flowing decent for a bit but it didn't last long. Here are the spoils. This does not include the previous weekends gold.
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    I just detect in the dead of summer. Too hot for snakes.
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