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    I opted to take a "Nugget Day" after the post-Christmas chores were finally done and a pleasant weather window was forecast in between SoCal's series of incoming storm systems. So I charged my Walmart made in China battery booster the night before, went through my mental checklist of survival things to take (just in case) and then merrily rejoiced as I departed early to a place at some elevation that I hadn't visited for a long time. Somehow in my reverie I managed not to actually put the Walmart booster into my truck (stupid, stupid old man brain f___). As the sun was preparing for it's evening rest I finally nailed the attached .91g "cornflake nugget." I hustled down the mountain to insure that I would get back to my truck before total darkness fell. As I approached the tailgate my heart sank. There in the crepuscular dimness I spied a slight glow emanating from the F150's tailgate light. HOLY MOLY!! I must have forgotten to switch my headlights off!! Sure enough, battery totally unresponsive and I am quite a distance into the woods. Not a single Cro Magnon anywhere in evidence. Immediately I climbed to a high point and tried to text a message -- undeliverable said the iPhone. With temps dropping rapidly and my water bottles already freezing I quickly set about preparing for a miserable night alone in bear country. Try sleeping from 1800 to 0600 especially after not having with me the evening prostate med I usually take (in other words dragging myself out of the sleeping bag every hour or so, i.e., around 10 times that night into very cold, bone chilling weather). I began hiking out at 0700 after repacking and securing my truck and leaving a note in case I could not get back to it (or worse) until after the coming storm event. Finally got to a place 4 miles down were my cell got a text off. An hour and a couple of miles later my honey came driving up the crude mountain road in her Chrysler T & C, then vented a hissy fit about getting stuck on the way up. Triple A refused to send a truck into 4WD territory, but a local acquaintance took pity and we took with us 2 brand new compact lithium ion battery chargers claimed to be capable of starting a vehicle, plus the Walmart standard battery booster that I had left on my garage work bench fully charged. The lithium ion wonders of latest technology only made my F150 perform a clicking noise. Next, the Walmart. More clicking noise following some turnovers. The turnovers weren't supplying sufficient juice to ignite the engine in the thin, high altitude air. Next, the jumper cables. The F150 roared back to its former lion-self and the sun once more settled into the west. Lessons learned. No more cheap Walmart booster batteries or tiny compact but boastful lithium ion designs. I'm getting the heavy duty Interstate brand booster battery that AAA uses to restart dead batteries. They cost three times more, but I would gladly have paid the extra bucks not to have had to suffer through that bone chilling night. Also on my purchase list: the SPOT X that enables text messages to be sent and received via satellite from anywhere on planet Earth. Finally, a WRITTEN CHECK OFF LIST to insure my stupid brain ACTUALLY confirms the entire list is loaded aboard before my next trip out, not just assumes that everything is packed. I hope this is a wakeup call for others on this forum. It is for me.
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    Hey Martin ... Had that happen a long time ago hunting in North Western Maine ... The North Maine Woods ... Spent the night as you did but in the morning a logger happened by on his way to the choppin he was working. Nice guy ... not only did he jump my truck but shared his thermos of STRONG hot coffee! Those French Canadiens sure know how to make good coffee. So we had some laughs during coffee 'break' and then went our separate ways. Two or three years later I ran across him again and asked if he remembered me ... ay-epp! he says! We talked for a few minutes and then I went to the back of my truck and pulled out a new bottle of Jim Beam and gave it to him! He was thrilled! I told him he couldn't open it until the work day was done. He agreed! Never ran into him again but sure was grateful for that first encounter.
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    New to this group but have been a prospectors for years. Used to be a Minelab dealer also sold Fisher and even some stuff from Doc. Had to give it up in 2012, economy. I live in Central TX on the Llano River helped start the Kingsland GPAA chapter. It's been several years since I have done any prospecting but I am looking to start getting out again. Been reading this forum and I see a lot of old faces. I am looking forward to getting out and swinging a machine again. Great Forum Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum, feel welcome to post any other bones you may find, you might have better luck posting bones in the Hunting, Fishing, Guns and Such forum section since a hunter may have more knowledge on types of bones, but it's no problem posting them in this section. While Adam is a valuable and knowledgeable member he tends to get bored and no telling what he may post sometimes.
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    Martin, tough lesson agreed !!! I was feelin cold air blowin as I was reading. Don't blame yourself too much, or should I say be Thankful you were able to "look back" at the situation ! Nice cornflake to bring home with the memory. Hapy Huntn.
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    Good one Mike. Hes probably still out there wandering around naked with an empty bottle of booze. Tom H.
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    Nice gold anyway....and a trip you will remember for a long time I think I have just about enough stuff stored in the YOTO to rebuild it. Even carry an extra battery. It might help to store all your things in a "break down" box. That way its all there ready to go. Glad it all worked out, and you got a nice nugget! Tom H.
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    Truer words have never been spoken. ADD is a beetch.
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    That sucks about the battery. If you all want a jump pack thats absolutely amazing here it is. We use these at the mine and can get 25 to 30 jumps out of it between charges. Even diesels light right off with it and the other night we were 37 below with the wind. It will do probably 4 or 5 good jumps on a 24 volt system. I bought one and keep in my truck. Kind of spendy but well worth it when in the middle of nowhere with the kids and family. Beautiful nugget too, congratulations.
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    You have way to many hobbies dude !
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    I am offering these beautiful Central Sierra nuggets for 649.00 includes shipping. P.M. if you have any questions.
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    Hey guys, I did an automatic Specific Gravity calculator in Excel. I will give you the link here so you can download the spreadsheet. You just put in the wet weight and the dry weight and the spreadsheet does all your calculations for you instantaneously. The forum won't allow me to upload an XLS file. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ixhlgic3zbrdy1k/AADZ_azcUvo7ImrL7ufXw4Xfa?dl=0 Doc
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    Welcome Bro, Lotsa room Here. Old Tom
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    https://www.onlinethreatalerts.com/article/2019/1/11/nuxtfit-com-is-an-untrustworthy-online-store/ https://de-reviews.com/nuxtfit Nuxtfit website is fraudulent. Remember the old adage..If it's too good to be true, it usually is.
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    I carry a CAT jumper box, I bought at Costco, $65.00 it has a usb port, air compressor and a 110 inverter, and I've jumped my uncles Ford diesel off a few times with it, I always keep it with me. well worth the money. Grubstake
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    Martin, glad to hear you got out without "bears nibbling on fresh prospector." HH Jim
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    Yes, If that rock is the size of a Buick
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    Hi Guys. I found the perfect weapon for anything you might encounter while prospecting in the field. Beehives..no problem. Snakes....piece of cake... Check this out.. He has another video that shows how to make one. This guy produces all sorts of interesting things.
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    The spider in the corner won't know what hit it
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    All, I've been hunting meteorites since the Indian Butte Meteorite fall of 1997 in south central Arizona. I have hunted all over Arizona, California, and Southern Nevada and have found meteorites and in three other countries for about 800 hours. I have volunteered for years in public elementary and middle schools teaching science classes on meteorites by having all the students handle and test the various types of meteorites per small table group. I teach a second class on the real night sky as to what the many objects and events these kids can easily see in the night sky by themselves or with a small telescope. The Meteoritical Bulletin published my Danby Dry Lake find. I have observed 20,489 meteors and understand their characteristics. I have built a 12.5" in Dobsonian telescope. My collection is in the hundreds. billpeters
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    Emailed them the recommendation Bill... ICMA 3286 Dave
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    To heck with the headphones , I cant wait for the book so I can learn how to detect !
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