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    Hey everyone, Got out Sunday to do some prospecting with my buddy Chris. We did a little research and decided to go to a new location east of Lake Havasu, AZ. Upon detecting a wash, my detector hit a signal and nearly blasted my ears off. I looked down to find 2 dowsing rods laying in the wash. Right next to the dowsing rods were some pretty fresh looking nuggets just laying there as shown in the picture. The person dowsing must have thrown the rods down in disappointment upon seeing their newly found wealth these brought. 🤣😉. All in all it was a good day, with approx 1/4 ounce finds in a new area. Until next time, Dave
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    Hello to all, i would like to share with you my Thomsonite crystal findings from the volanogenic parts of Cyprus island! They belong to zeolite family, and globally they are among the rarest zeolites. Enjoy! Large cluster of Thomsonite balls on volcanic matrix (Basalt) Thomsonite crystals texture hhg Gmelinite (orange) with calcite crystals Analcime crystals on matrix
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    Hey bro! How the heck are you? Been to Trujillo's in La Vega lately? Dick's liquors? Frankie's Casa No Va? The loot is not on Bear Mountain. As a matter of fact it is not on a mountain at all. The loot was taken by force with a gun but given up willingly with a tip of the hat. The loot was lost then where the mail is found now. Give me the coordinates and how/why it wound up there. I will leave this hunt open for a couple more days. If no one solves the riddle I will reveal the answer.
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    Happy birthday Tom. Don't burn yourself.
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    dad and me can find water dowsing but my mom's dad, his brothers and son can not. we where all together locating water for my uncle so he could build a house. his well was deeper than the 1850 well uphill from his.
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    Hey Tom, I'm sure I wished you HB'day last week but cant find it... Soooo, Very Happy, Very Belated Birthday to you...Cheers, Ron
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    I hate to admit I have bought rods at a gpaa gold show a few years back. They are really nice. Never took them out or even tried working with them. Nice work prospecting guys!!!!!
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    My guess is chrysocolla on the blueish green and chalcocite on the black. I think the detector is reacting to the chalcocite (imho) which is a heavy copper sulphide.
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    Great work Dave!! Kicking my butt as usual!! No luck on my specimen yet. Could be a copper mineral. I had some suggestions on another forum. It was still strange that this was so reactive on the GPZ Chris
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    Dave, That's where I left those? They are from my buddy, Mr. Don Key and I. Although, we were looking for ghosts of the past at the time.
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    Thats a heck of a good day ! Nice looking pieces
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    Wow...Thats a hard one to figure out...but, you got the yellow! Congrats. Very nice finds. Tom H.
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    https://www.wired.com/story/scramble-claim-worlds-most-coveted-meteorite/ This happened a few years ago but saw this article today and thought some of you might like to read it.
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    O.K. here is the prize. Just one trick. You have to guess which nugget I am offering from the poke... (Sorry about the photo. My camera just started to draw a vacuum) Correct! It is the smallest one! Four lovely grains of pure New Mexico gold cut from the 400 foot level of a 600 foot grave. Hardrock Hillsboro gold. As rough as nature makes them. It never saw light until it saw mine. I will stuff it in an envelope and write your name on it if you can guess the location of the Gage Train Robbery loot! I have sent Skip the answer to the riddle and he will post it if someone gets it right. Good luck guys! May the best treasure hunter win!
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