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    My Texan son-in-law is visiting for the holidays. So I took him with me for a half-day to some open range in Southern California on a cold, windy, not so sunny day. I used my 7000 and he used my Gold Monster 1000. He is not a prospector and had never used one before. His familiarity with metal detecting is minimal having accompanied me on maybe 3 or 4 day trips over the past 16 years. On those occasions he used a GB2. So I figured that after I gave him a 5 minute crash course on the 1000 he could pretty much operate on his own without the need for me to coach. But I wasn't expecting him to nail this 4 gram beauty, especially after the snow began falling. Nor was I anticipating my own return home covered with skunk stripes. I suspect not many nuggets like this surface very often out of the Pecos.
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    Got a little nugget today! It's been 3 months!😆
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    Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to share some pics. I’ve been working in the mountains lately. Sure is pretty up there. Had a big snow storm the other day and I was out before the snow plows had come through. Im prospecting for dead trees right now. They are more plentiful than gold around here. I’ve been trying to find the most efficient way to gather wood. If I cut all day and just load the trailer with stumps/logs then obviously I go home with more wood. But then the next day I have to haul it all off the trailer again to split and restack it. I’ve been trying to cut, split, and stack a full cord each trip so when I come back home I’m done with it. It’s surprising how many desert trees it takes to make a full cord. Sorry no gold or gems in this post but will have more to follow soon, along those lines. 919067BC-FBBE-4112-832C-84794CFAC248.MOV
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    Ok I have removed a couple of posts that are getting a bit vulgar and are not the type of content we would like to have on the forum.
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    Yes I am at Middle Camp....
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    I dredged up an 18" iron skillet about 15 years ago, it was under about 5 feet of overburden and just above bedrock in the hard pack layer. Used it at camp for several years then brought it home and the wife "cleaned" it. Surface rusted the poor old thing badly. After explaining cast iron to her and finally getting it again seasoned its still our favorite cooking pan. The claim goes back to early WWII when it was first inhabited so pretty sure thats when it was left to near to the creek. No markings on it anywhere to determine its maker etc.
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    ….well, so far. So I went out the other day on a last minute hunt. During this busy time of year, it's a real relief to get out and go to my 'happy place'. I'd been looking at this 'new' area for a while now. I can actually almost see it from the other side of the 'canyon' and I finally made it over there to check it out. So glad I did. I found the large specimen within the first 10 minutes of turning the detector on. Right after I found a 'large' chunk of iron. After that, about every 30 minutes or so, I dug a piece of gold. The gully I was in, was just narrow enough to be able to detect it fully while standing in the middle. All of the pieces except for two were found in the gut, right where you'd expect to find gold. The large 'solid' nugget was found on a bench where the gully made a 90 degree turn. It was on the surface..... Obviously, I'll be going back in the near future. I'm curious to see what I left behind. Here's some pics. All of the day's finds, including trash targets, are pictured. I didn't find the coin. Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas !! Good Luck out there !! Luke
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    Just more ultra liberal lies and fake news. If they invested a fraction of that money into cleaning up the situation in Albuquerque they would do more for border security than anything else. But you aren't going to get any of these fellows who are preaching "the wall" to even acknowledge what our security problem is much less how to fight it. They are too invested in the fantasy that a wall in the empty desert will make them safer. "Trumps Wall" is entirely political. It has nothing to do with making the border more secure. It is a symbol of our inability to understand the problem. It is not a solution to any problem (real or perceived). If we really wanted border security we would demand drug law and immigration reform and focus our efforts on criminal gangs in our cities. We would clean up corrupt law enforcement. We would treat addictions and educate. Instead we focus on political issues that serve political ends. Somewhere along the line we fooled ourselves into thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to politics, or that one side or the other is a solution. Politics is the problem, not the solution. The only solution is to reject the political BS. And "Trump's Wall" is the very definition of political BS.
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    From back when New Mexicans wore sheep bladders for those special occasions.
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    Out of here shortly to hang out at La Paz for a couple days. House sitter for the dogs and chickens and 4 rat dogs with us lol. Hope you all have a great weekend!
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    Great way to derail the skunk!! Nice nugget!!
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    Very cool. Nice chunkster!
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    Congratulations on the shunk buster Tammy!
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    Yahoo...that's the way to fool the skunk! WTG Tamster! Cheers, Unc
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    diamond rotery in a dremal grinder works best. have lumbered lot's of red-gum, mesquite, hard maple and desert ironwood. as you sharpen put less rake, when the teeth get down 3/16" remove and save for iron wood.
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    Maybe, to Trump. But a whole lot of Americans support it. Too many to just dismiss as Trump's ego. It may have roots in Trumps tiny mind but it is now a major thing for a lot of Americans. Honestly, at the end of the day no one "wins". That is just not how politics works. The very best that we can (or could ever) hope for is a good compromise. Building barriers on the border around urban and suburban areas and improving security where it makes sense is a good compromise. Increasing boots on the ground, training and re assessing the way we handle the human issues is good common ground. "Trump's Wall" is just pure partisan political bile. Just my opinion.
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    Are you lowering the raker in front of the tooth? It sounds like the raker is not letting the tooth get a bite. The tooth gets a bit lower with every filing and after a few sharpenings is even with the raker. Don't take to much off or the chain will jump into the cut. If the angle is correct and the edge is cut back to a flat surface on top there should be no other reason it would not cut good...
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    The Patent Office had notified me in October the patent had been "allowed". A week later, they notified me I had left out the page numbering on the Specifications, Claims, and Abstract. I sent in the modified forms within a couple of days, and they then notified me the patent would take effect on Dec. 25th. So, I've been checking the site to see it finally in print. My "net was out for 24 hours, so didn't check yesterday, but today, it was there....Yeehaa! It can be seen here: Sweep Jig Patent
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    Guys, you need to identify the problem the jig solves. This was made for prospecting. Prospecting and mining are vastly different. For prospecting, you need a unit that recovers a high percentage of sub-100 gold. Ideally, that unit should work either wet, or dry. It should be easily man-portable. It should be easily maintained, or repaired. It should have low power requirements. The sweep Jig fulfills all of that. Now, that said, I can build a much larger version....no problem. But for now, please show me any other gold prospecting equipment that works wet or dry, other than a pan. And, my little jig even works on damp material, without added water. No drywasher can do that. I was surprised myself at recovering both gold, and black sand from damp clay. I did this at the LDMA Blue Bucket outing last summer. Several people witnessed it. I repeated it at a local club outing in June, near Salmon, Idaho. Sure my recovery went down...that's no surprise, but it still recovered desirable material. And that recovery was extremely small gold. At the Blue Bucket, I was working damp tailings from previous outings. Where else are you going to buy a unit that performs wet or dry, and for less than 1/2 the cost of a decent drywasher? JIm
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    Slim you should be careful in that weather! It’s really dangerous for a guy with a stick lodged up his butt. If it gets too cold then the stick can shatter like an icicle. Then you’ll be so cantankerous and whiny YOU won’t even be able to stand listening to yourself. Please get yourself an electric blanket, some hot cocoa, and just take it easy in this weather.
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    That struggle is real and I am intimately familiar with it. Good luck out there.
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    It is polyurethane on walking sticks today in my shop. And changing out a load of broken glass in the big rock tumbler. Sometimes I feel like I get bogged down in the shop and need to get out more. I kinda like days like these. I seem to get a ton of stuff done inside and I don't worry too much about what I am missing in the desert. One thing is certain, it won't last long. It is a great excuse to fiddle for the holidays and take care of some inside projects. Ill be ready to hit the road right after the New Year. Then I will be worried about not producing anything in the shop and spending all my time stumbling around in the mountains looking for stuff. It is a vicious cycle of guilt I tell you.
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    That sounds like a solid plan. I will be doing the same. I am making room inside for a workbench today. I scored some good 1/8" plywood and can get started on building the tailfeathers on my aircraft project, but it all needs to be glued up indoors.
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    I almost think a little texture allows some oil to remain under the food on the metal surface. My best one has bright metal on the high spots where the steel spatula keeps the seasoning knocked off the tops. I figure the low spots are filled with oil between the food and the iron. The glass smooth ones have little surface area. They hold a thinner film of oil. The thinner film has less surface tension and floats upward allowing the food to fall into contact with more iron. It seems lard and Crisco sticks less than oil. Kinda like running 50W oil in your old inline six with bad rod bearings... It fills up the space better. Heat makes the oil thinner viscosity and a hotter skillet sticks more. So there may be a temperature/viscosity correlation there somewhere too. That is my hypothesis anyway. I have a dutch oven that is a rough sand casting on the inside and hardly seasoned at all. Cream gravy just beads up on it. So go figure.
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    I made a quick trip to the shooting spot yesterday to test out some .44 loads. I found these items of interest. On the left I believe we have an extract or a food coloring bottle. On the right Bayer asprin. Probably a 50's vintage. Do you recognize this? It has been a long time since I have seen one of these. Here is a shot of the inside. Sill some visible writing on it...
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    ...And never get a splinter in your heel either.
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    You could flog away forever... and not feel a thing!
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    If you have experimented with the external variables, then maybe it has something to do with alloy composition. A little mystery is good. Some things just...are.
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    Remember the old rubber boots with the metal buckles? Pretty much just like that with heavy cleated soles for traction. With some finger loops on the side to pull them on.
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    The sun will be up late here. The sky is socked in pretty thick. Temps are headed down as the sun comes up. And there is a breeze swirling around out there that will really get your attention. I am building a fire in the shop and will stay pretty darn close to it today.
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    I cant make heads or tails of it. I have some that are like glass and very seasoned. They stick a little. I have one rough as heck and it releases eggs just fine. I have done a lot of experimenting on the subject and I don't have anything to offer. Some are just better than others. I don't see a pattern as to why.
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    33° in downtown Morristown, AZ. You're not going to pry my hands off this coffee cup until the sun is up enough to warm things up a lottle.
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    Surface texture? I have an old #7 Griswold skillet that I can scramble eggs in easily. That thing is like greased lightning! The interior surface finish is much smoother than any other iron I have though.
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    Dagnabbitt I missed them too. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I wonder how thick they were in comparison to today's units. Was it like wearing a chunk of fire hose? Or were they as thin as they are today?
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    Here in Golden Valley AZ , just outside of Kingman...This morning it is 28 with wind chill of 17....too cold to play
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    TRADED Got a Thompson Dry Washer 12v/ hand operated
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    Welcome. Tons of great information on this forum thanks to some really knowledgeable and helpful people. Look forward to hearing about your trips to AZ.
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    Adrian it was great meeting you down in Cleator a week or so ago ... sorry we couldn't put you on the gold that day but you do have the basics down pretty well. Keep that coil close to the ground and don't be afraid to scrub the ground ... coil has a replaceable cover for that reason ... and keep that swing sssslllooowwwww! Remember too that any change in the rhythm of the threshold IS a target. That includes when the threshold blanks! Resolve to dig all targets and you will find the yellow rocks we are all chasing. Let me know the next time you come to AZ and if I can I will meet up with you and we will see if we can scare a few nuggets up between us! That's an open invitation my friend ... anytime you're here just call or text me.
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    that tin appears to be a pill container...I can't read the printing... fred
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    Yo Luke: No feeling is quite the same as discovering your very own patch -- even if done vicariously via a post like yours. Been tied up with the seasonal things, but going out tomorrow with inspiration!!
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    It's the time of year for a great Christmas story and this is one of the best, written by our own fellow gold nugget shooter "Doc" Lousignont, Ph.D. If you have read this before, I'm sure you will love to read it again, if you haven't read it you're in for a treat!! http://www.docsdetecting.com/xmasminer/chapter1.html
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    Thanks Bob, Yeah too many cars for daytime!! I have found this to be the friendliest forum of the gold hunting forums so I will continue to post. I have a non nugget video coming up that I think you will really like!
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    This might sound silly, but are you sure you're sharpening in the right direction..? It isn't all that hard to get turned around, especially in the field, if ya haven't been doing it yer entire life.. Swamp
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