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    Found a new beverage in Billings, MT Purdy darn tasty!
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    Microsniper: As long as you now are using a GB2 and just in case you visit an area that has some ironstones or ferrous gravel to contend with -- especially if they are small to tiny ones -- you can help distinguish your nugget signal responses from the ironstone responses by adjusting your GB2's ground balance slightly negative (in some cases more than slightly -- learn by experimenting). The nuggets should continue to be heard with a sharp zip zip while the ferrous pieces will tend to lose sharpness and will sound more like a "ka-pow ka-pow". Just thought I'd share this with you and others if you hadn't run across this little trick before. Thanks for sharing.
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    I Did a house demolition at an old homestead in Wa. this summer. Tons and Tons of trash was hauled away. When it was all done (last week) I got to swing my old (antique?) Minelab Soveriegn xs2a pro on the front yard for (only) a few mins. I found a couple of wheaties, and this cool old mini cap gun, action still works! I bought that machine new in 2000 i believe and it is still beeping along, although heavy and awkward, i can still find deep coins, and discriminate with decent accuracy. Unbelievable amounts of iron trash, that was probably masking most good targets but was able to pick out a few treasures! Hopefully Ill be able to pick up where i left off this week.
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    Quick family trip to find some opals before the snow kicks us out of the back hills completely.
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    That kind of target jumps into the grocery cart all by itself.
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    Did you use a detector to find that gold?
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    Martin ... That is a great trick and one I stumbled onto when I was teaching folks how to use the Minelab 705. Everyone seems to know the slightly positive ground balance tends to make the VLF a 'little' more sensitive to the suspect gold we all chase. But by doing a little experimenting when on a target one may discover the detector may have another trick up its signal! Thanks for reminding me of this ... I tend to forget when I am not using a particular detector after a fashion. My pea brain just doesn't retain as well as it used to!
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    Jeff: The conventional wisdom is to ground balance a GB2 slightly positive. In most situations that will work just fine. Just pump the GB2 until you find the "dead null" ground balance spot. Then turn the ground balance fine tuning control ever so slightly a hair to the right (clockwise) to go slightly positive. However, if you encounter a place littered with numerous tiny ironstones and/or with ferrous-content gravels, then you will hear a lot of zippy, constant nugget-mimicking chatter. When confronted with that type of noisy background it can become difficult to distinguish between the "zip zip" of a tiny nugget and the zip zip of a small ironstone or a ferrous hot rock. I have found that (for me -- for my ears) by turning the fine tuning ground balance control slightly negative (counter-clockwise), then I am once again able to make out a slight sound response difference between an actual gold nugget and the small ironstones or ferrous gravels. By going a bit more negative the difference becomes more obvious. I always carry a number of precisely weighed target nuggets with me. So when I encounter one of these noisy situations I throw down one of the smaller poker chip test nuggets to enable me to quickly compare and contrast the sound differences as I gradually move the fine tuning control ring counter-clockwise. An actual gold nugget, however small, will continue to be heard as a sharp "zip zip" even if one negatively ground balances a GB2 quite a bit (and so will other solid metallic objects such as birdshot or bits of copper, brass, aluminum or steel). But most ironstones and ferrous gravels will quickly "change their tune" from a zip zip to a "ka-pow ka-pow" sort of sound. I hope this helps.
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    Agreed. There aren't that many people on this planet I'd want to spend all day yapping with, anyway. A drive to the field just about wipes out my socialization abilities for the day.
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    Not a dredge but built by the Yuba Dredge company. This one is up for auction. https://gobidtoday.hibid.com/lot/45656906/yuba-ball-tread-tractor-model-10-20 In 1914, the Ball Tread Company was purchased by the Yuba Construction Company, a large California firm that specialized in dredging for gold in the Yuba River, and in building gold dredging machinery. Yuba continued to sell the 12-25 and a larger 18-35 Ball Tread, building the tractors in their Marysville and Benecia plants. https://www.farmcollector.com/tractors/the-crawler-that-rolled
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    Looks like a turitella fossil.
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