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    How cool it this????? Great news Rob and you are welcome as the sun in the morning my friend! We do a prize drawing on Saturday evening and other than anything you want to ad to that bring something for the potluck. Doc will be there, Debbie, Me, and a bunch of folks you know and man your knowledge added to the others teaching at this event is priceless. I'll get with you on the phone....
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    Hey Bill and Friends, I'm considering coming to this event. I have missed many in the past, always something pops up. I will try to make at least Saturday and Saturday evening. Let me know if I need to bring anything for the Pot Luck or whatever. I'm sure it will be a great event and many nuggets will be found. Have a great one, Rob Allison
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    Hey Guys, I'm new here, but I have to confirm the "Minelab Gold Monster 1000" will find nuggets that small all the time, at or near bedrock. The Gold Monster 1000 is able to find nuggets well under a grain in size on bedrock, in small cracks/crevices and such. Many of these small gold nuggets are just little hits and will not read either way on the meter for the most part, so if you're watching your meter (Iron vs. Gold) and only digging targets bouncing to the right side, you're flat out missing nuggets! Just my thoughts and Congrats to all the Gold Monster gold that is now being found. Rob Allison
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    Had to do some patch hunting last night. The moon was full and the weather was nice a cool. Hit many areas for a deeper beeper skunk until my headlamp started getting quickly dim. Stopped by a old patch on my way out and managed these 6 pieces in about 5 minutes . I checked my time and it was 11:30pm and time to head home. I've always been impressed with the vlf as to how small it can find.
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    Hey Guys, Bunk's picks are awesome and you are supporting someone local to Arizona. I have know Calvin Bunker for a very long time and the quality of the picks are worth very penny. Yes, Bill sells them I believe, if not contact Bunk. You will not be disappointed with either the smaller Burro Pick or the larger blade Hermit Pick. Bunk will even potentially customize a handle length if you wanted something larger or smaller, but contact Bill or Bunk for those specific details if needed. Have a great one, Rob Allison
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    You should believe in your detector more. Or you could be leaving stuff behind for others. Learn your detector it has lots of settings to play with . I definitely metal detected those 6 pieces.
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    I'm just getting started with the GM1000, here's how small I've found. However on day one getting our free lesson with Bill Gold Monster Meister Southern, the other fellow with us located a piece, a quarter the size of the one I pictured 4" down
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    I've used Buck's pick with the long handle for years, and have loved it. At my age the long handle is just the right length to use it as a walking stick/cane. But every year, it all gets tougher on me, so I have used nothing but the Gold Monster lately. I asked him if he could make me one of his smaller pick heads utilizing the long handle of the larger pick, and he came through perfectly. It's still the perfect length for a walking stick, and can still beat the hell out of stuff without the "weight"! Thank you Bunk. You have added a lot of hunting time to this old body.......... Patrick (Couldn't figure out how to show photo's. New camera)
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    Just for the record, I wasn't cop bashing, per se. The back story is, I believe I have a very good reason from personal experience for telling this disparaging joke which was already old when I went through the Police Academy in the early '70's. At that time, in the Oakland Bay area it was common knowledge among cops and Sheriff's Deputies that you could not depend on the California Highway Patrol for back up. I found that out on day 2 at 11:00 PM, when my training officer, a former Marine Viet Nam Vet like myself, waded into a group of drug dealers and convicted felons hanging out in front of a little hole in the wall Mexican cafe, and served a no-bail murder warrant on a suspect who was wanted for killing, (Ironically), an off duty CHP officer. It was a kinetic mace and mayhem battle while the Bro's tried to take him away from us, but we knew going in, that we didn't have any available units that could respond to help us out. We were hoping to find the gun on him that he had used in the murder. The entire cafe, including all the customers, the cooks, and even the dishwasher had emptied out on the sidewalk to watch the fight, except for one retired on the job CHP training officer and his Rookie trainee sitting inside at the counter taking a break. The Rookie kept looking at me through the window of the cafe like he wanted to help us, but it wasn't his call. While we fighting our a$$es off trying to get our suspect in the car, the two CHIP's casually walked through the howling mob, with the Rookie still anxiously looking my way, then calmly drove off . . . To be fair, I did meet and work with some very fine, professional officers of the California Highway Patrol . . . and those were generally the ones who had meteorite-tic, uh, or perhaps, Meteoric, careers!
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    Hello all, my name is Edward and I here for anything and everything. I mostly go hunting for my treasures from yard sales, flea market and swapmeets. Occasionally, I will trade for items i am interested in. My main collection areas are Central and South American artifacts and rare collectible toys. I have always bought the occassional stange or weird rock and have some to show. Thank you for the help on anything I post. Have a great life and a good find. Edward M.
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    Mike you're not adding up the people correctly, as of now there's at least 51 attending... you're correct in the number of people who voted in the poll but you did add in the people they're bringing with them. Yep just me 19 = 19 2 of us 7 = 14 3 of us 3 = 9 4 in our clan 1 = 4 5 or more 1 = +5 or more Total 51 or more
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    You would hardly know that anyone was there before you. That is until you got to bed rock and didn't find any gold. You would then know that the 'gold dust' twins had been there. Old Tom
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    Rick, they are very good at getting it back to you in quick order. You should have no trouble with it. Old Tom
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    Exactly. I too, always have the GM1000 on my backpack. If I didn't have it, I would have bought the SDC2300. Fishing - I can understand your skepticism, but BD has no reason to lie about this. I, myself, detect many small, small flakes of gold in the .01g range or less (.01g is the limit of my scale). Most of the time I have to use multiple flakes to get a reading. Ultra small flakes IS definitely one of it's attributes. Does it get as small as the GB2? I am not sure. The frequency is higher on the GB2. But the GB1000 gets way small, to the point where it is embarrassing to show the wife what I spent 8-10 hrs gathering in the field. This is also why I don't post many of my finds from the GB1000 on this website. People want to see bigger nuggets, not stuff that they see in their drywasher. See my pic of the 3x flakes from my post "Small Gold and Gallstones". If I showed that in my hand (unzoomed), it would be barely visible. But as Old Tom said, the GB1000 can take some work to learn to use properly.
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    Just put a bible on the dash bro. Problem solved. It is like a "get out of jail free" card in Texas. I used to visit a girl named Sechita Gonzales. She could cook a mean duck too. She was such an athletic beauty back then. Now parts of her are like meteorites. They have regmaglypts, fusion crust and they are plummeting to the ground.
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    What did you find in the bucket you filled before leaving the tunnel?
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    Willard, Ben and Edgar Allen Poe, all mixed into one! But after that experience, you should change your name to Macro Nuggets! (yeah, micro brain perhaps, but gold plus testosterone will often do that to ya!) Well Done Sir!
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    At this point in time I plan on getting there about morning on Thursday the 8th....hope to relax and enjoy, going to hunt too. Got my new to me pop up camper , so no more ground sleeping.....see every one there.
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    The truth is it varies from place to place and there is no "Universal" rule that is always correct. I've been in places with almost no quartz whatsoever and found gold, and places were nearly every rock on the surface is quartz and found no gold. Yet some other places with lots of quartz I have done well and gotten good gold. I've found gold in places with lots of hematite, and I've found no gold in other places with lots of hematite. I've found gold in places with pretty much zero hematite. I've been asked this sort of question many times. A lot of guys, especially new prospectors, want some set of simple, golden rules that always tell you where the gold will be. Sorry, I've prospected and found gold all over the western USA, including Alaska, as well as Australia and Western Africa and there are no simple, hard and fast rules that always work. You cant even take knowledge of what works in most of Arizona and take that into the Sierra Nevada goldfields of the mother lode. Some stuff will work, but other stuff wont apply. Its true that normally the gold in the big quartz veins (like more than 4 ft thick) is often fine as dust. The coarser gold that can be seen by a detector often comes from smaller veins and stringers nearby. This is why a lot of gold quartz mines that produced thousands of ounces of gold have no detectable gold in the dumps - the gold is tiny particles like dust that cannot be seen by a detector.
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    Ok, I decided to start this thread to answer a question that has been bothering me. The question is, is placer gold still found in areas inundated with quartz? Typically, I find vuggy quartz and quartz blowouts and reefs, in areas with the other gold indicators and I have found much gold this way. But this last weekend (about a mile from where I found a couple nuggets) the metamorphic rock was overlaid with all kinds of quartz. This was to the point that the mountain was white. I had already found nuggets for the day so I thought I would do something different and detect a wash in this area. Ironstone was everywhere. (which I like) The quartz had some reds in it but was not vuggy. And when I detected the wash, I found lots of wire and even a boot tack. No gold. But it had me thinking. Had I been passing up areas (just because they had SO MUCH quartz), when there could actually be gold there? Just looking to find out if you guys have actually found gold in areas like this?
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    I just received my instructions from Shep: "Be at the "Village" near Quartzsite on Thursday, the first of Nov." We will stay there until the next Wednesday, and then head for Bills outing at LSD. Come by and see us if you feel like it. If you need directions, just holler. Patrick
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    Back from GB. Lots of trash, little screws, nails and bb's...no gold....the cans that was laying round this area had some solder dots on them....I could tell I was not the first one there, lots of unfilled holes....not as many now. Had lots of fun and will go again , got run off by the wind picking up.
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    Calvin is the Man!
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    My VLF underwater detector I was using yesterday. Gary Storm of Detector Pro made this at least 25 years ago with permission of Fisher Detectors. I don't remember the Fisher model he used but I think it's a coin machine. All the controls are in the ear phones, really handy.