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    This morning got out with my dog, and monster for a short hunt. We went to one of my favorite spots in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, where many emigrants including the Donner party have passed through. I have found lots of traces of the emigrants from oxen shoes to old metal safety pins, nails and old cans. I got to swinging at about 8am and on my first swing a target i heard. Couple of scratchs with my pick and in the morning light i could see round silver in the hole. When i picked it up i was so stoked to see my first 1916 mercury dime! I combed the area for more, but one was enough to keep me smiling for days. When i got home i realized i almost found a very valuable coin, if only it was minted in Denver. That's cool though now i can keep this sweet coin.
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    hi all this is how i beat the heat after a day of nugget chasing in the heat
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    Well,... went and had three teeth pulled last week,....Was told that it would help me find more nuggets, and that it would make me look much better . ....The verdict is still out on the second quality..??.. Gary
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    Rocky, first of all again i will tell you thanks! About first request, no worrys, i share with you my experience’s, but i prefer, that my father dont know from where this meteorite come, sorry about that. About second request, no worrys, my father are old and he dont know how to use forum’s, communicitys and all of this things, he dont wanna sell meteorites or talk about this with other people, because he think, that someone can stole it from him...he just keep this rock like a dream in her room thats it, i dont wanna crush his imagine, that this rock he find by himself, thats was my plan, make to imagine, that this situation is only her achievement, i know that he never know, that all this situation come from me, and with your very big help, i prefer just to take him from this bottom, my best reward for my work is just keep in mind, that he are happy. thanks a lot again Rocky, u very big man!
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    I would swear this is NOT cinnabar. There is no softness to it. Nowhere is it pokeable lol. I agree that the structure in the broken area doesn't look like quartz. However, it is not soft.
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    I have not been out since May, but after getting the 6 inch coil from Bill a couple of week ago I took a trip south. 4.88g
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    The chile harvest is upon us, and I'd thought I would share how I make chile verde. First get your camp oven hot. A bed of coals from a campfire works great, as does a freestanding LP camp stove like mine in the pictures. Throw in two or three tablespoons of fat. Be it oil, lard, or bacon fat. I used bacon fat here. Use what you like. Now add in a couple of pounds of meat for a small batch, more if you're feeding a herd. Stir fry the meat till golden. Now add half an onion and a couple of gloves of garlic, all chopped. I added some mushrooms to mine because they were looking lonely in the fridge. When everything is nicely browned, sprinkle two tablespoons of flour over it all. Stir like he'll When the flour is absorbed into the oil coating it all, slowly add a little water at a time continuing to stir. If you've done it right it will look like a nice light brown gravy. It will NOT taste like gravy yet....so keep your fingers out of it! Allow to simmer in the thick gravy for a few minutes to cook the flour taste off. Now is a good time to add whatever herbs you want. I added some rosemary that I crushed, along with a bit of cumin. Now add enough water to completely cover the mixture and simmer covered at a low boil for an hour or so. Next add your chile. You can just chop them up and throw them in, but I like roasting and peeling them first. I had some tomatillos, so I tossed those in too. Cervasa por favor? Now add a bottle of your favorite malted beverage. Use good beer, if it isn't good enough to drink...don't cook with it. Simmer covered until thick and delicious. Salt to taste and serve with a tortilla roasted on the inverted lid of your camp oven. Heat level will be mild to wild depending on what kind of chile you used. If you make a hot batch...make sure to share with a friend
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    And hello page two! I'm all caught up ha! New pics are all quartz, tested them
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    Its Calcite crystals.... I forget the type of crystal structure that is. The botroidial stuff may be quartz .
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    If it's calcite, a couple drops of vinegar on it will slowly fizz after a few minutes. Make sure it's done on the clear part.
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    West coast of Tasmania?
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    It is not the most fun thing to do for sure. It seems the more you blacken the skin, the easier it slips off. Sorta like pulling off a used c...nevermind
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    That's one task I never enjoy. Roasting and Peeling. But a man has to do what a man has to do. Look good Dave !
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    Good job Rocky, You are doing a wonderful thing for this man and his father. You're generosity and compassion for this fellow are inspiring!! I tip my sombrero to you! Thanks for sharing this story with us and continued success and happiness to you. Jeff
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    The only thing I would change is the beer! Try it with a Yuengling Golden Pilsner, or a Shiner Premium Golden Lager. YUMMY!!!!
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    Nice! Its always cool to pull a silver coin.
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    Dave, buy a bunch, roast and peel then freeze...you won't know the difference.... fred
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    Yup...I was too impatient! Really nice build! I have a lot of respect for the guys that can build equipment like that. Jim
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    Raimund, I have two requests. Not required but preferably, could you please share with the community or just myself the outcome of your experience with your father with some pictures or without pictures. Only if you would like. We would like read or see the experience and joy with you. I repeat not required but preferably. That is the first request. The second request I have. For the responsibility to the meteorite community, if your father would like to report his find to meteoritics or scientists as a new find please tell him this is a gift from you and he will love you even more because you are so thoughtful and concerned about his happiness and health, fathers love these emotions from their children. Reporting this meteorite as a new find in any way is a violation to the meteorite community, this will not be acceptable. So please be responsible about this situation. I really love what you are doing for your father. I completely support your actions to improve your fathers happiness and health. I hope you understand, translation can be difficult, but I believe the community will appreciate everything as well. You are a awesome guy for caring for your family like this Raimund. I truly have so much respect for you. Thank you for sharing.
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    Yeah I'll bring Carlos Reavis II. He was abandoned years ago in the Superstitions by an unfortunate treasure hunter whom lacked much humanity. I was outfitting up there a month later and Carlos joined my pack string and earned a forever home. That's him in my avatar with no saddle or lead... We were on the Reavis trail so the name stuck.
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