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    I visited Yelland once back in 2014 but spent most of the day on the wrong part of the playa and didn't find anything until right before sunset. I was excited to go back and had the opportunity just after summer solstice with a couple friends. Here's a couple in situ photos, a shot of the playa, and a sunset picture. I managed 42 finds, the four of us in total made 71 finds. 12 of my finds came in the magic light that is 20 minutes after the sun dips behind the mountains; the meteorites really pop then. I forgot my pack in the hotel room (doh!) so no scale cube is present.
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    Great news! Hope our camp spot is all over grown with green grass like last time. Looked so nice Tom H.
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    Are we talking legal grass or that stuff that grows naturally out in the hills of N. California? AzNuggetBob
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    Thank you Adam.... Just call me butter fingers
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    Hello all. My name is Clayton and I am the newest member to the Miera (Dean N.M.) family. I have recently been given the great privilege marrying Deans oldest daughter Christina and having Z-Man as a son. I have been told many stories about my father in law and son Z-Man hunting metiorites and how much the two of them enjoyed being together. I can see the excitement in Z-Mans eyes every time he talks about their adventures. I want to reach out to all of you that knew Dean N.M. In hopes that I can inspire Z-man to get back out there and create our own memories and adventures. If anyone that was blessed enough to know Dean N.M. And Z-Man and would be willing to help him and I start our adventures In Picking up where my father in law tragically had to leave off. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
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    Well the boys and i went out for a quick hunt on the 4th since i was off. I chased the gold for a bit and then we decided to go hit a relic spot on our friends property. Has a cool placer area and a big area for relics. No nuggets this trip but Cameron found some cool stuff. But the pin he found tops pretty much the last couple trips weve taken. I cant find a makers mark or any other identifying marks. Under the lighted loop and regular loop it sure looks like gold. What do you guys think? Ill post the rest of his finds after we get them cleaned up. Take care everyone.
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    Saw on the news today that many of the fire restrictions in the State will be lifted this week into next..... YAY
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    Hey Bob ... Don't have a Peddle boat yet working on it though. My first boat was an Ocean Kayak Trident Angler 13 ... Great fast paddling fishing platform in the Saltwater and very good boat for the Freshwater. Currently have an Old Town Predator 13 which is a great lake/pond boat for what I like to do fishing in the 'salad' and standing up sight fishing for Bass. It is a really good Saltwater boat as well. I have had it in 4-5 foot swells with no problems. I'll take a few pictures of the boat rigged next time it is fully rigged and post a new thread as you suggested. Lately I have been doing minimal fishing just using a couple different baits and one or two rods on the boat. And I am sure there will be a number of folks besides us that kayak fish. You and CC have a great time running the Rio ... if I was back in AZ I would join you. Oh ... And ... As for my next boat ... it will be an Old Town Predator PDL which is a pedal boat. I will be keeping the current boat too! Peddle boats don't do well in the salad aka weeds!
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    I would take at least a couple if you had them ... ideally for me a light grey or light brown (tan or khaki) preferred to match the NS hat I have ... with a breast pocket logo. May I suggest one more post from you offering the shirts? I bet you would have more than 20 pre-orders. And since we are about to enter into the next new desert prospecting season they would be just in time for the Fall by the time you got them made up and received. just a thought.
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    That coil should sell, its AMAZING what I've seen pulled from depths that other detectors have covered with lesser coils. A couple of really NICE 1+ ouncers to start with. Good luck an Hapy Huntn.
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    Jimale, I'm glad to see your taking a proper step toward identification, you should really try to get your hands on a genuine meteorite from somebody reputable. You obviously have real passion for the hobby and for hunting so it would be a worthy investment for your future. The stones you're recovering so far have not had the correct features of a actual meteorites, so I really think it would be a very valuable tool for you!!!
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    Mike, nice finds my friend. They say if you throw them back they get bigger next year.
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    Billy. Thanks for the reply. Z-Man is really excited about getting back out there. I was just talking to my mother in law about the gem and mineral show when I read your reply. It brought a lot of happiness to not only his wife but his daughters. We would really like to go to the gem and mineral show one of these days and hopefully we can meet up with you. My email is sapperreid@gmail.com Bob and Nugget Shooter. Z-Man is a spitting image of His grandfather Dean and yes We are both tough as woodpecker lips and will continue his legacy.
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    Good video, I like how the gm 1000 can find that small of gold. stephen
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    Nice gold,I like the way you take the pictures in place. stephen
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    Heck Bill, I can drop stuff much bigger than that first little nugget!!
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    I like to kayak fish as well Mike. I am big into setting trot lines in the Rio Grande with that strong current flowing. Really tricky but worth the risk... until you set a big hook in your leg and get pulled of your Rubbermaid boat in a strong current. Unhooking those turtles while your fighting a current and hanging on to a tornillo branch is beyond adventure. So far I have never returned from kayak fishing without blood dripping off my elbows, although I have managed to avoid spinning around in the current while gut hooked and tied to a tree. So far so good. I like the yak in the lake but can certainly catch more fish in my skiff. I have a sweet 16 foot aluminum that is the perfect lake fishing rig. But for the miles and miles of Rio Grande the kayak is about the sweetest thing since honey. Paddling upstream in that river for a mile or so will really make your boobs stand out if you know what I mean. And we don't have much water here so a shallow water boat is sweet. I don't even need water for my kayak Mike. I can paddle that thing around a Jeep stuck in the sand! Caliche Chris and I are going on a big yak trip tomorrow down a remote section of Rio Grande. I doubt we will fish or do much prospecting but we will take in about 15-20 miles of curly river ending up in a big bosque above the lake. Big fun. Mostly flatwater with some narrow side channels. Acres of bosque with little channel networks to paddle. Tiny rapids. Lots of hazardous banks with sweepers and strainers but for the most part an easy paddle. I am working on travelling the entire Rio Grande (in sections) from Elephant Butte to El Paso before the summer is over. The only thing standing in my way of that goal is bowfishing catfish and bullfrogs in the mountain lakes. It takes up so much of my time there is hardly a chance to float the river. If I don't work hard and stick all the fish and frogs in the Gila with arrows I will never float all that river before elk season. That is a hard deadline. It is a lot of responsibility and the weight bears heavy on my shoulders. I am doing my very best. It is good to hear from you Mike. Start a kayak thread and tell me about your fancy ass boat. I know you have some pedal rig dripping with high tech crap. I will show you my $200 Craigslist Ocean Kayak Prowler and tell you a story that will make the follicles on your gizzard stand up straight. It'll be a hoot!
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    Seems like these days most metal detector manufacturers concentrate mainly on larger DD coil designs while the smaller concentric designs take a back seat? I know of one company that never offered an option of a concentric design coil for it's top coin/relic unit.? Guess I'm just "old school"... where once DD's were for mineralized ground and the concentrics were for better discrimination while hunting trashy areas. Probably the main reason for this is most people think bigger is always better!?
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    Obviously one-of-a-kind. Why use anything except real gold?
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    Looks to me like AlwaysDirty got it......
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    I'm not sure if they are still using AFM or not, but if it had it...I would walk away. You can perform an AFM delete using some LS parts, lifters, cam, etc...but it requires a programming change to the computer as well. All that adds up to a lot of money.
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    I've got a customers 2013 GMC Yukon here right now for that very thing. AFM(active fuel management) lifters collapse due to oil starvation in the supply from the VLOM. Poor design that has a limited life span and is a huge repair bill for most people. If someone gave me a brand new GM truck...I would promptly sell it and buy something else.