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    Introducing The New and Improved Wishstick 6000+ This precision device can find almost anything, from fabulous hidden treasures to long lost relatives. hidden chests of coins, even GOLD nuggets from a one half grain to several pounds and the mother lode too. It's Loaded with new features to put you right on the treasure. The WishStick 6000+ is used by all the largest most successful mining companies in the world!. Just check out these fantastic new features. Genuine ultra sensitive polished quartz controlled extra-long range "crystal reception enhancer" tip, (common quartz crystal) It gets better. Unlimited range, (only limited to your imagination) Fully automatic ground balance. just pump it few times and your ready to go, it stays ground balanced all day. It even comes with a fully adjustable signal strength meter. With Low battery consumption, operates on one AA Battery! (and a lot of imagination). and has a Low battery alert built into this precision meter. (cheap battery test meter) Finest quality low oxygen copper multi-stranded windings to decode and stabilize the signal from the crystal tip!. No more false signals! 100% accuracy on target I.D. (lamp cord) The handle is made of the finest quality hardwood, (common Az. mesquite). But wait there is more! This ------long-----range-----detector can find anything!, including long lost relatives. If you act now, we'll include at no extra charge, A Positive/Negative switch in the handle for tuning out those undesirable relative finds,including an obnoxious mother in law!. In this new model we have improved and fine tuned this feature and worked out most of the wrinkles to also include negative ex-wives as well!. The Wish Stick 6000+ is so sensitive with this optional quick change B.S. meter. It can even be used to tell if people are lying to you. just add $375.00 more to your order and we will include it. Dont miss out! We have a limited supply of these!. (limited to as many as we can sell in a short amount of time because we may not be here next week) Left handed models also available. Don't delay for those that take advantage of this great offer today we'll include a free AA BATTERY! Yes you can throw away your other detectors,this one does it all! The WishStick 6000+ will amaze all your friends too. Don't miss out on this special offer. Only $2000.00 plus $375.00 S.H. All returns subject to a $1995.00 restocking fee. Some assembly required. this price only includes printed instructions only. Some returns may take up to 180 days to process. If you have any questions or wish to get a refund. Please contact us by clicking this link @umaygetavirus.com We only accept payment by Great Western Union moneygram or Cash!. Or you can wire your money directly to us in the Grand Cayman Islands or our affiliate in Nigeria West Africa. Another fine product brought to you by Crapudontneed Corp. a division of fly by night Industries. a subsidiary and LLC of Red flagsRus. Please Note: This product is for entertainment purposes only, and any resemblance to any other product is purely intentional. All rights (if any) are reserved. I thought you may get a laugh out of this so I put this up here. there is a little bit to be learned in this too. I built this years ago as a practical joke back in 90's I was finding lots of gold nuggets and a west coast Minelab rep had heard about me and wanted to come out and meet me. so I decided to pull a spoof on them and this was it. when I first showed them the wish stick and explained that this was how I was finding all the gold nuggets. I'll never forget the look on their face,it was priceless. but really I was using a Minelab PI and a Fisher Gold Bug. not much new on it, just added more B.S. I've had it on my wall for years and as you can see so far the only thing its found is lot of dust, but it has been fun. Just remember if it sounds to good to be true. Take care out there AzNuggetBob
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    Well the boys and i went out for a quick hunt on the 4th since i was off. I chased the gold for a bit and then we decided to go hit a relic spot on our friends property. Has a cool placer area and a big area for relics. No nuggets this trip but Cameron found some cool stuff. But the pin he found tops pretty much the last couple trips weve taken. I cant find a makers mark or any other identifying marks. Under the lighted loop and regular loop it sure looks like gold. What do you guys think? Ill post the rest of his finds after we get them cleaned up. Take care everyone.
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    Couple of past pics of us getting stuck in the rain and cooler days. Cooler days will come folks....don't despair! Just trying to keep us all cool. Tom H.
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    I will give Adams left nut for some cooler weather and rain in Salome. My bank acct is having serious withdrawals feeding my ACs
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    That homeless guy in the second pic looks familiar. . ..the monsoons sure can bring some needed relief from the heat. Lots of rain up here today
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    WOW BOB, you'll never believe this but I have one almost identical to that one...except mine is wireless, meterless, batteryless, quartzless, and it's made of southern yellow pine, but other than that it is exactly the same, I have found so much BS it is unbelievable and I have long since retired it because I'm worn out by all the BS I have found with it and also I just have no more room to store the BS in!!!!
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    Nothing like getting a deep target and removing 8-10” of dirt with the target still being deeper. The temperature was around 100 degrees outside and I was starting to sweat. Another 3-4 scrapes at the hole with my pick and the target was now moved and ready for recovery. The nugget was in my scoop and out of the ground, all mine! All of a sudden I felt a whack to the back of my neck. Now the nugget was back in the hole with my scoop and my neck was burning and throbbing. All I could think about is the picture of Bill Southern with all the swelling from the bee sting to the face he posted a while back. A few seconds later two or three buddies of the first bee decided it would be fun to join in with the mayhem. It is a good thing I was down in a wash where where no one could see all the commotion. I also learned the GPZ coil makes a great bee swatter! Once the dust settled and I had the nugget safely back in my truck it turned out to be .79 grams the other nugget from earlier in the day weighed .40 grams.
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    Well I think you may have maxed out the BS meter with that one.
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    Offering 10.30 grams of gold found in the Sierra foothills. 450.00 includes shipping with signature verification. P.m. if you have any questions....
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    Nice work on your knife Dave. Ive tried using boiled linseed oil like you suggested. it works pretty good on ironwood. clear coat polyurethane doesn't. the wood is too oily. you can literately hit a block of ironwood with a hammer and get a greasy spot on the face of the hammer. but that's one of the reasons this stuff weathers so well. Its very dense,hard and its oily. I got the best results if I wiped the ironwood down several times with acetone first, let it dry before applying a finish. this seems to help the finish bond to the grain of the wood. Here is some photos of a knife I was building awhile back. you can see the Ironwood real good in these. when I took the photos I was in the process of fitting the pins and scales to the blade. that's all hand (flame) file work around the edge with a hot plum brown on the blade. handmade guard. it came out pretty nice. I'll see If I can find some other photos with Ironwood. Taking photo's indoors doesn't work very well but it is a nice shot of my wall switch in my shop. AzNuggetBob
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    Wow , that is a great find , I hope to find something that cool looking.
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    Wow! That is one cool find!. Sure looks like gold. You can get little acid test kits on E-bay pretty cheap to test it with. Tom H.
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    I also say it looks great, I agree looks to be gold to me!! Can you post a photo of the "eye" where the pin of the clasp goes into, sometimes you can sorta date jewelry from the type of clasp it has
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    Wow Dan that is nice. Id guess its the real deal. the setting looks great. congrats on that find. AzNuggetBob
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    Hello all. My name is Clayton and I am the newest member to the Miera (Dean N.M.) family. I have recently been given the great privilege marrying Deans oldest daughter Christina and having Z-Man as a son. I have been told many stories about my father in law and son Z-Man hunting metiorites and how much the two of them enjoyed being together. I can see the excitement in Z-Mans eyes every time he talks about their adventures. I want to reach out to all of you that knew Dean N.M. In hopes that I can inspire Z-man to get back out there and create our own memories and adventures. If anyone that was blessed enough to know Dean N.M. And Z-Man and would be willing to help him and I start our adventures In Picking up where my father in law tragically had to leave off. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
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    In case you are interested.... Just past MM5 on Castle Hot Springs Road to the left....
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    I used to make a similiar unit,fold down, in the winter slow season at my factory back in the day in the OC. Good enough with a little portipotti and cooler and good to go.Nice unit-John
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    Oops ! I thought you were talking about the stone ...Nevermind
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    You're killing me. Get to a jeweler for a gold carat check.
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    And one in direct sunlight.
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    K here are some better pics on the hood of my truck in the shade like suggested. Looks better Morlock.
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    Hard to tell for sure but the stone looks like it has dendrites.
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    That's an awesome find!
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    That describes it completely Skip. Ill have more pics here soon. Thanks everyone.
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    Cool find !....Personally , I would say its native silver until something would indicate that gold is present.
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    That's a great find! El Dorado had some material similar to that which he cabbed and made some jewelry. It was quartz gold and the same clear quartz. Congrats to your son for his find!
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    I'm almost certain that this was made in the late 1800s just from the little I can see of the pin and closure/catch. Closures of that time period had a C shaped "hook" for the pin to catch, had a T shaped barrel pivot point, i.e. the pin and barrel make the T shape, and also the pin was much longer back then usually sticking out past the body of the brooch.
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    Really nice find. Congrats. Very hard to tell exactly what it is. I'd photograph it outside in natural light. Not in direct sunlight but in shade. Take it to a local jeweler or pawn shop for a gold check. Might cost a few bucks but at least you'll know one way or another.
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    Did some mid day nugget shooting today and got totally smoked. Cant wait for the monsoon to get rolling. Plus I'm having dredging withdraws.
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    The pin definitely looks hand made. AzNuggetBob
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    I'll tell ya Dan another reason I think it is gold is that its a light weight setting. the stone looks like Colorado, Telluride or Silverton, or Idarado or could be Nv. AzNuggetBob
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    Sure will Skip. Ill get it first thing in the AM. Cameron has it in his room with him. He is asleep lol.
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    Thank you Au Seeker, we are planning our first trip this next weekend. Win lose or draw we’ll be posting pictures and updates of our adventures in hopes of keeping his (Dean N.M.) legacy alive.
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    Ok, Bill what time is the cut off? and we find out who won? Grubstake
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    Hard part is definitely the waiting. I'd rather be looking, maybe not finding anything, but still checking areas off my list...... than the waiting.
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    This heat sure has slowed things down..but I know in time I will come across a beauty..patience is the key at this time😄
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    I agree, Dan. Goofy but seems to be very knowledgeable. Lots of great information.
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    I've got a customers 2013 GMC Yukon here right now for that very thing. AFM(active fuel management) lifters collapse due to oil starvation in the supply from the VLOM. Poor design that has a limited life span and is a huge repair bill for most people. If someone gave me a brand new GM truck...I would promptly sell it and buy something else.
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    Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope you have a fun and safe Independence day.
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    Its a slice from an Amethyst geode. When the whole ones break, they slab them or sell the broken pieces, and still make money from them.
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    Welcome hoodster! I am new to the forum also.
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    6 Miles from home.... Hot as blazes by 9:00 am.
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    Welcome to the madness and lots of White's users here to help and even Jim M from Whit's cruzes in now and then.
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