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    The drama that can come with gold hunting is such a drag..never knew that working your ass off is questionable? Learning experience
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    Actually, it is worth a lot.....think of the memories you have Tom H.
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    Tammy, don't you fret yourself girl, there was only one person who decided to give you some disrespect because of his personal grudge towards someone else, he's not worth you getting upset over. Everyone else here truly knows how hard you had to work to earn those little treasures and you're respected here by us because of how hard it is to find the gold you have found, you are truly a golden Nugget Shooterette! and no one can take that away from you!!
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    Have no idea what's up..But if someone's being negative to you, post their link... Ass straightening will be interesting....
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    You know what, dont worry about the haters. Jealousy or whatever it is really overcomes some people and all they know how to do is try to bring people down to their level. Who cares what they think or say. Ive never met Bill in person but he seems like a great teacher and mentor to learn from. You just keep them nuggets rolling in for all of us to see. Great job!!
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    Went out close to home with the GM 1000 chasing crumbs in a beat up patch, got 2 got hot fast and hey Saul I found my lucky nickle
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    The bears around San Domingo are more civilized. They tend to get manicures and pedicures or Bear-Pedi`s
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    Here lately been having no luck trying to get a good wheel/tire balance on my Jeep. Either the balance is not quite right, lug-nuts getting cross-threaded on lugs or lug-nuts being over-torqued by impacts possibly stretching lug threads. Last week I purchased the Pittsburgh Portable Wheel Balancer (old-school bubble view) and low and behold it balanced all 4 of my Jeep tires beautifully First time I've ever balanced my own tires...quite easy with good results. I like the satisfaction of "wrenching" on my own Jeep anyways and really love the idea of not having future lug issues. Ha!
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    You're doing great, Shooterette. Somewhere out in the desert is a one-ouncer with your name on it.
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    Hello, Greg. Hogwash. It's not "worked" anything.
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    You just keep "chipping away" your on the right track. Perserverance will reward you even more. Congrats on a nice lookin poke yer building up there !!!
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I have been relaxing in the AC all day, too hot to go out, all and all it's been a great day!! Tomorrow I plan to pan out some dredging cons I have had for a while and never have gotten around to cleaning them up, if anything good pans out I'll post some photos.
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    That looks like a lot of work Terry! You're making progress at least. I had started down that road myself, but eventually gave it up. I did find the ancestor that came over from Ireland in 1830 something. I didn't go past that because of the effort involved in tracking down the Irish records. Apparently the O'Reilly clan is quite numerous and by that time were scattered all over Ireland, and were not just in the ancestral homeland in the modern county of Cavan. The record I did find didn't list a specific place of origin for my ancestor...just that he was from Ireland. I guess I'm not suprised. Being from Ireland wasn't a source of pride in those days, and the Irish were basically treated like garbage.
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    Sometimes gold can show up in the oddest places. You wont find it though if you are not thinking like gold. Headed over to Wickenburg today for a little fun in the sun .... On the way I passed a large number of cyclists spread out over 20 miles or so. Each group or team had their own support vehicles following closely.... Turns out they are some very serious and accomplished athletes participating in the " Race Across America"....Really cool and I`m glad to have seen some of them. Heres a link to their up to date current positions on the road. http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/live-tracking.html Ok , Back to the gold hunting ..... I managed to get 3 pieces for today, and two of the pieces came from the top of an outcrop...Literally , just an odd place, but it sure was there...The beginning of a new project? maybe so To give you a better perspective , here`s a shot of the scene...My red scoop is where the larger piece was beeped. It was extremely coarse gold on that outcrop....I found one more tiny piece a foot below the bigger one. The third , a specimen was found a little ways away down in a gully... Hope you enjoyed! Get out there and find some..
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    Nice find, by the way.
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    From the looks of that gold, I don't think it has traveled anywhere at all, so where any nearby creek or wash might have been in the past has little or no part in this story. That gold just doesn't look like it's ever taken part in any placer activity. Decomposition of the host rock/outcrop has pretty much left the gold where Adam found it. If it was me, I'd start busting up that outcrop to see what else pops out.
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    Well ... sometimes you find gold where other people have not looked! Sometimes you find gold others missed. Other times you don't find gold. Do I have everything covered now? WTG Mitchel
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    Adam I think your doing a great job hitting those benches or bedrock outcrops. those are areas most hunters overlook. many are convinced that all the gold is in the present creek or wash. many don't understand that at one time the bottom or flow of the wash may have been on one side or the other and much higher before the wash eroded down to where it is now, abandoning the gold up high. Adam I think your going to do well. AzNuggetBob
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    Regarding the bear track, on hard, rocky ground, they wear their nails down, and the claws might not show unless the bear stepped in mud. A bear that lives on softer ground, like up in pine needle country or in tundra, will have longer claws than a high desert bear.
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    Went to a campground that is a bit out of the way today. About 5000ft elevation and it was cold there...felt good. I very slowly hunted all over 3 camp sites that was not busy. Had a squirrel come sit on a rock about 10ft from me and give me a piece of his mind. I think he wanted a munchie to pay for hunting in his place. Well all in all I found 23 cents in pennies , 4 dimes ,and one nickel..we wont count the bottle caps and pull tabs. Looking forward to the 6 inch coil...I could not get too close to the tables or fire pits. I did good and had fun today.
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    Yeah me too Adam, a dink or two a day keeps the doctor away
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    14 and 15 is killer on bottle caps too , I got a nice collection....been finding .22's but they are live.....think it is the lead.
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    As you know I have been researching my Family Tree - It's Hard!!! I had to go back to square one after making some rookie mistakes, but now I am comparing information from three different sources, including FamilySearch.org, the Mormon Genealogy service. Here is what I know FOR SURE as of right now. My family qualifies for the Son's / Daughter's of the American Revolution. • Re: John Burch (1750-1818) Rev Pvt VA - My 5th Great Grandfather.
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    If I was only 40 years younger....
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    That is awesome you guys are growing. I know you have worked hard out there. An interesting topic for another thread would be to share some photos from the operation and give us a general run down. Are you guys tunneling, open pit or reprocessing old tailings? Free milling with shaker tables or heap leach? Inquiring minds want to know I hope some good canidates step up...could be a good opportunity at a very historical mine. Very, very cool man.