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    The first thing the hacker creep did was contact my 12 YO grand daughter as though he was her PaPa and then started making suggestive comments about her taking special pictures and putting them on the Pintrest site... Seems like it all got resolved thanks to my friends like forum members and some family as well ... Love to get my thumbs on the hacker's throat ....Special shoutout to Kevin Hoagland and Arctic Dave....Cheers, and thanks for all of you who had my 6 on this one, Unc
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    Ahhhh...I think hes just bumping around and really doesn't know what hes doing. Hes just lucky Tom H.
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    Sometimes gold can show up in the oddest places. You wont find it though if you are not thinking like gold. Headed over to Wickenburg today for a little fun in the sun .... On the way I passed a large number of cyclists spread out over 20 miles or so. Each group or team had their own support vehicles following closely.... Turns out they are some very serious and accomplished athletes participating in the " Race Across America"....Really cool and I`m glad to have seen some of them. Heres a link to their up to date current positions on the road. http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/live-tracking.html Ok , Back to the gold hunting ..... I managed to get 3 pieces for today, and two of the pieces came from the top of an outcrop...Literally , just an odd place, but it sure was there...The beginning of a new project? maybe so To give you a better perspective , here`s a shot of the scene...My red scoop is where the larger piece was beeped. It was extremely coarse gold on that outcrop....I found one more tiny piece a foot below the bigger one. The third , a specimen was found a little ways away down in a gully... Hope you enjoyed! Get out there and find some..
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    That's actually not surprising, studies have shown that fluorescents bulbs emit UV light, manufacturers say harmless low levels, but some studies say they emit high levels that can do damage to your skin. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/10/18/study-fluorescent-light-bulbs-emit-high-levels-of-uv-radiation/
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    Good stuff ADAM, put a lil sugar on the large one an you'll have a "Frosted Flake" ! Hapy Huntn.
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    Yeah, 'stumble' is not how I would characterize what he is doing...
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    The best part, these girls are addicted to electronics and didn't even touch or want to tough their phones / games all weekend. Even got them down for some "hard rock" mining.
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    Its just an orange stain, its quite golden when it cleaned up and as coarse as it gets. The site is not near any creek, so a traditional term of a "bench" would not apply here.
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    Nuts! I got a message from you offering to take me to all your old spots in the vultures......what a let down. Tom H.
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    Taking a really long distance look back in time one realizes that oceans once may have covered an area that is now dry land. Thinking like a gold nugget, one then realizes that there are many, many iterations of differing geologic possibilities to explain the seeming randomness of where nuggets are found. The good news is that sometimes nuggets are found in patches and after several patches are found a larger "rear view" time mirror begins to take shape in the form of an extensive "field" comprised of the many patches. That is where I usually try to concentrate my efforts. This is so because by focussing on zones where the gold pops up in bunches the odds then begin to work in my favor. Sometimes though -- many times actually -- when searching for patches we all encounter the mystifying "lone wolf" nuggets that just seem to defy all explanations. And that is part of the charm or lore of nugget shooting that makes it, IMHO, such a satisfying and challenging endeavor.
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    Nice going Adam, looks like corn flake gold. Bet you were wishing that you were back out racing with those guys. Old Tom
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    i haven't done this yet with my nieces but when they come up we're gonna "shoot rubber bands at the stars" on a blanket and talk over hot cocoa. You've done a great job creating memories for a lifetime. Well done.
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    Just wait till you find 40 in one day..