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    My first trip out with the Gold Monster 1000. I was lucky, I was able to check out both spots I wanted to test. My first spot in the Prescott National Forrest was only about a mile from the closed area, so it was open but under a Stage 2 Fire Restriction. This spot was also on our club claims and I had no trouble getting in or out with my 4x4. I found about 25 targets that I dug up and found 10 lead bullets, 3 round leads, 2 alum., part of a horse shoe, 5 bullet casing and other junk. No gold after spending most of the day around a camp site and trail. My second spot was on the way home so I stopped by Lynx Creek to try out the open to public area. Here I was able to get to the creek with no luck finding any gold on any of the 6 targets I dug on, but I did find an iron rock, pull tabs and bottle caps. No gold but I did get a great workout. What is the best way to clean my Gold Monster? Wayne
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    I have a small chunk of deadfall Sequoiadendron giganteum that I picked up several years ago. I finally got around to cutting some, and I'm pretty happy with the results. I have a knife that I really like, but I hated the cheapo plastic handles...perfect match! I slabbed half of one of my treasured chunks and cut out the shape of the scales from a promising slab. After fastening the scales down I finished the final sanding, and sealed the wood with a light coat of shellac, followed with a coat of Johnsons paste wax. It is my first try so it is not perfect...but sure is better than the plastic crap. Yummmm....bacon No trees were harmed in the making of this knife handle.
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    Sounds intriguing. Hope you have a successful trip. Post pics of your finds.
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    Yeah the town is gone. I have researched it quite a bit over the last few years but was just curious if anyone on here has detected it. The mine is active but in the closed status due to funds. The open pit sits right on the main placer area. There are outlying areas that I have been looking at and they look really good. I was down there at the geothermal plant for work a few months ago and there are drift mines all over that I never seen when we were poking around there in the past. I think that's where we will go for the day.
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    The town of Rawhide is long gone since being devoured by a mine. So I think relics are going to be pretty scarce. As far as detectable gold, I assume you have the Nevada Gold Placer Deposits book by Maureen Johnson. I would check that to find out what kind of production they had and where. That should at least give you some idea.
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    Well, I have never detected Nevada. Maybe someday. But I can tell you that if I did, I would check all the geologic maps I could find of the area and the mines in proximity. I know you have found gold, so you would know what geology to look for that is similar to where you found gold before. I have found a few new areas this way. When you find the areas yourself, it makes it soooo much sweeter. But yeah, if someone can give you a clue to the area, also, that is just one more piece of the puzzle. Sounds like you'll be having fun. Good luck out there, Dan! Andyy.
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    Free from BLM site..... .sFZIhb{margin:0 3px 0 0;cursor:auto;float:left}g-img{display:block}.M4dUYb{position:relative}.BA0A6c{overflow:hidden}.rISBZc{display:block;border:0}.ghri8e{text-align:center}.ghri8e a{display:inline-block;padding-top:8px} Search Results [PDF](PLSS) data in Google Earth - BLM Navigator https://navigator.blm.gov/api/resources/.../BLM-MapServiceGoogleEarthInteraction.p... Cached How to display the BLM's Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data in Google Earth. Point your web browser to: https://gis.blm.gov/arcgis/rest/services/. For PLSS ...
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    Ryan; if you think your son would appreciate a piece Of Gold Basin, send me a private message with your address...no charge, no obligation! fred
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    Having my brother, sister, two nieces, two grand nieces up for the weekend for my first "Gold Daze" treat to show them prospecting. They all live down in the city so should be fun. Have some panning tubs set up, a big bag of classified material from the claim that I will salt with a nice .2g nugget for both the nieces to find. Also have my portable backhoe set up for them to try if they want. There will be metal detecting on the mine dump material. Set up with a full sheet of plywood raised on cinder blocks off the side of the hill for raking the material out onto and rake down. Small quad trailer fits under the plywood for moving the material to the fill area. Quad rides, rides in the back of my pickup and maybe a hike down to our claim in the canyon. Have plans on taking them on a tour of our local gold mine, Gold Bug Mine in Placerville and maybe a tour of the California Gold Discovery Park in Coloma which is just over the hill. But that is if they so desire, not to push them into it. They will be camping on my property so have a "campground" set up. Should be fun, good moonless night sky to look at the planets and Milky Way. Any other suggestions for a couple of young and not so young girls first time?
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    This is cool, useful, and reasonably priced. http://www.earthpoint.us/Townships.aspx
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    Found 5 little nuggets today! Most for me in a day..quite exciting!😁
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    Good luck, i have been considering checking that area out also, but so many places and so little time. I hope you and your father find some nuggets! have fun and be safe
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    POOP is important!
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    Very nice Dave, but now you done gone and made me hungry , going to make me a BLT!!!
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    Hi Wayne, a detector is like a 4x4. It looks good when dirty.
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    Keep at it Wayne, you will get to snagging some nuggets. Best way to clean? I never have, since it will just get dirty again when I take it out. But I'm sure a some wipes will knock the dust off to make it all purdy again. Cheers!! Mike
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    Took my Equinox 800 out to play today . I went to a local Tot lot since it should be almost empty...it was . Found a bunch of clad, first find was a dime, then another dim. I got a solid 13 on it was double hitting, move the sand and there was a nickel....all in all I think I got about 1.77 in clad but I am getting better and ID with sounds...would here it , then look for what I thought it should be....still learning but having fun too....
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    I knew there was a reason I dont have a cell phone "stuck in the 90s" Tom H.
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    I ever tell you you bug the heck out of me Bob.....
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    I think its getting worse Bill. may be to many emoticons. AzNuggetBob
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    These upgrades are sorta like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates.....you never know what you're going to get!!
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    Here's my letter to the BLM. By the way, the postcard I received back in April has two different dates for the deadline for comments. One line says May 22(Tonight) and the other says May 8th. To whom it may concern, Instead of choosing between 5 options of how much of my right to ingress and egress I would like to give up, I'd like to point out a few items in the laws of the US and State of Arizona that should prevent the BLM from forcing anyone to choose. First I'd like to refer you to the Lode mining law of 1866, codified in the General mining law of 1872 in which a right to ingress and egress is to mineral deposits is granted to all US citizens. This right has been reaffirmed multiple times in state and federal courts up to and including the US Supreme Court. Second, I'd like to refer you to a portion of the law that gave the BLM it's authority as administrator of public lands but limits it's ability to control travel; specifically 43 U.S. Code § 1732 - Management of use, occupancy, and development of public lands "Except as provided in section 1744, section 1782, and subsection (f) of section 1781 of this title and in the last sentence of this paragraph, no provision of this section or any other section of this Act shall in any way amend the Mining Law of 1872 or impair the rights of any locators or claims under that Act, including, but not limited to, rights of ingress and egress" Third, is what's commonly referred to as RS2477, part of the Mining act of 1866, stating "The right of way for the construction of highways over public lands, not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted" Although this section was repealed by the FLPMA of 1976, any public right of was existing at the time was again protected. “Nothing in this Act or any amendment made by this Act, shall be construed as terminating any valid right-of-way or other land use right or authorization existing on the date of approval of this Act.” Finally, I'd like to direct you to Arizona's HB 2175, signed into law by Governor Ducey last year. HB 2175 confirms and asserts Arizona's right to control all rights of way existing prior to the passing of the FLPMA act of 1976. I'd like to conclude with a message to those of you who would limit my right to access in the name of protecting the environment, animals or aesthetics; Many of our forefathers fought and died for these lands, for their natural resources and strategic value to ensure our nations survival. I doubt any of them would have done so knowing that their heirs would be locking them up and throwing away the key to protect a supposedly endangered species of plant or animal or protect someones hiking trail or view. Without rights to access, your access becomes a privilege. Sincerely, Jim Pressley Peoria AZ.
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    Damn Tom you are outed.....
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    Man! Every time you do this something gets screwed up! Now look at my avitar.. Jezz. Tom H.