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    A post on here by Uncle Ron and others convinced me to try tart cherry juice as a remedy for my aching knees and hips....imagine my surprise when it worked.... Well, it wasn't a complete cure but it helped a WHOLE lot....a couple months ago I ran out of my blood pressure meds and had to wait a couple weeks to get them...guess what? My aching hips and knees suddenly got even better!!! I still didn't put two and two together until about three days after I stated taking the meds again...knees and hips started killing me and it wasn't until I was headed to pick up a new bottle of cherry juice that it dawned on me that the only change in my habits or diet was re starting the medication (Atenolol)...hmmm. So I quit taking the meds and everything got better....started the meds again with the same results........so now I've been off them for a month and my hips and knees feel better than they have in 20 years...unless I drink too much alcohol...then they start getting stiff again....The tart cherry juice still helps though and will remain a daily supplement for the joints.....from here on out, I'm gonna be a little more wary (and aware) of the possible side effects of prescription meds....I was blindsided
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    I'll tell ya Tom the reason I got this new hat was after I saw your old floppy straw hat. Remember the old sombrero jokes, it works. If your going to hunt in the 100 plus I dont know of a better idea, other than hunting at night. I often tell people if your coming to Az. to hunt in the peak summer you better bring some shade with you because there isn't a lot of it in the south 40. AzNuggetBob
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    Seriously folks, I tell folks this cell phone issue all the time and here is a pretty good video about same..... Can really mess with the PI and ZVT beepers....
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    TomH, a hat that no self-respecting 20-year-old would wear is by definition a good hat. You should start manufacturing.
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    I take a flip phone out hunting. and I dont turn it on unless I need It. not just for interference, I have other reasons like tracking. AzNuggetBob Oh BTW another nice thing about the cheapy flip phones is if you just take out the battery,Easy drop in drop out ,it really turns them off. other wise you'll get pings as the phone pings the towers even if OFF.
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    It is an granitic rock; the black stuff is the mineral Hornblend and the red stuff is an iron rich mineral most likely derived from the chemical weathering of the Hornblend which is iron rich. Picture # 2 shows the classic shape of Hornblend crystals. This is a natural rock with no human manipulation or use of it at all. Archeology is a very interesting Science; please take the time to learn it.
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    I knew there was a reason I dont have a cell phone "stuck in the 90s" Tom H.
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    Well heck try it now, it is at bottom row....
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    A statistic that helps describe how rare meteorites are that everyone can understand and really helps drive it home to kids: Meteorites are more rare (by weight) on Earth than gold or diamonds. Keep on encouraging him!
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    Good on you for encouraging your son... not likely to be a meteorite. Please explain that there are many more meteorite-wrongs than meteorite-rights... keep looking and follow the steps to eliminate the wrongs... fred
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    What your son has is a sedimentary stone. billpeters
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    File a small window in it and do a streak test also on an unglazed bit of ceramic (inside top plate of toilet) ... Cheers, Unc
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    Took my Equinox 800 out to play today . I went to a local Tot lot since it should be almost empty...it was . Found a bunch of clad, first find was a dime, then another dim. I got a solid 13 on it was double hitting, move the sand and there was a nickel....all in all I think I got about 1.77 in clad but I am getting better and ID with sounds...would here it , then look for what I thought it should be....still learning but having fun too....
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    Dave Its depends on what type of minerals. some fluoress brighter than others. But my light starts lighting things up at about 20 yards on a dark night. almost no moon. AzNuggetBob
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    I think you nailed it Jim, everything you have been saying sounds like my light. The top is the longwave. Thats the way it has always worked for me. I'm pretty sure its a mercury vaper bulb too. I can see droplets of mercury rolling around in the bulb. AzNuggetBob
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    So what do you do when your Minelab Bungee wears out on your GPZ7000? You can order a new original equipment bungee that comes with a lot of other accessories that you don't need. Or you can order Doc's replacement after market bungee for $15 plus s&h from Bill. Here's the secret to replacing your bungee DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR WORN OUT MINELAB BUNGEE! Take your old bungee, cut it and slide the plastic snap off and save the snap. Thread the new bungee through the snap. Take the plain end and thread it up through the side of the snap that does not have the groove that you use to lock the bungee at the proper length. Now go through the hole in the snap and down through the side that has the adjustment groove. I supply you with a piece of thick walled adhesive lined heat shrink to finish the plain end. You can either loop it, like Minelab does, or, I prefer to just leave the end plain and put the heat shrink on it. By leaving the end plain, you always know the plain end is the end you use to adjust the length of the bungee, and the looped end is the end that you attach to the detector. If you do decide to put a loop in the end, before you apply the heat shrink, form the loop and use a piece of strong thin line to tie the bungee together to form the loop. Then put the heat shrink over it and take a heat gun to it. I use dental floss because it is very thin and very tough. If you don't tie the bungee together first before applying the heat shrink, the loop will come loose. The adhesive inside the heat shrink is not enough to hold the loop together under constant tension, you need the thin line to tie it to itself. This bungee cord that I use comes from Australia and is fairly expensive, but it is the shipping costs that is a killer; the rolls of bungee cord are very heavy. However, I wanted to make sure I was using the same quality and strength bungee as the original. This replacement bungee is the exact same length as the original. Call Bill. It's always good to have a spare just in case. Unless you are one of those brutes that swing that GPZ7000 without a bungee. Take care! Doc
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    Some say turn it off. I say don't take it with you! If you have ever found one at the beach you will know how BIG the signal is from a cell phone. It can be down 2 feet. What pocket is not going to air test with a cell phone in it? Mitchel
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    I don't know, Tom. I kind of fancy you in that huge sombrero you showed us in one of your adventures. That was the bomb.
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    I think you voided the warranty by cutting slots in the hat for the headphones.....I've never been a liker of camo gear, so mine takes on a look of "safari"..... Here's my hat that I use a lot over the summer months, it's a bit dirty, but...works great!!!! Gary
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    I'm thinking it's using a single bulb to do both SW and LW UV. I'm not sure which portion of the bulb is which, but I'd bet that's what's going on. As mentioned in that quote above, the SW is filtered out by the phosphor coating, so the upper portion of the bulb in your pic is probably the Long Wave emitter, and the lower, uncoated portion is the Shortwave emitter. In mine, I have separate bulbs, and can turn them on and off individually. Shortwave is UV/C. Longwave is UV/A. Jim
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    Thanks man, there are more as well and more coming, seeing it smooth out and run is a real eye opener eh?
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    It may be that one of your bulbs is short wave UV, and uses a quartz bulb. here's a quote from another site linked below. UV lights Fluorescent Blacklights There are fluorescent tubes that emit UV. The phosphor coating on the inner surface of the tube absorbs the UVC emitted by the low pressure mercury arc, and emits longer UV wavelengths. There are at least six different UV-emitting phosphors used in fluorescent lamps. One common lamp is the ""BLB" fluorescent lamp. The tubing is made from a very deep violet-blue glass known as "Wood's glass". The tubing is quite transparent to medium and longer UVA wavelengths, and shorter visible violet wavelengths, and a fairly broad range of infrared and the longest, least visible red wavelengths. These tubes emit lots of UV mainly between 350 and 375 nanometers, some of the 404.7 and dimmer 407.8 nM violet mercury lines, and just enough of the blue 435.8 nM mercury line to have a basically blue color when lit. The "BLB" lamps are used for special effects due to their ability to make fluorescent objects glow very brightly. There is a less common deep-blue-violet lamp with no phosphor and made with special glass (maybe quartz) to transmit the 253.7 nM UVC (shortwave UV) mercury line. These lamps are generally used to make fluorescent rocks glow. There are UV fluorescent lamps with glass not dyed to block visible light. This includes the BL and the similar 350BL. These are often used to attract insects into electric insect killers. The 350BL has a broader spectrum peaking at a slightly shorter wavelength (350 nanometers) than the BL does, and is supposedly more attractive to insects than the BL. There are other ultraviolet lamps such as UVB medicinal lamps and UVA suntanning lamps. There are also the similar fluorescent actinic lamps, producing long UV wavelengths and/or visible violet. These are sometimes used in some special photographic and printing processes. One of these is the 03, specializing in producing visible violet light. The 03 is also used in reef aquariums with live coral since coral utilizes violet and deep blue wavelengths. The 03 actinic will cause fluorescence of most fluorescent dyes, pigments and paints, especially other than ones which fluoresce blue.
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    The really bad part is that in the upgrade before the last one when we got all the new emocticons, someone posted that we didn't have this one........so I copied it and went into the Admin. Panel and added it the list....now for the life of me I can't find the page where you can add or disable the emoticons, damn that box of chocolates!!!!
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    I ever tell you you bug the heck out of me Bob.....
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    Did you do a streak test? Where are you located? Meteorite or not, you're both doing it right!