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    Hello all, The weather has been too wet and nasty for swinging the detectors, so my wife and I took the kids to a spot that Morlock recommended to me for some cool turquoise nuggets. We all found some low grade semi cool looking nuggets. But my oldest son found a sweet chunk. It's a really great nugget. We only walked around for a couple hrs before we got chased off of the mountain by the storm. This is our first time looking for turquoise and it was pretty fun. My youngest daughter loved it. We need to go back and check for some gold in the area also. Thanks for the tips Morlock. Have a safe weekend everyone. Dan
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    Challenging to get to, and never been a wash to give up much gold. I hunted this remote canyon today for a few hours, mostly attempting to find out where the gold is coming from. Heres a couple insitu shots ... Here`s a old file that has been manipulated into a crevicing tool? Just under a gram....
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    Very Nice Dan Nothing like getting out with your kids on a new adventure. Will build their confidence later. I have to say that is one nice looking turquoise nugget, great color blue. Also nice of Morlock to share. AzNuggetBob
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    Went to the LSD with Tammy and puttered around in some not so secret spots close to home Hunted a couple hours and managed a lone survivor of years of pounding with every detector known to man, it had been able to out maneuver all of them until the Gold Monster 1000 showed up
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    Industrial strength. I like it.
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    This is what I use. I modded it a bit. it used to use a big ol drop in carbon 12V battery. I wired it with a 4' extension wire so I could use rechargeable gel cells on my nugget hunting belt. takes all the weight off your arm and lasts all nite. the aluminum cap on the front snaps off and you move it the top or bottom for long wave or short wave. it also has a small bulb on top is for a standard flash light so you can see where your walking. I'm thinking about changing it to a camcorder battery but I don't know if it will last all nite. It uses one of those long standard florescent bulbs with specialized glass lens. Its old school but works great. I got it on ebay for about $20.00 It will light up rocks and critters for about twenty yards. your not going to get that out of a little pocket flashlight. Its a real light show on a dark nite and its found me a lot of purddy rocks and gem stones. its also a nice switch from nugget hunting at nite. AzNuggetBob
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    Adam, The red cube is a 1cm cube, while the die is to compare larger pieces and total number of finds, sort of like a trademark if you will. The die is also 3/4" square. Jason
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    Nice turquoise and great to see the kids involved.
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    Cool really nice
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    LOL, We just got our power back a half hour ago. I did the usual , Checked all breakers in and out of house. Meter not Turning. NO CURRENT DRAW. We have two breakers on the pole box with the meter. One for the House and Other the Well. Both Dead. Lost power and I called to report a outage. The kind lady on the other end of the phone informed me "" We Have No Outages In that Area at this time!"" I informed her YOU DO NOW ! LOL Went to town for auto parts and received a call from some guy with PNM. He again stated there were no outages in the area and It must be in house my end. I informed him of my above actions and again said "" You Have a Outage Now !"" Then he says, "" Are you sure ? I have to call someone out from home being a Sunday!?? Again I inform him of the above actions and said , "" Ah Ell just put it off until Monday. We can do without the Cooler and Water to the house that long !"" The line went quiet . He said you will have power back by 11:00AM. and hung up. 30 minutes later we had power and no one ever came to the house. I guess they found the outage they didn't have down the road some place? LOL
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    I know old prospectors who'd claim that those two mini specks were heard by a GBII while hiding under that chunk of scrap iron, and buried under 47" of black sand. On a windy day. While detecting under a power line. Next to a cell tower at a rock concert. The art of storytelling is dying in America.
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    I guess they'd move a few hundred feet, and then plug in at the next power pole, or in some cases plug into a portable power plant onshore? What amazing contraptions. I always get the feeling that the blueprints were drawn up on the backs of paper bar napkins after the 11th or 12th tequila of the night.
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    Yep. Borax (plain, unscented) is also useful when forge welding iron. Borax or fine, clean sand work well for keeping the O2 away from your work pieces, but Borax forms a glaze at a much lower temperature, which is beneficial. Also, the trick to making the old car-battery-jumper-cables-and-coat-hanger welding method actually work for an emergency repair was flux, and Borax was the best, so if your bumper fell off on the way to the laundrymat, you were golden.
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    I've been with WSPA since the beginning -- member #5. Over the years I've observed different styles from different folks; totally normal to expect in any volunteer group. Sometimes you get folks who tend to row together; then the "ship of state" plows onwards and stays pretty much on course. Other times a few who are responsible for tending to the helm may row more vigorously or less vigorously than the others; then the ship may tend to bob and drift. Meanwhile, the general membership seem to enjoy the cruise and catch plenty of fish regardless of course adjustments. As Fred commented, "It is what it is..." Over time a number of folks entirely unconnected with this forum have discovered WSPA, adding new flavors to the soup and making me want to remain a member.
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