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    I would add, that the head of the forum here, has allowed Skip and the mods the leeway to speak from their various points of view - and we mods are a varied bunch but I have never felt I was being reigned in or expected to do anything but tell it as I saw it. I was also a board of directors member with WSPA and without a doubt expressed some points of view that were not in the majority and was never told to do otherwise. Some of the original intent that was behind the forming of WSPA has modified over time; the result of membership growth, added responsibilities arising from decisions regarding how claims are handled and a deepening of club legal responsibilities that led to changes in what is expected from the membership (hold harmless agreements etc.) to name a few. Leaders who have different ways of running things will also change the way a club is perceived - especially acute when viewed by the original membership. Groups like WSPA almost always evolve over time from their original characteristics, it's pretty much inevitable. (Also, doesn't "Skip and the mods" sound like they should be a rock group or something?) anyway fwiw...
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    This will be my last comment by way of explanation for leaving WSPA so that there is no dispute as to what happened. There was an incident that took place by a couple members and I sided with the 'offending' party on one aspect of the situation as a possibility of what 'may' have happened. Playing devil's advocate of sorts. The one and only moderator/administrator took that as me being a 'rebel' and making an 'undesirable' comment so was told all future posts would be delayed until they could be read by the admin/mod and he decided 'if' they were acceptable for the group to see. No warning, no penalty box for me ... just censorship for which I would not stand! So in order to stay true to my moral core I had to leave the group. End of story ... I still have many friends in the group and hold no ill will toward the club.
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    Well this forum in reality is about rocks.....gold, meteorites, minerals are all rocks so I guess we are a "rock group" or at the very least...something!!
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    That also depends on the reason for censorship my friend.... We run into that here and the recipients of mod and admin attention feel the same as you express. Hard subject to address as a moderator, administrator, or site owner. In my opinion it is always best to have a fail safe installed and mine is Skip and our Mods who will and do point out my and all of our actions they believe are a result of feelings and not for the simple enforcement of rules. You do not have to like the administration/Moderators here to participate., but you must follow the simple rules we have laid out..... I was lucky early on and had Rod Fitzhuge helping me learn to run a (back then) Board and he taught me well that censorship is wrong, but following your own guidelines is essential. Sorry Rod likely butchered your name 🤐 Anyway all serious actions at a public have to be discussed by a NON-BIAS governing crew, unless there is a direct attack to the forum or owner. We try hard we really do and Skip or the Mods have no fear of telling this forums owner he is wrong..... Anyway just some tips to anyone wanting to run a public or private forum, people are allowed to express their opinion unless being a genuine asshole in my opinion.
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    I went to a park in Yonkers, New York, the second "hilliest" City in the United States, just behind San Francisco, and detected a park that has been heavily hunted since the 1970s. It is in a very old part of the City, that is now run down, and dangerous. I was approached by two sets of policemen during my 90-minute hunt, and after short conversations, me giving them my business card, and them warning me to "keep your eyes open," I continued detecting. Not my best hunt ever, but the Multi Kruzer, three-tone, 5kHz, gain 80, really sniffs out copper and silver missed by countless other detectorists over the last four decades! Really starting to get a feel for the machine as I approach 100-hours on the headphones. I got out of the area without being robbed or assaulted, got some wheats, an IH with a marble beside it, and a silver. Happy-happy!
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    Hi Bill, I have been out with the 800 for 7 short days at the beach and about 12 short days a park. I have found over 1200 coins, six rings (a couple silver, none valuable), and a bunch of earrings, charms, military badges etc. This thing smokes on coins. I have the same feeling with this machine that I do with the GPZ, if I go over it I'm gonna hear it. It does take some learning but heck that's what this whole hobby is about right? Hope you are well Bill.
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    Well after coming home with my tail between my legs from quartzsite, last weekend.... today i finally beat the skunk! Iv been working this area for a few weeks now and the chunks keep getting bigger and rougher... Seems like a good sign! just keep wondering just how far a nugget can travel (in the desert conditions) and still be all chunky and crystally lookin? All of the nuggets iv found in this area have been well worn and rounded, except for these which iv found further up the drainage. Not much but steep hillsides left at this point. The two skunk busters on the scale came out of the same hole.. love that! .
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    I've been with WSPA since the beginning -- member #5. Over the years I've observed different styles from different folks; totally normal to expect in any volunteer group. Sometimes you get folks who tend to row together; then the "ship of state" plows onwards and stays pretty much on course. Other times a few who are responsible for tending to the helm may row more vigorously or less vigorously than the others; then the ship may tend to bob and drift. Meanwhile, the general membership seem to enjoy the cruise and catch plenty of fish regardless of course adjustments. As Fred commented, "It is what it is..." Over time a number of folks entirely unconnected with this forum have discovered WSPA, adding new flavors to the soup and making me want to remain a member.
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    Hey Gary, It certainly is not a meteorite. It looks to be sedimentary with a matrix of pebbles and, possibly, fossil bits. It has no characteristics of a meteorite. That is not crust, but weathering of different parts of a long ago broken rock. All of the interior structure looks terrestrial. FYI: There has never been a lunar meteorite found in North America so far. Here is my weekly post: Take a look at your rock. If it glistens like a crystal structure (ie: quartz) at any point in the rock it can’t be a meteorite. If it has layers, it can’t be a meteorite, it’s sedimentary. If it has small gas bubbles in it, it can’t be a meteorite. It’s basalt. If it is moderately magnetic it is not a meteorite. If there is a thick crust on it, it can’t be a meteorite. File off a corner or cut it. It won’t diminish its value. If there is all bright silvery metal it can’t be a meteorite. If it is all grey metal it can’t be a meteorite. If there is black crust as thin as a fingernail, and crazing on the outside of the rock, it might be a meteorite. If there are small silver specks visible in the filed off section, it might be meteorite. There are billions of magnetic rocks in the US, none of which are meteorites. Anyone can find magnetic earth stones nearly everywhere. Just take a strong magnet and drop it into sand and you will see what I mean. Check our O Richard Norton’s, “Rocks from Space” or visit the Arizona State Un. Meteorite Center or other similar facility. billpeters
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    Saul Along a similar line of thinking, we know that the moons gravity distorts the planets surface to a certain extent from gravity as is passes by. what if our moon is pulling our molten magnetic core out of center as it passes by at its closest point to earth? a random wobble could be created in the rotation of the earth depending on the cycle of the moon. could this have any effect on how secondary gold precipitation is formed in/on our planet or even the movement of our tectonic plates?. As far as the James Webb telescope. Have you ever looked up in the nite sky and seen a twinkling star? well most of this is caused by distortion as the light travels through our atmosphere. not saying those wishes wont come true but with telescopes outside our atmosphere we are already discovering moons around distant planets by the pulsating light from a rotating moon or moons around the brightly lit planet. or even whole solar systems rotating around a bright star and believed to be the same principle behind a blinking or flashing star but not to be confused with a pulsar or neutron star. I think the James Webb telescope is going to answer some of these questions. this is why we need to get outside of the box. Ground based optical telescopes are really seriously limited by optical distortion, illusions. AzNuggetBob
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    I can just hear James Webb's mother now...."you'll burn your eye out kid!!!"
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    Wow. I didn't realize the Webb Telescope was going to orbit the sun. That will put things in a whole new perspective.
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    The yellow is most likely limonite. The interior.... mostly magnetite with a little hematite.
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    Yes, mixtures are common. It is not a meteorite. billpeters
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    I try to explain to folks that have never experienced "the desert," that living in it, and being "out" in it, are two very different things.
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    Thanks Saul, you nailed it and I was in the clueless category
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    Thanks, Pairadiceau. It was pure fortuitousness that DolanDave posted a photo of an obscure object belonging to one of the very few subjects about which I actually happen to know something. By one means or another, my mother's side of the family has been involved in the making and/or selling of tobacco pipes for something like 13 generations, including me. My grandmother's half brother (not one of my gold prospecting uncles) wrote the book on identification of manufacturers of antique and obscure pipes, really the only authoritative book ever written on the subject. I'm researching and writing an updated edition, racing the clock before senility steals my interest in everything but Depends and hard candies (any day now). Some miner or ranch hand or snake oil salesman was really, really disappointed to lose that little scrap of metal. He might have replaced the band with a nice baling wire wrap to keep the stem tenon tight in the shank. Poor fellow.
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    Adam's cynicism notwithstanding, we have it nailed now. It's from a tobacco pipe made by CPF (Colossus Pipe Factory), owned by Kauffman Brothers and Bondy in New York City. The pipe to which that band belonged would have been made somewhere between ~1890 and ~1910. Stories I've heard relate that the chicken or turkey was a jibe of sorts at the Brits and their more stuffy hallmarks. Here's the nearly exact twin to your band, but from a round-stemmed pipe.
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    They do look the same. I think Saul nailed it. Cool find Dave.
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    Just trying to be helpful, youngster. Those bands fall off regularly when the stem is pulled off for cleaning, and if the briar has shrank in dry air. I've replaced many hundreds of missing bands on estate pipes, and installed many hundreds more to cover and repair cracks in briar pipe shanks.
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    I tried to negotiate with the current officers some and got no where, would love help keep it alive Fred, but my help was rejected after a couple members reached out to me. I have no opinion one way or the other and was willing to help, but...... Hope you guys can iron things out and not give all that hard work up because a few seem to take offence at any offer to rebuild. Take care my long time good friend.....
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    Very useful info for those waiting to get their 600 or 800 ... assuming those numbers work for both.