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    Holbrook A weekend hunting Holbrook with Robby and his brother. Robby and Ryan atop a dune, deciding where to look next. My first find of the weekend, a small fragment. Complete Holbrook individual in-situ. It pays to poke everything with a magnet, sometimes they turn out to be meteorites... 2.9g individual in-situ The cattle that graze in the area often extrude meteorites from the mud with their hooves; this fragment was perched waiting to be found. A Holbrook "pea" in-situ. A weathered fragment. We were walking back to the truck along the road that parallels the train tracks for an afternoon break. The areas near the train tracks are littered with lava rocks and imported rock fill for the track bed but that doesn't stop meteorite hunters from wishing that one of them was a meteorite. I was about 50' behind Robby and his brother as they reached the truck and I had been absent mindedly poking every rock along my way. I wasn't paying too much attention when one of them stuck, I figured it was just a lava rock due to it's size as most Holbrook meteorite finds now days are less than 5g. After about 15 seconds of staring in disbelief I realized I had just found a relatively large Holbrook meteorite. I called Robby and Ryan over and they pointed out their footprints that weren't two feet away from the find. Robby broke out his scale and we weighed it right away - 45.2g! This is the 3rd largest meteorite I have personally seen come out of this strewn field (the other 2 were found on the 2011 99th anniversary hunt). How many people had walked past this meteorite over the years without noticing it? Thanks, Holbrook! See you again soon!
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    I'll have to round up some more of my stories to update this thread. It's good to be back, but I'm out chasing the gold again, so I'll post when I can. All the best, Lanny
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    Gotta get the trash out before the gold shows itself! It has a lot of pride ya know! It just doesn't want to associate itself with having come from the 'wrong side' of the wash! 😉
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    Ya better Lanny, you were gone a spell and bet ya got some tales and yeller.......
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    Wait a minute ???,..... If you worked that wash, ....where did all those metal-treasures come from?????? I could almost say the same about (too many) of my spots, except I am not only "not" finding any of those metal-treasures in them ( of late), but I am also "not" finding any nuggets in them either,....."YIKES !!" Hang in there. Gary
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    Wow! Talk about a perfect day for detecting? It was really nice out there. Hit an area we got two dinks from about 4 yrs ago. Wash got moved around a bit, and we were able to find this little fat guy. 1.2 grams. Not much of a story. Only down about 3 or 4 inches. It did give a very weird signal. Kind of a broken high/low. Like a piece of small wire. Dont know why. Its fat and solid. Maybe the ground or something???? Tom H.
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    Happy Birthday Bill, I hope you have a great day, if you twist her arm maybe Tammy will take you out to find a nugget or two!!
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    Damn that's not good, he should of been a little more careful, if he was that experienced he should never picked up the snake with just his hands, I feel sad for his wife! I'm a snake wrangler, been catching snakes since I could remember walking, most everyone in my neighborhood and all of my close friends calls me when they spot a poisonous snake in their yards and some call me no matter what kind of snake it is, but my daddy didn't raise no dummy, the only snakes I will handle with my hands are nonposionous snakes and even then you can get a bad infection from even a nonpoisonous snake bite if you don't clean it properly and apply a anti-bacterial ointment soon after the bite, I never get any part of my body within strike range of a poisonous snake, I use a snake stick or any stick if I don't have my snake stick, and gently prod the snake to get them moving and I use a black cloth bag on a hoop or a black deep bucket and the snake will crawl right into the bag or bucket because they think it's a hidey hole, all the snake wants to do is get to a safe place, the dark interior of the bag or bucket is very appealing to them to hide out, I have never seen a snake that wants to be confrontational, all they're trying to do is get away but if all else fails they will defend themselves the only way they know how. I relocate all of the snakes into the deep woods, at a mininum of 3 to 5 miles away from where I catch them, snakes are territorial food wise, they are there usually because of a food source and will return to the catch area if not taken well away from there, a mile or two usually isn't far enough.
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    Oy, the snake bites his left hand, and then the guy offers it his right. The story makes no mention of the amount of alcohol consumed prior to the incident. I was bitten once in Saline Valley, California, when I was 16. The dratted thing came out of a small creosote bush that I'd already pushed aside to look under -- obviously I hadn't looked hard enough. It felt like a branch whacked my shin bone. As isolated as that valley was (is), I was fortunate that the snake struck the flat of my tibia, where there's not much meat. When I pulled up my pant leg, there was a dribble of venom running down the outside of my shin -- it looked like a lot of venom to me, all on the wrong side (from the snake's perspective) of my skin. The after effects were limited to a small swelling, and no more pain than a bad wasp sting. I did not offer the snake an opportunity to bite my other leg.
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    Hey Tammy, your poke looks a lot like mine. Some days it's like that and I save all my junk, I've got boxes of the stuff. Old Tom
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    It is kind of cool how many of the odd signals are gold, even blanking where the signal is interrupted by a "null" Better dig..... Still an interruption of the threshold thus a signal with no sound....
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    LOL learning to be prepared for all those dang lead shots are gold is the key..... What a good day that will be.
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    WSPA is alive. It is more 'private' than public and probably better that way. Every month there is a 'find of the month' and there is also a 'give away' type of contest. That keeps people coming back. There are 4-6 outings each year with a coin hunt and the club has a couple of claims. Most of the time the membership is maxed out and there is money in the bank. The real problem is that people are busy with their lives and don't have time for building club value. I wasn't one of the original members but have been a member for a few years now. I'm on the board and things are just kinda going along. There are fewer and fewer claim owners who want to open up their claims to a bunch of club members. Where should it go and who should lead it is a problem for many clubs right now. We've had a couple of Southern California Clubs come close to folding for lack of leadership and participation. Organizing miners and prospectors is about like herding cats. Everyone has an attitude and an idea but at some point you have to take votes and move together and that is when you start to lose members who disagree. As Fred says WSPA 'is what it is.' He was going to be President which would have been good for most of us but David has also done a good job. I like my WSPA membership. Don't judge a group based upon those you disagree with. If someone can dislike or disagree so be it. If someone has a really good idea and it is not accepted by a group, it probably makes sense to incorporate another non-profit and start another group. I belong to several so I can use the claims. I'm much more of a follower than a leader. I wish Kevin and Bill would start a new group. I'm ready to join. Mitchel
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    I tried to negotiate with the current officers some and got no where, would love help keep it alive Fred, but my help was rejected after a couple members reached out to me. I have no opinion one way or the other and was willing to help, but...... Hope you guys can iron things out and not give all that hard work up because a few seem to take offence at any offer to rebuild. Take care my long time good friend.....
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    yes, the WSPA is still around. I don't know nor care why some folks have a burr in their pants regarding WSPA. True, the WSPA has never been what the original founders envisioned. It may or may not survive...like all things, WSPA will live or die...not a big dea;l just the way it is. I miss having Bill as a member and others...but it is what it is. A web-based Association is difficult to keep going. IT is still going... I like every body I have met in the WSPA; some more than others... Fred
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    WSPA website has had no up dates since 2015 ...My opinion, having been one of the charter members, WSPA became kinda like an amateur, ego driven insiders' club...Too many rules and restrictions and secrecy...I cancelled after my first year ... The club does not appear to exist any more, but I'm sure that some WSPA folks are on Bills and/or Robs forums...Cheers, Unc
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    P.M. me if your serious.....this is an exceptional piece of gold...found many years ago by yours truly ... Has some incredible striations , modified octahedrons....and skeletal structures. This piece would be a great addition to any collection, museum or private. 23mm x 10mm x 8mm weight 1.27 grams.
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    Hi to everyone, I'm not sure if I introduced myself previously. Just getting back from nowhere. Anyway, retired, 62 yr old male, veteran, fulltiming in my rv with my dog mikey. Although I'm looking for a few acres to buy where I could plant this rv and call it home base. I'm starting to get tired of driving around in circles. A few yrs back I decided to put on my last hat. Prospecter/ rockhound. Hasn't really took off yet. Doing research, bought some equipment, metal detectors, joined some clubs. Right now I'm in the Rye Patch NV area for a month. Trying out my GM 1000 and looking at land for sale. I have been hiking the mountains in this area, finding spectacular hidden springs, green gullies, bedrock formations, lots of cows. Not what I expected. And still no flakes or nuggets. I've come to realize that it's my own shortcomings that are getting in the way. i.e. frustration, impatience, procrastination, social isolation, (that's a big one). I need a better understanding of navigating public lands, gps. A place to call home with a mailing address would be a plus. That is me in a nutshell. I would like to ask this community for advice, direction, any help, or criticisms, not only for prospecting minerals, also personal hurdles I've mentioned above. I hope to make some friends and maybe meet and share stories along the way. With Respect, Stephen
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    I keep two case's of MRE'S just for that! Grubstake
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    Wow! Still with some host quartz in it. Those look really nice. You know what to do Hammer the heck out of that area. Good luck to ya! Tom H.
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    I found this document https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/MAP Proposed Travel Management Plans 1 Mar 2017.pdf which shows how the BLM is planning on restricting access to our lands in AZ. Appears since 2014 they have restricted access to a small part of the state, centered around populated areas, but by 2019 will have restricted about 40% of the state. I think this would be a good thing to stop, based off of Trump's Presidential Executive Order on Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs. Part of this says "Sec. 2. Regulatory Cap for Fiscal Year 2017. (a) Unless prohibited by law, whenever an executive department or agency (agency) publicly proposes for notice and comment or otherwise promulgates a new regulation, it shall identify at least two existing regulations to be repealed." I was really upset finding the road to a detecting area closed to motorized use. I can not even imagine the cost of putting signs up in the middle of nowhere. This is a lot more than just four PVC claim markers. These are thousands of signs going up in areas that see little, if any traffic. A lot of which will get the "No motorized vehicle access" sign put up.
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    I think it's better to get organizations like public lands for the people, hunting, and 4WD clubs to sponsor something. If all I do is write the white house nothing will happen. The white house gets way too much to answer everyone of those E-Mails. I may feel good by doing the petition, but working alone will be nothing.
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    If you can get the President's attention on this is the best bet IMHO, there are severel venues to try and do so, you can write or call the Whitehouse, but if it will get to the President is unknown, but possible, another is to start a petition and if you get enough signers it will be presented to the President, it is well known that the President uses Twitter so it's another venue to try and get his attention. Here's a link explaining how to go about calling and or writing the Whitehouse, if you try and get as many people as possible to do the same it will most likely get the attention of the President, the more the merrier, a form letter would help get others in on this but having everyone change it up a bit to make it a more personalized/in their owm words type letter would be more affective, IMHO. . https://www.whitehouse.gov/get-involved/write-or-call/ Here's a link to Petitions.Whitehouse.gov, unfortunately the site is down and under maintenance and won't be back online until late January, once you start a petition you will have to pursue/spread it online through social media to get others to sign it so it will get to the Whitehouse/President's attention, if the petition get's enough attention on social media it will spread like wildfire and ensure you get the required number of signatures, which use to be around 20,000 or so. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions Now for Twitter, here's a link to the President's Twitter account. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump IMHO it would be best to pursue all the above and there's other ways out there to possibly get the President's attention, by doing a online search for contacting the President may bring up other ways to do so.
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    I think we have between three and seven year window to stop this if we act now. I'm just not sure what to do. I feel an email to a senator would go wholly unnoticed, not because its not important, its just to easy so everyone does it. We're in the beginning of change now. Its like we got a new boss at work and no one thinks anything is going to change, but it is, and most don't believe it or don't think it will last. If this is brought up early, than awesome. Approached the right way, this will be stopped where its at or even reversed. If the Hassanyumpa BLM office has nothing to do except create travel management plans, time to close it. Since the BLM reorganized their website, the Wickenburg area TMP links are broke and I can't even open the maps. I am waiting to get a new quad, but if I can't drive down the roads I want, I don't want to buy it. I can't download the maps for these travel management plans to see what roads are open and closed. Right now, all I can do is drive down the roads and hope I don't see a closed to motorized traffic sign. The roads they are closing are on historical maps. The one I'm using to plan my trip is a 1965 1:24k USGS map.
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    I am thinking when the scale buttons start getting worn out you'all been finding some gold