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    WSPA website has had no up dates since 2015 ...My opinion, having been one of the charter members, WSPA became kinda like an amateur, ego driven insiders' club...Too many rules and restrictions and secrecy...I cancelled after my first year ... The club does not appear to exist any more, but I'm sure that some WSPA folks are on Bills and/or Robs forums...Cheers, Unc
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    yes, the WSPA is still around. I don't know nor care why some folks have a burr in their pants regarding WSPA. True, the WSPA has never been what the original founders envisioned. It may or may not survive...like all things, WSPA will live or die...not a big dea;l just the way it is. I miss having Bill as a member and others...but it is what it is. A web-based Association is difficult to keep going. IT is still going... I like every body I have met in the WSPA; some more than others... Fred
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    We joined for just 1/2 year, promo to join in Aug with renewal in Jan. Eh? Didn't care too much for that shenanigans. Nice meeting some of the members but left after one outing.
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    400 shipped to CONUS only, paypal payment. I have too many detectors, took this one out of the box assembled it and it's been standing in my closet unused new condition. Whenever I go out my T2 goes with me so the Lobo doesn't get used. Ups ground with tracking shipping.
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    Some may have notice the absence of Swampstomper Al, he hasn't been on the forum since December 26, 2017 and also on at least two other forums I know he's normally somwhat active, about mid February I was past being more than concerned as to what had happened to him as he is normally a very actice forum membe here and on the other forumsr, soafter another week went by I took advantage of my Administrative forum permissions and use his registered email address to send him a personal email which I don't normally use or devulge to others a member's email address without permission from that member but since he hasn't been here I couldn't ask for that permission. I got no reply and was really getting seriously worried about him, BUT finally yesterday he did reply, he hadn't been checking his email since the first of the year with all that has happened. A day or so after Christmas he woke up and his legs and feet were severely swollen, so much so he couldn't even hardly get out of bed and when he was able to get up and if he accidently bumped into something his skin would just break open, he finally was able to get to his allergist and he was having a severe reaction to his new allergy meds, he had ran out of his normal perscription he had been taking for many years and couldn't get it refilled as no one couldn't match what it was, it seems mostly because it was a formulation from an allergist up north and Al couldn't no longer get a hold of the actual formulation info, now in Florida he had a local allergist try and match the formula as best he could and he had been taking the new formula for 3 years, so it seems it had built up in his system and now he was having very bad reactions from the new formula. Now he on the road to recovery and not going downhill any longer and actually much better, but it's going to take some time for him to get back to his normal self and I'm sure we'll see him back posting again once he's able to get out detecting again. If all of ya'll will keep him in your thoughts and or prayers I know it will do a world of good and he will for sure appreciate it!!!
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    Eaaa. Look what happened last night !!! Mators ! Now the Game Begins ! Who's going to get them ? ME or Them ? You Know their Watching !
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    A Ha now I know why i seen them marching towards that MATER patch in full rain gear !
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    Ready for another hunt honey!😂
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    Thanks, Bill. I love my 7000 but I loved my 3500...hope you and Tammy have fun this weekend! fred
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    New president for the WSPA David Zirklebach (David Z) 714 420-6890 picobusman@yahoo.com
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    Yes, I think they are still around but have no contact information. There's probably a waiting list to get in though.
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    Not sure if posting links is permitted here. If you Google "WSPA gold" the website comes up top of the results. It looks sorta inactive.
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    Aww geez, Al... Sorry to hear you had such a terrible reaction, and I'm glad you're on the mend now. Be well, my friend! Lisa
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    Wishing the best for you bud. Get well soon.
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    Hi everyone, thank you for your replies. This stone is magnetic and pretty heavy as well. I found it in Chile. I'll look for an expert, wish me luck.
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    Praying for you Al. Hope all is getting better.
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    Found cactus and some gold today Warming up out there Here`s some insitu shots ....
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    Does it attract a magnet, or try a streak test. If you don't have a piece of tile use the top of your toilet lid. Use the unfinished surface on the inside to scratch your rock on. You are looking to see if the rock will leave any color streak. If you have no streak or not much, you may have a meteorite.
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    Boy you really have the FEVER BAD don't you , see what Bill has done to you!!
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    Vailtribe, if you found that glass in Egypt, and not in Minnesota, it's possible that you found a piece of Judean green glass. In Roman times, a variety of very heavy green glass was made from sand at sites along the Har HaKarmel (Carmel Mountains) foothills in coastal Judea (northern Israel). The glass was valuable, and was sold to glassblowers throughout the empire. The glass came out of the Judean kilns in blobs weighing several tons each, which were then broken into pieces for distribution to glass blowers who made items such as goblets and jewelry and window panes. The goblets, et cetera, were sometimes fancified by goldsmiths (elsewhere, not in Judea). Broken pieces of glassware made from Judean green glass can be found throughout the empire, including in Egypt. The Vatican has the only known unbroken glassware made from Judean glass (dated to ~400-500 CE). There was another, more valuable, green glass made near Alexandria in Roman times. Or you might have found a melted 7-Up bottle.
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    It's just plain old glass. The bubbles are the telltale sign. Green obsidian is extremely rare, and almost always opaque. It never is as translucent as the piece you have.
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    The great side of glass is faceting lead crystal. Some of the most beautiful stones I have seen cut. Lots of color flash from the crystal....... Who has heard of Fordite? Paint and body shops used to pour out leftover paint on the ground in back of their shops. After hardening for a couple of years the layers of paint form beautiful color schemes. If it is made into cabochons it is really beautiful also
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    When I was about 8, I melted a few old dump-heap bottles in the campfire. They produced globs of beautiful deep green glass, which I then placed among the loose rock along the rear wall of a drift that my uncle Otto was working. He spent half a morning trying to figure out what mineral they were. It wasn't that he couldn't identify glass, but the location where he found it, that stumped him. Time wasting wasn't Otto's favorite pastime. He was miffed. A week or so earlier, I'd learned that children of the goyim got two full days of rest from school work every week, and that they actually got summers off entirely, and I'd just spent half my summer in the desert, sorting for reuse a snake-infested pile of old timbers, pulling and straightening bent nails and spikes, while still studying six hours a day, six days a week. Wasting Uncle Otto's time with the glass was my protest against having been born in the wrong tent. Now, I look back on that time working for Otto and my grandfather and my other uncles as some of the best experiences of my life, but then, not so much. Of course, I've since learned that some of my gentile friends also had uncles, and also grew up more familiar with pry bars than with Tinker Toys. Yep, that campfire glass can be pretty, but it sure can get you into trouble.
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    Ha! There probably aren't many Russian-Jewish jokes I haven't heard (my father's side of the family has a lengthy history with the Russians), but you found one that's new to me, Garimpo. In keeping with the theme (sort of) ... A Russian Jew wants to immigrate to America. The local commissar calls him in for questioning. Commissar: Haven't we allowed you the right to worship in your synagogue? Jewish emigrant: I can't complain. Commissar: Haven't we let you live in peace with your fellow Jews? Emigrant: I can't complain. Commissar: Haven't we allowed you to travel freely within and beyond the village? Emigrant: I can't complain. Commissar: Haven't we allowed you to teach your children Torah? Emigrant: I can't complain. Commissar: Haven't we let you practice your profession? Emigrant: I can't complain. Commissar: Then why in the name of the Czar do you want to go to America? Emigrant: There, I can complain!