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    I've found that learning to enjoy to the time out is key!!! Finding a nugget-er-3 or more...is a bonus. AND Most of all ... I'm guaranteed to find a backache every time out.
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    Have been hunting for three days in a row..first day..3 nuggets...by the way so exciting! Second day worked hard..dug a lot of hot rock and got to a point of cussing and a short tantrum came on..which Bill witnessed..on the ride home I thought about the hunt and decided not to get so frustrated..3rd day went well climbed a waterfall and we hunted for a bit. I found nothing but trash..and the same at other spots..guess what I'm trying to say is there has been moments of just being hot..or my body was quite sore....but I've learn patience is the key and do not let hunting overwhelm you..sorry to ramble on..just my thoughts from a new prospector­čśü
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    Here are the couple of nuggets found in a new to me area. The larger one was sun baking even though I was in the shade at the time.
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    Do I need any experience in finding gold? I only know how to pan, but watch gold rush often enough to copy there system.
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    I was offered a job boss job there in the 90s but last one got killed by a hippo so stayed home-John
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    Wife's birthday week of prospecting coming up next month. She found a nice nugget in the Eugene's last year and we will be going back but want some other areas to hunt as well without looking over our shoulder. Are the Hycroft claims still open to metal detectorist? May also take some time at Sawtooth. Beginning my research now.
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    My dear special friend Mr. Dash, I am Sir Saul, BARRISTER, representing said mining opportunity for the heirs of the late High Prince Abernathy Glockenspiel of the Republic of Tanganyika. We welcome your participation in this once in a lifetime opportunity for riches and wealths of your dreaming. Yes, knowing how to pan will be helpful, as will knowing how to panhandle. My dear friend, all that is needed is your US$ banking information, so that we can begin transferring the wealth inheritance of the Kings and Princes HIDDEN GOLD MINE into your US$ bank account, which I trust, because you are my dear friend, that you will give me my moderate and very small 10% USD$ after our HIDDEN TANGANYIKA GOLD MINE NEVER BEFORE SEEN BY OUTSIDERS mining venture has concluded amicably for all participants, as I know it will because trust is so good between dear friends. This information will be needed to make the requisite arrangements and to avoid delay of your GOLD MINES VISA (not available for foreigners, unless you should already have a dear friend (as myself) in the Republic of Tanganyika to arrange your timely entrance to the HIDDEN GOLD MINE, the location only known to myself and three deceased dead Princes and Kings who are now dead without heirs but who have given me a secret MAP!!!. After you my friend send me your US of America certified Social Securities numbers, your home address, your birth date, and your mothers maiden names and your CHECKING ACCOUNT information for wealths transfer purposes ONLY, I will transfer to you REGISTERD from the First National Banque of Dar Salami the first installment $14000000000 (fourteen billions of USD dollars $$) to assist you in buying gold pans for the adventure of GREAT WEALTHS and RICHES!!!. Also I will send you the SECRET MAP, so you know I am your dear friend. Do not wait to do this opportunity with me, your special friend. Time to wait and think will enable PIRATES to steal the WEALTHS. Respectfully yours, Sir Saul, BARRISTER (your dear friend)
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    Really seems to me a lot of capable companies create LLCs by raising investor capitol and then spend it in the hopes that they can get a good thing going, and it totally fails. With numbers like that, I would expect this to fail as soon as investor capital is leveraged out. If I was told my investment would be $1 per ton, I'd not invest. I hope its a bad month, and gold production will ramp up. Met someone a few years ago who had been hired to take core samples in the local area, but his core sample did not go that deep, and he staked a lot of claims, all incorrectly, and lost them all. Still no production in the area. To me that was financed by a bunch of investors, and this mine is a larger scale.
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    You're learning quickly. Ten years from now, you'll write a gold-getting book.
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    I've used HFL acid many times and it is nasty stuff...There are relatively easy to understand and follow rules, but you can't take shortcuts or be sloppy...you really can die from the stuff ... If you get a drop on you it goes straight to the bone then starts spreading through your body ... At that moment it is pretty much too late to do anything about it...Post Toasties fer your butt... I used to set up powerful fans to blow away the fumes and a big big box of baking soda to neutralize any uh-ohs ... But I was so covered in gloves and other protective coverings that I never had a problem ...Gotta move slow and deliberate at every step and you'll be OK ... If you don't want to respect HFL as it requires, don't even consider messing with it...A nugget you might upgrade by $100 ain't worth it.... Cheers, Unc
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    AZ nugget shooting mantra: OOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Then repeat....Kinda a nuggie call! ... Cheers, Unc
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    Think of it as your exercise program The gold is just a bonus! Tom H.
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    You're doing great Darlin '
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    I am well versed in the use of HFL and use it often to remove host rock like quartz from a specimen, vinegar and salt will not remove quartz and leave results like with the nugget above above or this one which the host rock was removed from in 2 days.......
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    Words of wisdom...... We dig allot of holes and gold is only in a few of them. Tis the quest that drives us
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    BEAUTIFUL Snake Adam, love ya for not hating it my friend. The desert is a special place and true prospectors see that and respect it.
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    You seem to be a real snake magnet lately? Too bad it doesn't work on chicks Tom H.
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    Dang, that sucker is gorgeous. I've found the black ones are meaner. I'm not racist or anything, but them black rattlesnakes have attitude. The lighter colored ones just lay back and smile up at you most of the time. .... Seriously .... And he is guarding that bedrock. Silly snake. No match for Adam and Boulder.