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    One of a kind rare 50BC Celtic gold coin I found in the U.K. A few years back....
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    Anyone else out there fancy themselves as good with a Dutch Oven? would love to hear some killer recipes....
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    I thought these were pretty cool pic. You don't see rockers much these days but they were used quite a bit back in the day...
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    Gold panning in Alaska 1889....
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    Prospecting in Pinos Altos CA, using a rocker box 1940's
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    When I was about 8, I melted a few old dump-heap bottles in the campfire. They produced globs of beautiful deep green glass, which I then placed among the loose rock along the rear wall of a drift that my uncle Otto was working. He spent half a morning trying to figure out what mineral they were. It wasn't that he couldn't identify glass, but the location where he found it, that stumped him. Time wasting wasn't Otto's favorite pastime. He was miffed. A week or so earlier, I'd learned that children of the goyim got two full days of rest from school work every week, and that they actually got summers off entirely, and I'd just spent half my summer in the desert, sorting for reuse a snake-infested pile of old timbers, pulling and straightening bent nails and spikes, while still studying six hours a day, six days a week. Wasting Uncle Otto's time with the glass was my protest against having been born in the wrong tent. Now, I look back on that time working for Otto and my grandfather and my other uncles as some of the best experiences of my life, but then, not so much. Of course, I've since learned that some of my gentile friends also had uncles, and also grew up more familiar with pry bars than with Tinker Toys. Yep, that campfire glass can be pretty, but it sure can get you into trouble.
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    Took the SDC 2300 out for a day trip on a nugget patch that supposedly already gave up its bounty. Found these little pickers hiding in the desert pavement. My dad was using his new Gold Monster on the same patch and has been skunked several times now...any advice on getting the GM tuned up? He was very successful with his Tesoro, but we can’t seem to dial in the monster yet. Cheers!
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    I was down by the river in Bullhead AZ and found a Mexican coin today....not worth much , but still a find . also found a key and several other coins.
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    Thanks! Here is another picture of it to see the size. The weight of gold vs the size will always amaze me lol
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    Sorry for the bad photo my camera on my phone is a little cracked but heres a couple bits of Wyoming gold hoping to add some more nuggets to the collection this year but we will see. The biggest is 1.67oz....
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    The skunk is finally dead and my Gold Monster has finally proven itself! What's weird is that I had 7 pieces last night when I put them on the scale. I gently swished them around and let them soak for a bit in soapy water, and now there are 8 of them! .85g total weight, all found yesterday within a foot or so from each other (except two that were maybe 6" apart), on bedrock, within about 50' from the truck. The largest nug (top, left) has a little bit of quartz still attached to one side. Sorry about the crappy smart phone photo... I just had to share the good news. While I'm waiting for the Nikon macro lens I ordered to arrive I'll clean these nuggets up a little bit. I will try to get some decent images uploaded later this week.
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    Here's another good one..
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    Mystery solved...wagon spindle! They had a cast iron bearing that was fitted into the wooden wheel. The picture shows the bearing, or boxing as it's called. I guess that was some old diggins!
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    Never heard that "Gold" song before, thanks for posting it.....LOL but I just couldn't help but be distracted by watching your avatar dancing and singing along!!
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    West Virginia coal miners......
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    power wagon on ridge in front of McKinley - Shortcut.lnkpower wagon on ridge in front of McKinley - Shortcut.lnkpower wagon on ridge in front of McKinley - Shortcut.lnkpower wagon on ridge in front of McKinley - Shortcut.lnk
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    Cornish Mine Man-Engine used to transport men from surface to bottom....
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