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    I found 3 nuggets today! My first time finding more than one!😊
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    Well I got 4 Seriously I am impressed and once she got focused and learned her detector she got good fast....
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    She's got a great teacher Bill! I know I learn something new each time I go out with you ... which reminds me we need to go out again!
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    Dragon nugget 36.2 grams
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    Here is my T Rex piece....kinda neat the way some come out of the ground.
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    Thats awesome!! Congrats... Thanks for sharing em. . . Now you need a 4dayer
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    A sad moment for many when we heard he had passed away. He was a huge contributor to astrophysics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, mathematics and never let his physical disabilities slow him down. Going to miss listening to his lectures and new ideas about space, cosmology and his theories. loved his jokes too, and regardless of his physical disabilities that grin on his face when he was sharing something new was priceless. RIP Stephen Hawking Gone but will never be forgotten. AzNuggetBob
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    This is from 1 month ago. Wifey and my "mini" honeymoon. My first detector gold. Second photo is my wife digging at night, she is a keeper. Third photo is up close, penguin?
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    Picked this up the other day. I think it's a J. Some others have other ideas. It was the last one of the day. I was walking back to get off my quad and just swinging super fast and high. All of a sudden, BAM! It blew out my headphones. It was in the grass on the top of a little rise.
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    GOD DID IT TO DRIVE MEN MAD WITH GOLD FEVER...... and it worked-John
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    Howdy everyone... gosh what a truly space deep study... Reno Chris is on the right track (Hey Chris a Mackay Mining graduate Mike Lucas has recently sent a free-lance article which may answer this and other questions. Mike is a friend of mine and I suggested he first submit to the ICMJ.) I hope it is accepted... but who am I Also Chris since you have access to the Mackay/State Bureau of Mines and can access a copy of "Shand" (S.J. Shand Professor of Geology and Mineralogy U of S South Africa), he has a chapter on Meteorites. Chapter XV. The title of his book is ERUPTIVE ROCKS and it was a reference book for many years at Mackay. AzNuggetsBob... Yes Sir: your question has really stirred the pot. ... You speak and I listen... jim
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    Cool specimen I got a while back, it amazes me how gold forms within host....
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    This was just under 1 ounce, notice the bent over piece,it had a piece of gravel tucked inside.
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    I did not know diamonds can have trigon patterns..pretty cool. Here is another unusal find from years back. I think this although a bit over a gram..is unique. Looks like a bug, locust.
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    Ron I am fortunate to have a cousin to your dachshund nug...... This was found by Garimpo (Don) in Brazil and he gifted it to me.
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    My buddy Mark recently found this one. I labeled it the Dachshund Nugget for obvious reasons.
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    Nice story Lanny, but I see this type of thing happen often! Lest we do a complete cleanup- ourselves "all the time" HH rokdodger
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    Brings back that old prospectors saying; "a man should always scan his own bedrock." Flak
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    Ahhh, Lanny -- that brings back sweet memories. Sooo right on! Thanks for sharing and taking me back along a humbling learning curve we all likely have traveled maybe more than we care to admit.
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    Bottom line, as always, the machine is only as good as the man behind it,and one was very lacking. tons a au 2 u 2 N free Canada LNAB-John :yuk-yuk:
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    Well to me, it just shows that there are many ways to get at the Gold. Both work! Both found Gold......I am always happy to be either one of them....