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    Here are 15 nuggets that I snagged from a club claim last week. This is a great time of the year in the high desert of SoCal.
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    Northern California Man Discovers Massive Gold Nugget on Easter Sunday.A lucky metal detectorist is feeling really good this week after finding a gold nugget of a lifetime. The undisclosed person struck a strong signal with his metal detector and hoisted a back breaking nugget from the earth. Estimated to be worth over $300,000 and could fetch more at auction.
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    And my third spouse has it all.
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    Actual nugget under x30. Was too pretty to pass up an opportunity to post.
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    Well after coming home with my tail between my legs from quartzsite, last weekend.... today i finally beat the skunk! Iv been working this area for a few weeks now and the chunks keep getting bigger and rougher... Seems like a good sign! just keep wondering just how far a nugget can travel (in the desert conditions) and still be all chunky and crystally lookin? All of the nuggets iv found in this area have been well worn and rounded, except for these which iv found further up the drainage. Not much but steep hillsides left at this point. The two skunk busters on the scale came out of the same hole.. love that! .
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    Tough time in the hills yesterday.....Only one little 3 grain piece of gold and one 3 foot rattlesnake.... Hard to see..... Well here`s a better look...
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    Offering an incredible example of wire gold made into a stickpin sometime between 1850's to late 1800's. Wiregold specimens rarely come this size these days....a great collectible piece for any collection. All reasonable offers will be considered....p.m. for more information.
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    Gosh darn it!!! ... Aren't you flying that thing yet? LOL! Slow and steady ... no mistakes as they are a bit costly once airborne!
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    Nice Martin ... Makes me want to skip these Tax preps and go prospecting instead!
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    Building intake and exhaust flanges this morning. I used stainless steel tubing for both the intake manifolds and the exhaust stacks. The flanges are simply 1/4" 6061 aluminum drilled, then cut to shape. I have a sheet of annealed copper that I will use for gasket material. That should insure a long leak free service life.
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    I'm from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, love collecting coins and meteorite
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    I'm from Malaysia, and I'm a coin collector and also a meteorite collector :-)
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    Did he find it in an Easter egg? I like the close up photo's. AzNuggetBob
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    Welcome Saul. All the gold is in NYS now.
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    Dang nice score on those! Tom H.
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    I keep two case's of MRE'S just for that! Grubstake
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    Very nice, thanks for posting the gold porn for us!!
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    I think I'll go visit my Niece in Apple Valley.
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    Welcome Zul, nice to have you on the forum!
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    Welcome and yes tell us about yourself
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    Welcome Zul! Where you from and what do you do as a prospector?
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    I was gonna say....a human could not lift that thing! Good Photoshop though. Nice little nugget! Tom H.
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    Man! That thing is cool looking. Nugget looks ok also Tom H.
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