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    Well after coming home with my tail between my legs from quartzsite, last weekend.... today i finally beat the skunk! Iv been working this area for a few weeks now and the chunks keep getting bigger and rougher... Seems like a good sign! just keep wondering just how far a nugget can travel (in the desert conditions) and still be all chunky and crystally lookin? All of the nuggets iv found in this area have been well worn and rounded, except for these which iv found further up the drainage. Not much but steep hillsides left at this point. The two skunk busters on the scale came out of the same hole.. love that! .
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    I was down by the river in Bullhead AZ and found a Mexican coin today....not worth much , but still a find . also found a key and several other coins.
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    Tiangong 1’s decaying orbit strongly favors a northern hemisphere reentry point. On each of its passes into the northern hemisphere the satellite drops to its lowest perigee latitude at about 30.5+ degrees north. It should be at this latitude that will begin to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere. It will drop further over the next 2000 miles or so until it reaches about 62 miles high and begins to burn up. Major breakup will occur at about 48-45 miles high. I would expect it to be observed and pieces fall somewhere between 36+ and 42+ north latitude. This part of the Earth is 50% land. My guess on a fall zone (if over land) would be Central Asia, East Asia, Southern Europe, or the USA, pretty much in that order. The very calm solar corona these past few days will extend the reentry to, my guess, late morning to early afternoon April 1, US time. I kinda hope it returns to China. For latest orbital details go to and reclick every 10 minutes for further updates http://www.aerospace.org/CORDSuploads/TiangongStoryboard.png To observe one more time yourself before it crashes got to www.heavens-above.org and enter your observing address and click Tiangong 1. billpeters
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    Hey all... So I set out today with the intent of finding some gold with the Equinox 800 I picked up from Bill last month. I went back to the hillside patch known as "My First Dink Patch". Myself and several others have been over this ground a few times and I've really 'hit it hard' with the SDC. I figured it would be a good place to start, and also to see how the 800 handles the ground. Right off, I was finding birdshot that I missed with the SDC. The very smallest ones and they were all very old. After the third piece of lead, I started thinking it was just a matter of time until I turned up a little dink. After about an hour and a half, I got a loud 'mixed' signal right in the open part of the patch. The part that also serves as the path you walk through on the way across the hillside. The numbers were jumping all over and I didn't even have to scrape down to bedrock before the target was in the scoop. Not sure how I missed it before.... The smallest of the two was found later with the SDC, down in the bedrock, on the side of the wash after I decided to pick up an old pull tab. Pretty happy with the first 800 gold. It's a nice wiry piece and definitely one of a kind. Good Luck out there !! Luke
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    A good friend of mine John Morley Sr of Joshua Tree Ca picked up this nice specimen today in Ca. I asked his permission to share and he ok’d it. He was swinging a GPX 4800. We’ve prospected together for quite a few years now and have been up and down the wash he was in. This is such an impressive find considering the location is a club claim and has been SCOURED. I’m super happy for him and his hard work and luck. 20+ grams as it sits.
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    I had to repair my "test nugget" again today, been about 5 years since it fell apart last, I retape it with clear packing tape an she's good for a few more years of abuse. Is anyone familiar with this prospecting shop that was in Azusa Calif.? I traded there in 1979-81 and bought this card with the test nug there. I wondered if anyone knew of Jerry Hobbs and the Shop ? This daaum nugget test card is THAT OLD ! Yup jest about 38 years.
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    Small coil (6") will be available in late May or early June.
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    I have added a simple brochure from UCLA Collection of Meteorites that you can review and it will help you determine if you have a meteorite. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/101421522673623412677/albums/5980102290642930001 Mitchel
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    I've been collecting for a year or so now. Well re starting my collection. I've found these beautiful pieces. Any thoughts on them?
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    Actually, baking soda will weaken the effectiveness of the vinegar, especially if using a 50/50 mixture. The idea of the baking soda probably was to give a little scrubbing action as it fizzed away. Of course, salt will do the same thing if you shake the bottle some before it dissolves. Silica never dissolves, all you need is to gently roll the jar a complete turn just a few times, holding the bottle at about a 45 degree angle. If more action is needed, swirl the bottom contents a little as you rotate the bottle around, but still be very gentle as doing it.
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    I love, love, LOVE that test card! So much useful weight refererence info on there. I've been to / through Azusa several times (2004 - 2007) but I didn't know about that shop - sadly, it was probably long gone by then.
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    I remember Jerry advertising his store in the mining magazines in the early 80's Here's a link dedicated to Jerry. RIP http://www.goldprospectors.org/News/News-Details/ArtMID/3269/ArticleID/72/UPDATE-Mining-Legend-leaves-Legacy-of-Hope
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    Coworker was able to put it together in a few minutes. Guess I am not a puzzle guy.
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    Yup, I agree. They are still out there. Good on your friend for sharing and reminding us all!!
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    I also got an 800 from Bill and although I have not tried it out in the goldfields yet, I have spent about 25 hours using it on a beach near me and a park. On the beach it is deadly, period. I used it in mostly dry sand but even in wet sand and with the coil submerged, it sounds off clearly. The time spent in the park has also been surprisingly productive. I started out using the presets and gradually changed the settings to ways that suit my style and my ear. The 800 has a tonal language all it's own and it is important to pay attention to how it works because it has some "tells" that must be learned first-hand. At this stage I can say with certainty that I know the sound of clad pennies and unless there are other sounds coming in, prefer not to dig them and don't have to when I rely on the clarity of the signals the 800 gives. It discriminates surprisingly well and by that I mean there have been a good number of times I have heard a target under a ferrous sound. The 800 has a great many ways you can customize it to your way of hunting and to your auditory and visual preferences. I have found several hundred coins, a couple of (not valuable) rings and a bunch other assorted odds and ends. Although I am primarily a P.I. user (GPZ 7000 and GPX 5000), my overall impression is that for an experienced detectorist or a beginner this is the best machine I have ever used - but you must read the manual and watch some of the very generous videos that have been made by experienced users, they will put you ahead of your normal learning curve. I have included a link to one of the best videos I have seen and the one I used to set up my Park 1 settings in case you are interested. Thank you again Bill for your help and your clarity with how the orders were going.
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    I agree. Even broken tips or the slightest chip can reduce it's value significantly. Those are some gorgeous pieces but I don't know if I would consider them rare. The Brushy Creek Mine has produced literally tons of mineral specimens over the years. I've seen plenty of aragonite specimens from the Northern Lights Mine as well. Just contact as many dealers as you can to get an idea on how to proceed.
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    You really need to go to a high end mineral dealer for an appraisal ...beautiful pieces.....thanks for sharing.
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    After 1 hour..... Safely diluted and proper safety (learned the hard way some time ago) Not sure how much more I want to do, but didn't want to let it go overnight. May let it go a bit more tomorrow....
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    Do you have 4WD vehicle with you? Wrap a chain,rope cable. QUAD/sidexside with a winch. WORSE case scenario, dig out one side an prybar it over !
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    No, it clearly isn't.
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    Cannabis had been CA's gold for decades, it's been the #1 cash crop as long as I've been alive.
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    Cool find. With a different shaft, that wheel would make a wonderful fly for a blacksmith's trip hammer.
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    Whats a Glacial Moraine ? Where can I get one ?