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    Hey all... So I set out today with the intent of finding some gold with the Equinox 800 I picked up from Bill last month. I went back to the hillside patch known as "My First Dink Patch". Myself and several others have been over this ground a few times and I've really 'hit it hard' with the SDC. I figured it would be a good place to start, and also to see how the 800 handles the ground. Right off, I was finding birdshot that I missed with the SDC. The very smallest ones and they were all very old. After the third piece of lead, I started thinking it was just a matter of time until I turned up a little dink. After about an hour and a half, I got a loud 'mixed' signal right in the open part of the patch. The part that also serves as the path you walk through on the way across the hillside. The numbers were jumping all over and I didn't even have to scrape down to bedrock before the target was in the scoop. Not sure how I missed it before.... The smallest of the two was found later with the SDC, down in the bedrock, on the side of the wash after I decided to pick up an old pull tab. Pretty happy with the first 800 gold. It's a nice wiry piece and definitely one of a kind. Good Luck out there !! Luke
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    Coworker was able to put it together in a few minutes. Guess I am not a puzzle guy.
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    Well after coming home with my tail between my legs from quartzsite, last weekend.... today i finally beat the skunk! Iv been working this area for a few weeks now and the chunks keep getting bigger and rougher... Seems like a good sign! just keep wondering just how far a nugget can travel (in the desert conditions) and still be all chunky and crystally lookin? All of the nuggets iv found in this area have been well worn and rounded, except for these which iv found further up the drainage. Not much but steep hillsides left at this point. The two skunk busters on the scale came out of the same hole.. love that! .
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    Talk to the MEN in BLACK and all will be revealed Mike C...
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    I just want to know if they are documented or undocumented ALIENS.
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    What's all the Fuss ? Their here all the time in New Mexico. Hell Bert stops in for a Beer now and then.
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    Skunk works is at it again. you have wonder why do they love to test their latest over Az.? AzNuggetBob
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    Wow! Still with some host quartz in it. Those look really nice. You know what to do Hammer the heck out of that area. Good luck to ya! Tom H.
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    WTG Luke seems to be a good all around beeper and yes it has my interest as well but Im holding out to see whats around the corner and then make a decision Hopefully ML will come out with a smaller coil soon and make it really good for tiny gold dinks Mike C...
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    A good friend of mine John Morley Sr of Joshua Tree Ca picked up this nice specimen today in Ca. I asked his permission to share and he ok’d it. He was swinging a GPX 4800. We’ve prospected together for quite a few years now and have been up and down the wash he was in. This is such an impressive find considering the location is a club claim and has been SCOURED. I’m super happy for him and his hard work and luck. 20+ grams as it sits.
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    Wow Nice,very nice finds. your close to the source. don't forget to look up. AzNuggetBob
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    yes way to go luke doesnt seem to matter which machine you have in your hand these days...
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    WTG!! Im sensing some macro photos on that bigger one. Dang. You could probably go out with a butter knife and find gold Nice finds. Tom H.
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    Man.... Should've gone to G'ville last weekend. Congrats on the awesome finds Mike. Looks like there's going to be more where that came from. Hopefully I can get down there before you find them all. Have a good one !! Luke
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    Awesome, Luke...Minelab keeps knocking it out of the ballpark with this new technology.
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    No, they can be used with headphones or external speakers. Tone adjustment and volume are two different things. The control on that device is a volume control. Sorry, no Idea of what model it is, but it does appear to be a signal enhancer/booster. Wheres your battery for the detector? Get Doc`s Power pack / enhancer combo or whatever its called now. It will be a life changing moment . Just do it !
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    Yeah, I didn't get it just for gold nuggets. I wanted a good 'all-round' beeper so if I ever get into a relic area or end up at the beach I'd be able to play. Just wanted to check "finding a gold nugget' off the list for this machine. I'm looking forward to the smaller coil too.
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    Are we sure it was not Artic Dave giving his new plane a try....
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    Savannah Ga. just a few miles south of me has one of the biggest St Patrick day celebration and I know some of the many green men I saw that weekend weren't all from this planet and had pots of gold!!
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    Don't get excited I just bought dear wife a new broom and she was just altitude and speed testing. I promised her an extensive stay in the closet if she continued to scare people ;)
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    Mulder and Scully no longer work for the government. I'm sure they are investigating this as well as taking on private cases of other supernatural phenomena.
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    Tired of these UFO's buzzing our house. They are getting almost as bad as the news copters. My tin foil hat and super "XR-88 Deluxe anti abductee device" have kept me safe so far.
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    Prolly sounded like a tin can so no one dug it
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    Welcome to the forum Saul! I agree your advice is some of the best posted by a newbie or old timer for that matter! Unfortunately these Boulder Dash devices are very much in demand and very, very hard to aquire, from what I have heard they are back ordered and the wait maybe years to get one. From what I have read these devices do have a automatic mode and once set it will work endlessly without anymore attention and actually very hard to stop once set to this setting, if anyone is lucky enough to aquire one I would advise to make sure you have it well secured when left unattended so it's not stolen, I would recommend a couple of very heavy logging chains with multiple locks, don't worry though these security measures will not imped it's working ability it will still work properly even with these measures installed. Edit: I forgot to add it's rumored that if you run out of the required water to operate this device beer can be substituted and production will actually increase at the beginning but after a period of time you will experience minor production decline.
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    Well done Luke. We have the relic spot up here if you want to try it out. Just a short drive. Nice nuggies.