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    I found out about this forum by seeing Bill post on FB. My name is Jack and currently living in so cal. I've been playing in the dirt about 10-11 years. I used to really like drywashing. Still do in fact but I've gotta watch how hard I push myself. Had back surgery for a crushed disc at L5 a little over a year ago. I've been setting tile for about 26 years and the hard labor has caught up with me. Long story as short as possible I have been metal detecting more, drywashing less. Recently applied for a sales rep position in Phoenix. Got the job and I'll be moving to the area end of june. Had to get off the tools. Can't stop prospecting though. Maybe if I get a bonus at my job I can buy a minelab from Bill =) I know everyone loves pics, so here are a few from the many I have. May your pan be heavy and the color steady. Thanks for having me.
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    I told Bill I would share my experiences with the Equinox I picked up a couple of weeks ago. My first search was in town at a field they and an event 2 months ago. There I found quite a bit of trash, (Pull tabs, copper tube, foil,lead, all the normal stuff) But I was trying to get to know the machine before traveling 2 hours to search for Gold. Saturday was my first trip to an area I have been to many times and used many detectors. Traveling in the wash of course I found the normal stuff, nails and other iron, which I found gives off a negative number, lead was at an 11. I found a positive number at 1 and dug it up to find a gum wrapper. (this machine will not fool me again) After walking about an hour I got a signal that almost blew my headphones off, a solid 17, so I dug. at 6inches I moved the equinox over the hole again, the target was still there, 12 inches- still there- 24 inches- still there. At 36 inches I heard a clang as my pick hit the target. (all I had was a small pick and plastic spoon.) as I cleared out the hole I had found a water pipe that was used for hydraulic mining in the 1800's. Ticked off I filled in my hole. 100 yards later I found a hole (Picture) where someone else had found a piece of pipe also. An hour or so later after hearing several 1's but not digging, I decided to head back. I looked up the side of the hill to find a cattle trail, and what the heck, I decided to follow it. All I could say is wow, the area opened up to what looks like Virgin ground, cobble every where, but no metal detector holes, no drywashing piles, just cow pies and old cans.By now the sky was getting dark, the wind was blowing 30-40 mph, and I could not hear squat on the headphones, but the detector showed a 1, so I dug. (.2g) now I am pissed that I did not dig the other targets, Had to leave it was a long way back to the SxS. Started raining when I got there. I will return. Bob
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    Thanks guys. Just over the hills from here I got to drywash on my friends private claim. I ran about 8 buckets before hitting hardpack.2.8g total. The 3 largest pieces were metal detected and my first gold with a detector. These would have been 2' down had I not removed all the overburden. Side note...Several years back I begun learning chemical refining with AR. The shiny button is 37 grams of pretty pure gold. The guy I sell to sent it to his refiner and reported is was upward of 99%. Basically bullion...well almost =)
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    Bought my GB2 brand new in 1994 and used it heavily for all these 24+ years...I would never sell it, even though I have several MLs and Whites ...A GB2 is unique among detectors ... Anyone that sees any kind of deal on one better jump on it! Just my 2 cents...Cheers, Unc
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    I agree Dan, its a splatter nugget. the dreaded bullet. AzNuggetBob
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    Looks like the dreaded bullet.
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    I believe Kevin Hoagland calls that a Buggit. There will be more if you keep looking. Good Luck !! Luke
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    Since you have to drill either way, I think the various expanding compounds would be the way to go, not as exciting as micro blasting but more affordable.
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    I'm a little puzzled here Dave, Why would you stroke it with a longer crank or rods and then take out head combustion space? We also used to put stainless over sized valves to increase combustion pressures on top of stroking. AzNuggetBob
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    Nice nugget !! Don't feel too bad about not digging those '1's. Aluminum foil also is a '1'. However, you should consider going back and finding them again, just in case. Good Luck !! Luke
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    How are you measuring it. Water Volume ?
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    Nice pulll Jimmy! Yep, First Class Miners claim, the old Humbug. It’s been turned over and never stops giving. A friend of mine pulled a 1 Oz avoirdupois nug from it his first time metal detecting. Rare, absolutely... but it goes to show it’s still putting out.
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    Welcome to the forum. Nice pics. That particular ravine has produced many pounds of gold over the years. A really First Class place. HH Jim
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    Thanks Jim. I’m looking forward to a new life outside Ca. Politics aside, the new job is a very good opportunity for me. Myself and family are very excited.
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    It's called Leaverrite .......
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    Welcome to the forum Jack, and great pictures. I especially like the gold button. Reminds me of when I use to melt my fines. Congrats on your new job in Phoenix. Sounds like a golden opportunity all the way around.
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    Very nice Jack, you should post/copy some of this stuff in the Gold Prospecting section so it has more exposure and others who may miss it here will see this stuff, we love gold porn!! I sent you a PM on your questions concerning rules of the forum.
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    I appreciate the courtesy. Thank you. Can you pm me a link to the rules? Or simply post here or in my introduction? I've read the "read this first" and cant find the rules anywhere. Not sure what I'm missing. I've been on boards for 15 years, so I have a basic understanding of etiquette. I'd like to read this boards rules so I don't get myself canned. I'd like to make some new friends. Thanks again.
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    Beginning the cylinder head work. You can see all the material taken out of the second head. Unshrouding the valves removed ~2cc's of aluminum so far. I stopped a full cc short of the target and will take the rest out with finer and finer grit abrasive rolls.
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    Gene Ralph (no relation to Chris) told me Terry did quite well years ago. He, along with Terry and Mark Anderson hunted together frequently and found substantial amounts of gold even before they got to Lunker Hill. There has to be something to explain Terry's financial predicament. One which we most likely will never know....
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    There's a couple on eBay but don't expect to find a bargain anywhere. In spite of all the new gold detectors coming onto the market, the Gold Bug 2 is still one of the best... even after all these years.
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    Never thought of using a quad for stuff like that. Putting that on my reasons I "need" to get one.
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