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    Well the 'fat-lady-sang' tonight!!! Its a done deal... 16 Eurasian doves down - yielded 32+ breast/bacon-jalapeno wraps and you can get two bites off one wrap when you cut them half. Topped it off with mixed veggies and seasoned potato wedges. Delicious... Delicious...Delicious
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    Beginning the cylinder head work. You can see all the material taken out of the second head. Unshrouding the valves removed ~2cc's of aluminum so far. I stopped a full cc short of the target and will take the rest out with finer and finer grit abrasive rolls.
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    I found out about this forum by seeing Bill post on FB. My name is Jack and currently living in so cal. I've been playing in the dirt about 10-11 years. I used to really like drywashing. Still do in fact but I've gotta watch how hard I push myself. Had back surgery for a crushed disc at L5 a little over a year ago. I've been setting tile for about 26 years and the hard labor has caught up with me. Long story as short as possible I have been metal detecting more, drywashing less. Recently applied for a sales rep position in Phoenix. Got the job and I'll be moving to the area end of june. Had to get off the tools. Can't stop prospecting though. Maybe if I get a bonus at my job I can buy a minelab from Bill =) I know everyone loves pics, so here are a few from the many I have. May your pan be heavy and the color steady. Thanks for having me.
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    Actually it's much higher on the Gold Bug 2 which is why it's unbeatable for small gold.
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    Easy is best when your in the hills. That sounds like our desert diet also haha. Those sure do look good though. My wife is cooking breakfast as we speak, then its off to the shop to rebuild the front end of my truck. Take care.
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    You got it Dan... But ! ! Doesn't "voluntold" sound about right? LOL I usually don't go all out when out in the hills. I like to keep to simple with something like Black pepper Triscuit crackers, cheese and some type of deer, elk, or summer sausage. Sometimes it's just jerky, almonds and an apple will suffice when there's diggin to be done. SHOOT. . . now I'm hungry, better go make breakfast for the sleepyheads around here.
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    There's a couple on eBay but don't expect to find a bargain anywhere. In spite of all the new gold detectors coming onto the market, the Gold Bug 2 is still one of the best... even after all these years.
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    I appreciate the courtesy. Thank you. Can you pm me a link to the rules? Or simply post here or in my introduction? I've read the "read this first" and cant find the rules anywhere. Not sure what I'm missing. I've been on boards for 15 years, so I have a basic understanding of etiquette. I'd like to read this boards rules so I don't get myself canned. I'd like to make some new friends. Thanks again.
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    Yes very close, I saw your post right after I posted, BUT by no means don't stop giving advice if you think you can help, if by chance you make a mistake someone will add the correct info, we are all here to help educate, that's why Bill started Nuggetshooter!!!
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    Yea I'm seeing that lol I hoping to win one on ebay. The prices are still pretty high for a used one so they definitely must be worth owning. Im thinking I probably shouldn't have passed up one for $500 last week an it had 2 coils, headphones plus original box looked barely used I have found a few in the low $400 range but they unfortunately wasnt willing to ship.....Yea didn't think they ran that high used....You live an you learn I suppose guess I'll just keep shopping around maybe I can find a steal before all the snow melts here.
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    Yep...we've been getting pounded off and on the last few days...the good news is that it looks like we're finally gonna get some warmer weather this coming week....upper 70s by Thursday.
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    Send me some.😉
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    Well it looks like your "volunteered" to make lunch when we head down your direction haha. Those look great!!
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    Dang!! That sure looks delicious!!
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    Dusty I sent you a PM on a possiblilty.
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    I have the gold monster and love it, easy to run and has a warranty.
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    Nice looking bedrock. I hit my brakes for bedrock.
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    Heck Mike, any Gold is better than No Gold and sitting home on the blasted 'puter like i am doing right now.
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    FWIW, I'm probably gonna be breaking the law this summer....a couple weeks ago I found an area with water washed rock that was sitting on the side of a hill that is within some BOR land...and I seen no evidence that it had ever been mined....there were quite a few "motorhome" sized boulders along with everything in between, down to sand sized particles...as well as patches of exposed bedrock....even if I have to check it out at night, it's too tempting to pass up....