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    Thanks for the reply. Guess i did ok then as i just bought one for $1350.
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    You did good and its a great beeper-now go get yourself a coiltek elite coil or a nuggetfinder evo coil and it will be dressed to kill Mike C...
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    Hey everybody. Glad to be a part of this community. A little about me, I got into prospecting about a year and a half ago. That lead to getting a gold detector, and when I couldn' make the 3 hour drive north, I got into metal detecting for coins. I have 2 whites XLT's, a Fisher GB2, Whites GMZ and GM2, and a ML GM 1000 (that I will be posting for trade as soon as I become eligible). I guess i didn't get realize that Georgia wasn' exactly the best place to get into gold detecting, so I'm looking for an upgrade for coins/relics and taking advantage of the XLT in the mean time :). Best finds are a 1903 Barber Quarter, a handful of mercury dimes, a 1950 quarter, and a couple melted silver coin caches from Georgia's many wild fires. Hopefully I can add to the list in the near future. I go metal detecting just about every day, so if anybody reading this is from central Georgia or central alabama (I live right on the border) and wants to link up sometime, give me a shout! Thanks for reading and hope I can learn new stuff and contribute any of my knowledge to the group. Happy diggings.
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    That machinery does not look that old to me. Google Maps has a function where you hold down control and drag the mouse to get a 3D view. Most computers allow this, but there's certain browser upgrades or minimum system requirements. If your computer can do it, the 3D/2D button will appear on the right above the compass. After entering an area like that and getting home, I view the area in Google maps and get an idea of the steep areas. I've also downloaded a free AZ topo map that I put on my Garmin. I still like to download the older USGS maps of the USGS.gov map store. The 1:24 give enough detail and also have old workings. Off the USGS maps, I've went to marked tunnels and found they only dug 6' into the wall, and some marked prospects that are only a couple of buckets from an excavator. Too much research can keep you out of a going to enough areas.
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    Welcome Craig, As a former Ventura County resident....I can recommend a few spots to hunt gold for you and your family that is close proximity to Ventura. Joining the GPAA is a good way to go....the Orange County 49ers club was a good experience for me also, they have some nice outings on their claims from Kern County to the Mojave, near Randsburg. The East Fork is another area i use to go and do some detecting and sluicing...welcome aboard and ask a lot of questions. Bills forum has one hell of a lot of talent and experience. Keene in Chatsworth is always anice drive to see the latest and greatest in prospecting/mining equipment and tools...
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    Bob, this "Jimmy M" is Jim McCulloch. Yes, Terry's truck was a used-up rolling wreck, really too beat up for safe desert driving. Oddly, although Terry found a good deal of gold, he never seemed to have any money. At least not enough to upgrade his truck. In fact when he passed he still owed me a modest amount of money, but was unable to repay. Of the several stories surrounding his death, the version I favor, which was the earliest-told, supposedly from the train driver, was that he was closely following another vehicle racing to get over the tracks before the train got there. The train driver was of the opinion that dust from the first vehicle obscured Terry's vision. If this was the case, Terry probably never knew what hit him. (Hopefully). The "conspiracy" and suicide theories came later. None of which I believe. Murder: the belief that Terry was murdered "for a huge stash of gold" clearly overlooks Terry's very apparent poverty. Once we were together in a restaurant in Wickenburg awaiting a gold buyer who was purchasing the previous two day's take. Until getting paid, always in cash, Terry didn't even have the price of a meal. Suicide due to depression: I don't buy that. Terry was an upbeat guy. Yes, he had recently broken up with his girlfriend, but he didn't seem too bummed about that. Also, he had hopes of getting his 27 ounce nugget back. He had already had faced that apparent loss for some time. Anyway, if the (alleged) driver of the first truck could come forward, that would answer some of the questions. HH Jim McCulloch aka Jimmy M.
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    Jimmy M I got a few emails about this thread. Just to be clear, you are not Jimmy Malone. he passed away many years ago. You can guess all day long on why Terry got hit on the tracks. I do know that when the those long trains start the down hill run from Winnemucca going west they are very hard to stop, or even slow down. many of the trains there are very long and when we would see them coming, always tried to beat them at the crossings rather than wait. I hunted with him a few times both in Az.and Nv. but sometimes just acknowledge each others presence with a wave at a distance. I do know Terry's truck was thrashed, he hunted a lot and beat that truck hard. I think that little truck may have let him down one last time trying to beat the train across the tracks in Nv. AzNuggetBob
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    Heck Mike, any Gold is better than No Gold and sitting home on the blasted 'puter like i am doing right now.
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    All my life I've enjoyed playing a sort of metal detector limbo as in "How low can I go?" Ergo my screen name, Micro Nugget. I've never tired of it and never intend to. Let's hear it for those little guys that give us so much fun (and challenge).
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    Will be a nice break and looks like perfect weather for relaxing and doing a bit of Nugget Shooting.... Will be hanging out in the Dome Rock Road area and if you are in the neighborhood say howdy.
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    Very cool, Mike. Those little guys are the bread crumbs to the momma and pappa nuggets! Besides, any day I can show my family that I liberated some poor gold from the earth, I feel like a hero! LOL.
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    Hot dayum! That's one gorgeous specimen, Bill! Here's to you for experimenting, for a fine result and most of all, for sharing this with all of us. Lisa
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    Nice going Mike When I make it back with a 'pocket full' of dinks I consider that to be a great day. I always try to remind myself that it wasn't too long ago when I couldn't find anything.... The bigger stuff is over there under that bush or unturned rock. Congrats !! Luke
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