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    The case is buttoned up and torqued! The crank rotates freely with one finger. On to the cylinder heads next. I have some carving to do in order to bring the compression ratio down to a reasonable level. It's starting to look like an engine finally.
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    Thanks Fred and you're right about the great reading and prospecting tips to be found here! I'm pretty sure I know what you mean by yes and no. Sometimes you get visual surface geological clues while other times "mother nature" has tossed, tumbled and scattered the gold over large areas just waiting to be found :>)
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    Had the wife drop me off for an hour at an old park in Yonkers, New York, that I have been looking to get back to since last fall. On that hunt I got two Franklin halves in the same hole. Today I had the Equinox 600, and my Grave Digger Sidekick digger. I started in Park 1, and 5-tones. The silver coins were an average of 7"-9" deep, while the clad was 3"-6" down. I'm getting to the point that I can tell what the target is going to be before I even put digger to soil. I'm digging a lot less trash with the Equinox, and it is so good at unmasking coins in heavy trash! The silver quarters were hitting 31-32; Silver dimes 26-27; War nickel 14-15.
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    Looks like that Equinox 600 and you are on the same plane for finding the goods!
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    Nice job Terry, I guess you guys have less snow left than we do up in Albany Area.
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    Black Bras size 38
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    Randall; the answer is yes and no...seriously! The thread at the top about gold is full of tips, reading and learning is great too....experience combined with all that is wonderful. So is a dash of luck. anyway, maybe Adam will share with us his general methods... fred
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    So that's what happen to the key to my Suburban when I visted New York several years ago, cost me $150 to get another one made at the dealer !! Nice job on the other treasure!!
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    Nice finds , keep it up
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    Way to scan the area Adam!
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    Looks like it's been folded. Man-made imho.
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    Those darn birdshot that nugget-shooters find are like the pull-tabs in a sense that coin/jewelry hunters have to deal with
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    Oh well, there is copper here in AK
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    Ditto. Chew marks just give everything that "lived in" look
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    As I posted on FB, Glenn is my old mining partner...We had a much larger operation, Double Eagle Mine, up Eddy Gulch near Sawyers Bar ... The equipment is all from the '4o's & '50's ... Glenn build the recovery equipment from scratch in the 1990's ... His Sterling operation is a very small version of our operation at Eddy. That was quite a time (early '80's)...But we found lots of gold ... This picture is me (L) and Glenn (R) and our other partner Fred (C) up in Circle City AK... That's the Yukon in the background ... Cheers, Unc
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    Its raining tons of gold and diamonds from the sky in Russia. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/gold-bars-worth-millions-fall-plane-over-russia-n856941 AzNuggetBob