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    So I went out for a quick hunt last Sunday afternoon. Once again, I returned to an area I'm fairly familiar with, and wanted to try a spot that had some similar features of a couple other places I've found some gold. After hiking down to the area, I decided to take a detour and check out another couple spots with the GPX and then the SDC. Nothing for the GPX at first, but the SDC got one and so at least the skunk was off my back. Satisfied, I decided to get back to the original plan and go over to see if I could find some gold with the GPX. This particular hillside has red dirt and some quartz cobbles along with lots of other assorted types of rock. I detected up and down, back and forth, couldn't even scare up a target. Eventually I got up to the head of the gully, where three little drainages meet to become this little gully. I got a nice faint signal, but it ended up being a little piece of iron. So I started walking back down and was going to move on, when I noticed a collection of larger rocks, somewhat of an old rock throw pile. I went right over and started kicking rocks aside when I got a nice distinct signal. Not faint and not loud, but definitely there. Three or so inches down and I'm seeing bedrock and the target is still there.... A little screwdriver action and into the scoop goes a nice .62g nugget. I kicked the rest of the rocks down into the gully, but wasn't able to turn up anything else at that spot. The sun was starting to go down, so I was detecting down the narrow gully towards the truck. After a bit, I got an intermittent signal in the gut under some blow sand. A healthy boot scrape and the target is still there. Used my scoop to get down to bedrock and then pried into the decaying rock. A little .12g dink was the 'prize'. So now the sun has set and I'm losing light, time to get back to the truck. I hike out, call my wife, let her know I'm okay and I'd like to stay a little longer. She said it was okay, and I refueled for a bit and then grabbed the lantern, my headlamp, and the SDC and hiked back down to the place where I found the first SDC nug of the day. I was detecting my way up this narrow gully and throwing ironstones out and scraping loose gravel as I went along. I was finding little bits of lead, so there had to be some gold eventually. After an hour or so, I was squatting down and digging a warbley type target when I started to notice a pain in my left side.... I stood up and adjusted myself but that didn't help and it was getting worse. The pain was building fast and so I dumped the target and dirt out of the scoop and grabbed my detector and started for the truck. I got out of there so quickly, that I later realized I left my pick. After a brisk ten minute walk and a steep climb, I got to the truck and had to grab the bedside to support myself as I peeled my gear off. I didn't waste any time trying to get out of there. Once I knew I could get a call out, I called my wife again and started dumping information on her in case I ended up passing out. Since she's a medical professional, we were also able to narrow down the possibilities and try to set my mind at ease. The pain I was experiencing was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I didn't know pain like that could exist. It even caused my hands and feet to numb up like they were asleep. I was having difficulty talking and couldn't help but yell out every ten seconds or so. It was probably better I was by myself, since anyone else would have been quite uncomfortable listening to me carry on like that. After a while I was back on the main road, but still far from any help. I got off the phone with my wife and called another friend who lived closer. He suggested I drive to the nearest fire station and I started the long drive on the wash board road. After what seemed like an eternity of yelling and groaning I made it to the pavement. Thankfully, it wasn't much longer until I staggered into the back door of the firehouse and starting trying to explain what my problem was to the paramedic. I opted for the expensive ride to the hospital when they said they could give me an I.V. with some pain meds. Boy, that Fentanyl works fast. Once the feeling returned to my feet and hands, I was able to have a calm conversation with the paramedic on the way to the hospital. That was my first ambulance ride, and first trip to a hospital. I had a first cat-scan, and here's my first and hopefully my last, kidney stone. If you've ever experienced what I just described, then you know. If you haven't, hopefully you'll never have to. I'm going to be drinking more water, whether I feel thirsty or not. Luke
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    Something almost too beautiful to use showed up today... The engine bottom end is almost ready for final assembly.
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words, Enough of the fly specks, it is time to find some meaningful gold. Asking the "gold gods" for some 1-2 gramers. Just realized that I put a golden bullet hole right into old Roosevelt temple. Cheers, Bob
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    WOW! You're right ... too pretty to fly it ... but fly it you must!
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    Yo, Bill; got he 800. Thank you! fred
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    So guys and gals my good friend and coworker has been encouraging me to add some supplemental immune support and generally feel good liquid consumables to the diet to help improve over all health. Kombucha was one of his suggestion and he was eager to help me get started making it myself and happily supplied me with scoby and starter to begin the process. I was honestly a bit hesitant to attempt this process myself because it seemed a little more complicated and time consuming than I anticipated. But what the heck, times of the essence and Kombucha tea from the super market is $3+ and is apparently low grade because of the processing to get it to the shelves. It's very easy to make, but adhering to clean instructions is important to ensure best results. A gallon batch of Kombucha can be ready to drink in about 2 weeks and is not degraded by processing and sub par ingredients and is also much less dinero!!! Now I repeat the process is actually very simple. Say a good friend is kind enough and donates a kombucha starter and scoby to you; that's all you need along with spring water, sugar, your favorite green tea (preferably organic), a gallon glass jar, 2 coffee filters and 2 elastic bands. This is a starter batch, half the amount of ingredients and half the volume of a full batch. You need: •Kombucha Scoby and starter. •1/2 gallons of spring water room. • 1/2 cup of sugar. • 3 servings of your favorite green tea bags or loose if you don't mind straining it out. • 1 gallon glass Jar. • 2 elastic bands and 2 coffee filters. • vinegar about 6oz, not exact. Instructions: **VERY IMPORTANT!!!** (before these ingredients are assembled together in the jar you need to plan the steps accordingly which I'll clarify to prevent contamination. While brewing Kombucha you are also growing a culture (the scoby), the environment in the jar is conducive to other unwanted cultures if you're not careful about contamination. Clean hands, Clean jars, Clean utensils, Minimal contact between multiple surfaces to avoid contamination.) Step 1: clean the gallon jar with light soap and water inside and out and rinse well to ensure residue is gone. Step 2: add 6oz of vinegar to the jar, cover and swish the vinegar vigorously around in the jar for 15 seconds then discard down the drain. After drain just place the jar on the counter close to the stove for convenience for assembly of ingredients. The vinegar residue after the draining is to be left in the jar. Don't touch the inside of the jar now it's perfect and clean. Step 3: bring 2-1/2 cups of the half gallon of water to a boil in a small sauce pan, turn off stove, carefully add and dissolve the 1/2 cup of sugar and add the 3 servings of tea and allow to steep until the solution has cooled to room temperature. Step 4: (room temperature is important to avoid scalding the scoby causing damage) after allowing the solution to cool off remove the tea bags and add the solution to the gallon jar (if you chose to use loose tea, strain the tea into the jar with a clean utensil), then add remaining half gallon of room temperature spring water to the jar as well. Step 5: add your friends scoby and starter liquid to the gallon jar now. No specific orientation required, just dump it in carfully, don't stir it don't touch it, it's perfect!!!(avoid allowing of the outside of the vessel the (scoby/starter) came in to make contact with the inside of your clean gallon jar!) (that's a example of cross contamination you want to avoid). Step 6: now that all the ingredients have been assembled into the gallon jar it is time to cover the top of the jar carefully. Place the 2 stacked coffee filter upside down on the top of the jar like a cover, form it carefully to avoid ripping the filters but conforming flat and neat across the opening then secure the filter to the top with the 2 elastic bands. Step 7: place the jar in a dark/room temperature place, like in the kitchen cabinets. It's best to not allow it to get too hot or too cold, (68°-76°F) is optimal! Step 8: wait 2-3 weeks to allow the scoby to form to about a 1/4" thick or more on the top of the tea. As the sugar is consumed by the developing yeast it releases CO2 so you will notice bubbles forming on the surface. Soon after about a week or so you will notice a light pearlescent layer forming on the surface of the tea, this is a great sign!! This is the scoby colonizing, building gradually more efficiently daily, naturally creating the desired Kombucha tea!!! Congratulations!!!! You completed what may have seemed like a complicated process because of the walking on eggshell (keep it clean tips), but after doing it found out IT'S SO EASY!!! The best part is if you love Kombucha you saved money, and if you like biology you learned the importance of avoid cross contamination to avoid growing unwanted cultures!! About that, over the next few weeks take a quick peak at the batch periodically and make observations for anything off color, black or green moldy looking growths on the surface as these are indications of contamination and if this occurs the batch should be discarded and restarted!!! This is also a starter batch, one you won't consume so it is best to have a extra gallon jar ready to prepare the next batch after you achieve growing that beautiful 1/4" scoby!! The next batch, the one you will drink is simple, it uses double the ingredients, the same instructions, and just two more weeks. The only difference it you will be adding the the scoby you grew and about 6oz of the top liquid from that brew as the starter, it important to take from the top because that is where the important cultures exist. Toss out the left over liquid and the friends donated scoby and now you are on you way to becoming a scoby brew master. Flavor can be adjusted by time allowed to ferment. Sweeter sooner, Sour later!! Older Kombucha becomes vinegar!! Enjoy my friends, I hope you like my instructions. If you have questions just ask or google it!!!
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    Greetings, The Gold Monster 1000 is truly a skunk buster. Got tired of the old skunk-a -roo, so yesterday I went to a honey hole that always gives up some little gold. The smallest piece only weights in a 0.2 grains and the larger one is exactly 1.0 grains. I use a gun powder grain balance scale to weigh this small gold. Cheers, Bob
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    How sweet they are. Nice going.
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    9 (of those little beauties) is > "0" Any day!!! I'll bet you had a Fun day beep'n those out. Gary
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    The smaller the better when it comes to "peace of mind"... knowing you and your detector can't be missing too much with finding that 0.2 grain
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    I'd been grinning like a possum all the way home if I'd found those Congrats!
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    That Monster sure finds the small stuff ... I am constantly amazed at the tiny fly specks that I have found with it.
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    The more I hear these stories the more I think my solitary hunting regimen should be changed. More than once I have been off the beaten path and taken a good fall ... I'm very stable on my feet but walking the edge of any steep area can and has given way under my feet through no fault of my own. Been lucky so far ... have never damaged a detector! ... Kinda like the beer drinker that never spills a drop no matter the severity of the fall! Glad it all came out for the good Luke. Time to take another drink ... of water that is!
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    It ain't about using a pump....it ain't about using a dredge....it ain't about the "turbidity" of the water....if you could create wealth by snapping your fingers, they'd create a law against snapping your fingers....unless they could regulate it and profit from it....it's about control.
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    "WOW" Luke,..... Your description of what happened to you just made me run into the kitchen and down 4-very large glasses of water!!!!!!!! I don't need no "STINK'N" kidney stone crimp'n my activity. Sorry to hear of your pain!!!,.... although I can't relate to it, as I haven't ever experienced it for that reason. Nice gold though,.... I presume the kidney stone is the small-spinney-object in the middle of the dime????? That, or it's a spinney-quartz / gold thingey????? At any rate, maybe you should invite me along to assist you in the future when you return to this spot, as it may have bad-vudu-vibes thrusting themselves upon you to where you will need help when handling the "next-one",... will there be others?????? Hope Not. Gary
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    Magnetite? Streak test please....
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    Outing is good Luke and was just funnin ya. I figured I'd meet ya at your secret patch or something Now I don't want to because the aliens will give me a stone
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    I love these scenes: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/07/us-soldier-returns-from-deployment-surprises-twin-cheerleader-daughters-at-missouri-basketball-game.html
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    Well I've taken it to the next level. I purchased bottles with latch tops to store my Kombucha in the fridge till consumption!! I noticed I made one mistake it my directions, lucky I noticed now than later. A normal batch should only take one week (not two)after the initial batch that builds the scoby but the same rule of thumb still applies to the time line sweeter sooner, sour later!! The batch went with out a hitch and tastes refreshing immediately out of the jar but more importantly out of the fridge the following day!!! . I added a 1/8 cup of mango juice to the bottle before adding the kombucha and it tastes amazing!!!
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    It's a Moqui Marble https://www.google.com/search?q=moqui+marble&client=firefox-b-1-ab&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjKq5HtiM_ZAhULzmMKHQAFAqQQ_AUIkAMoAQ&biw=1108&bih=887
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    Scored my latest cold find today: http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/5659-new-cold-find/
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    Well, this is humble compared to what I've seen but I had 2 visit's each lasting 2 days. The 2nd time I will never forget. The rain was so bad we had to cross a creek at Rich Hill to get out or we might not have left for goodness knows how long.. I remember the desert being so green and I was literally sloshing around in the mud.. Camped in the truck but the water got in and I was just about floating in my sleeping bag.. Loved every minute of the visit! Yes there is some silver in a few nuggets.
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    Get the towel.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_17671&feature=iv&src_vid=VKyaif6lgjs&v=GSTKoKjJ5XA