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    So I went out for a quick hunt last Sunday afternoon. Once again, I returned to an area I'm fairly familiar with, and wanted to try a spot that had some similar features of a couple other places I've found some gold. After hiking down to the area, I decided to take a detour and check out another couple spots with the GPX and then the SDC. Nothing for the GPX at first, but the SDC got one and so at least the skunk was off my back. Satisfied, I decided to get back to the original plan and go over to see if I could find some gold with the GPX. This particular hillside has red dirt and some quartz cobbles along with lots of other assorted types of rock. I detected up and down, back and forth, couldn't even scare up a target. Eventually I got up to the head of the gully, where three little drainages meet to become this little gully. I got a nice faint signal, but it ended up being a little piece of iron. So I started walking back down and was going to move on, when I noticed a collection of larger rocks, somewhat of an old rock throw pile. I went right over and started kicking rocks aside when I got a nice distinct signal. Not faint and not loud, but definitely there. Three or so inches down and I'm seeing bedrock and the target is still there.... A little screwdriver action and into the scoop goes a nice .62g nugget. I kicked the rest of the rocks down into the gully, but wasn't able to turn up anything else at that spot. The sun was starting to go down, so I was detecting down the narrow gully towards the truck. After a bit, I got an intermittent signal in the gut under some blow sand. A healthy boot scrape and the target is still there. Used my scoop to get down to bedrock and then pried into the decaying rock. A little .12g dink was the 'prize'. So now the sun has set and I'm losing light, time to get back to the truck. I hike out, call my wife, let her know I'm okay and I'd like to stay a little longer. She said it was okay, and I refueled for a bit and then grabbed the lantern, my headlamp, and the SDC and hiked back down to the place where I found the first SDC nug of the day. I was detecting my way up this narrow gully and throwing ironstones out and scraping loose gravel as I went along. I was finding little bits of lead, so there had to be some gold eventually. After an hour or so, I was squatting down and digging a warbley type target when I started to notice a pain in my left side.... I stood up and adjusted myself but that didn't help and it was getting worse. The pain was building fast and so I dumped the target and dirt out of the scoop and grabbed my detector and started for the truck. I got out of there so quickly, that I later realized I left my pick. After a brisk ten minute walk and a steep climb, I got to the truck and had to grab the bedside to support myself as I peeled my gear off. I didn't waste any time trying to get out of there. Once I knew I could get a call out, I called my wife again and started dumping information on her in case I ended up passing out. Since she's a medical professional, we were also able to narrow down the possibilities and try to set my mind at ease. The pain I was experiencing was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I didn't know pain like that could exist. It even caused my hands and feet to numb up like they were asleep. I was having difficulty talking and couldn't help but yell out every ten seconds or so. It was probably better I was by myself, since anyone else would have been quite uncomfortable listening to me carry on like that. After a while I was back on the main road, but still far from any help. I got off the phone with my wife and called another friend who lived closer. He suggested I drive to the nearest fire station and I started the long drive on the wash board road. After what seemed like an eternity of yelling and groaning I made it to the pavement. Thankfully, it wasn't much longer until I staggered into the back door of the firehouse and starting trying to explain what my problem was to the paramedic. I opted for the expensive ride to the hospital when they said they could give me an I.V. with some pain meds. Boy, that Fentanyl works fast. Once the feeling returned to my feet and hands, I was able to have a calm conversation with the paramedic on the way to the hospital. That was my first ambulance ride, and first trip to a hospital. I had a first cat-scan, and here's my first and hopefully my last, kidney stone. If you've ever experienced what I just described, then you know. If you haven't, hopefully you'll never have to. I'm going to be drinking more water, whether I feel thirsty or not. Luke
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    Greetings, The Gold Monster 1000 is truly a skunk buster. Got tired of the old skunk-a -roo, so yesterday I went to a honey hole that always gives up some little gold. The smallest piece only weights in a 0.2 grains and the larger one is exactly 1.0 grains. I use a gun powder grain balance scale to weigh this small gold. Cheers, Bob
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    Are you sure it wasnt just a stroke from finding to much gold Hang in there dude !
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    "Hey" , you are right-on there,.....That's what I looked like today,.......my other hand had these in it....only dinks, but .77 of-a-gram is better than nothing. Gary
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    Wednesday was an idyllic day (all alone with no looky-loos anywhere in evidence) at a club claim. 70 degrees and almost dead calm air. Only a tiny amount of EMI from fighter jet maneuvers. I spent the day searching older spots that have not been disturbed for many years. I guess the old timers didn't get it all!!
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    Geez Luke, that's one heck of a day. Glad you were able to get to help. Keep your radiator flushed real well and pee them little rascals out before they can do their dirty work. Oh yeah, congrats on the gold!!
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    Yes they can Bill, but they have to be of certain size. Too big to pass. Luke, i feel your pain lol. I've had 4 of them BUT none that big. Wow dude, thats a whopper. The first one i ever had, i swore i was going to die. Every bad thought you can imagine ran through my head. My wife and i were at my dads house and when it hit, and i could barely pick myself up off of the floor. Naturally she took me to the ER and they pretty much knew what it was right off the bat. I've been " lucky" though lol. Mine have all been the very rounded cornered ones. Look like a molecule lol. Lots of water really helps with the calcium buildup.
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    Outing is good Luke and was just funnin ya. I figured I'd meet ya at your secret patch or something Now I don't want to because the aliens will give me a stone
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    I sure hope not. They only identified one 3mm stone in the cat scan. I have a friend who is a urologist, and he's going to take a second look at the films. Once I have that little devil analyzed, I'm going to adjust my diet and continue to increase my H20 intake so I can hopefully prevent a second round.
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    Well Heck! Least you got some gold After talking with you, I told Dad about it....halfway through...he said...I know whats wrong. What? Kidney stone!. Dad should have been a Doc. Well, plus, hes had a few Glad you made it out ok and are getting better. Heal up and piss out Tom H.
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    Here's a picture of LowPoint on his last outing
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    Ordered a couple Near UV LED's to play with along with my normal parts order from Good Ol China. BangGood: LUSTREON™ 3W UV Purple LED ... x 1 $2.69 400 - 405nm Near UV. True UV starts at 400nm. Excellent for Florescent Minerals , Scorpion Finding and what not. Good Fun. Purchased a $2.00 LED Flashlight from the Dollar Store. Gutted the poor thing. Figured out a 18650 rechargeable Li Ion with a spacer fits rather well replacing the three cell AAA Battery carrier they come with. This thing is quite Bright for what it is. 3 Watts of Near UV does crazy stuff in absolute darkness. Unable to show you good photo's , the camera see's the Near UV light like you see normal. Total Cost under $5.00 The LED is getting a bit too hot on this one. I need to put some Heat Sink Grease under the LED on the Next One.
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    Yes I will! I'm going to run this under a more powerful microscope and get better pictures most likely Saturday. I can't wait to see these particles closer.
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    Took my late brothers GO FIND 60 down to the river today. Figured I would play with it while waiting for the truck to stock Trout. In about 30 mins, I found 15 bottle caps 2 pennies and a ring.
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    I think the images look good. But I cant tell. Did you find anything in there? Also are you planning to post more photos for this project?
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    Glad you were able to drive out to help. Nice gold too.
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    Been there, done that. 8 hours of puking from the pain and after about 15 hours it passed. Two years ago... first and last, I hope.
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    Dang Luke, sorry to hear about the spiked alien you had to pass and they do hurt. NICE GOLD though so not all bad.... Great story man.
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    Looks like he dug until he come up on the south China beach...wish I had that much energy .
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    Well I've taken it to the next level. I purchased bottles with latch tops to store my Kombucha in the fridge till consumption!! I noticed I made one mistake it my directions, lucky I noticed now than later. A normal batch should only take one week (not two)after the initial batch that builds the scoby but the same rule of thumb still applies to the time line sweeter sooner, sour later!! The batch went with out a hitch and tastes refreshing immediately out of the jar but more importantly out of the fridge the following day!!! . I added a 1/8 cup of mango juice to the bottle before adding the kombucha and it tastes amazing!!!
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    Here is a little sample. I had 5 min on a low power microscope this morning. I'm really not happy about the images and also what I can see under low power. Let see what happens understand higher power!!! The resolution needs work!!
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    Well , ....get Retired,...you young Whipper-Snapper..... Actually, I only got out one day this week..(so far). Retirement does have it's benefits. Hey, I like your new metal detecting avatar-dude,.. reminds me of:,......Me; only the hole isn't deep enough , and the accompanying pile isn't high enough. Gary
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    Morlock I don't think powering it will be a problem at all. other issues like the fish maybe. but I think I have a solution for that too. As far as electro-plating or electro-winning the ocean water for gold and other precious metals I'm thinking about applying for a DARPA grant for a pilot program. I've got some good ideas on how it can be done profitably on a larger scale. Slim I have many doubts about the the new cosmic doughnut theory. A lot of good points Au Seeker, ArticDave, Chrissky, got to be a lot of old placer gold off the coast when the ocean was lower off many continents during the last couple of ice ages and the rivers and glacial ice where running hard into the ocean especially during the last ice age melt. flowing ice pushes a lot of gravel and gold with it. Alaska is a good example. AzNuggetBob
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    Thanks bill, I am also using the NF 14 elliptical now. Will borrow A 8inch Mono from Dennis and test it out.
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    Now that minelab released their new GFX7000 the GPX5000 is obsolete... Hey Mike F. , Does the new GFX7000 Blow away the GPX 5000 ?