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    I recently found an FN 57 and went way over budget, but I have no regrets at all. This pistol is amazing. I'm not really much of a gun guy, so I won't be able to tell you much about it. It's light, fast, and the damned thing hits what I want it to!! Visit YOUTUBE and you will find plenty of information and videos.
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    Hubby and I are really getting into metal detecting I recently found a 1856 seated Liberty half dollar (s mint) best find so far
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    Mike, those are the only Known sites...it is a big and surprise filled world...not that I disagree...nor am I arguing with you. Moqui Marble...very interesting and once again proving how difficult identifying any object can be when using photos... fred
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    They finally showed up Wed. the detector dealer here called me to take them to my old patch and to meet them at his office at 0800. I was there on time and waited for 45 minutes then I went home and called it a day. Come to find out the reps didn't even bring their latest greatest machine but instead an old VLF. They did it for me, no more visitors. Here's something you might find interesting. There's plenty of these here: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/03/02/photos-burmese-python-swallowing-deer-released-by-florida-officials.html
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    If you strip bedrock, or hunt shallow ground, a vlf is ok in non mineralized grounds, but if you plan to free range hunt for nuggets in deeper grounds, go GPX all the way. You can get em used for reasonable cost.
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    This might make it better if it works: https://www.icmj.com/magazine/article/plp-to-address-needs-of-small-miners-with-proposed-amendment-3791/
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    After swinging on the beach, in the saltwater, at a local park, and today in a farm field, I am prepared to say the Equinox is the best “All Around” park; beach; and field metal detector I have ever used. It is not as deep as the CTX 3030, or E-Trac, but it’s close with the stock coil. It is better in heavy park trash than both of it’s higher-priced cousins, and lighter.At US$650.00 the Equinox 600 is hands down the best metal detector in its price range. It replaces several of my tried and true Tesoro machines, including the Cibola; Vaquero; Outlaw; Tejon; Sand Shark; and Tiger Shark. If you’re counting, that's six-different machines. With the Equinox 600 capable of running three single frequencies (5kHz; 10kHz; 15kHz), and in Multi-frequency mode, it obsoletes all six of these Tesoro machines, and dozens of other great detectors, including the AT Pro; AT Max; Whites MXT Sport; Fisher F75; and on and on!The machine does get chatty in heavy trash, and you need to understand the tones and numbers to be precise with it. Pinpointing is much harder than with Tesoro machines. Again, it takes time to understand targets are picked up on the coil edges first, and then in the coil center. Discrimination and recovery speed are awesome. I would put this machine up against any Tesoro machine for speed and discrimination, and I’ve never said that before about ANY machine. I have found a ton of clad and a silver Merc, so far, and I have only hit well hunted, trash filled locations – on purpose.
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    I can afford bacon with my beans.......
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    Would be cool to check out a new area. I will plan on attending.
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    If we were doing this for a living most of us couldn't buy beans. Any gold is nice
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    My buddy Jeff went out three times and got a piece each time....albeit they were very small....if I wanted a dedicated vlf gold hunter the Monster is the one...however, the gb2 is a worthy contender... remember 480 GRAINS to a troy OZ that means if you find 1/10 GRAIN bits you will need 4800 to get to an OZ...that is a lot of bits and pieces!
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    That has always brought a smile to my face when seeing the shooter's expression after dropping the hammer on a 357 hot load. It will sure get their attention.
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    Piru creek and San Francisquito Canyon Rd has been good ...a short drive from palmdale....
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    If I had extra money, I might look at the Monster. But, I will never get rid of my Gold Bug 2(s). Here's a sample of what it has found for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhUZh-1iKpE
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    I have both, i will never sell the gb2
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    Another thing that's great about the .357, is that you can shoot .38 special through it when you're shooting paper and save the good stuff for the critters and fools. It's also fun to drop in a magnum round from time to time when you've been shooting the .38s for awhile. It can be comically surprising to someone who is unsuspecting.
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    Here's my King Cobra, loaded with two Snakeshots, and then a little something for bigger varmits.
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    Guess I know what I`m doing tomorrow
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    My first hunt with the Equinox 600, took me out to Long Island, and Field #4 at Jones Beach. I popped the machine into “Beach 1,” and used the factory preset program to start in the dry sand. I immediately realized I had no idea what I was doing or how to use all the tools this machine has available to me, so I decided to just relax and try and learn the different tones and VDI numbers.My first high tone (VDI 25) was a clad quarter in the dry sand. The signal was strong, and I was surprised when it took two scoops to get down to it – at least 10”-12” deep. Happy-happy!! Pull tabs were coming in around VDI 15, and a deep nickel (9”) also came in at VDI 15. Once I got down to the water, I switched to “Beach 2” and transitioned into the wet sand and shallow surf. Completely smooth, no falsing, crisp signals. I was able to pass up bobby pins and iron with no problem and got a nice surprise when I got a solid high tone and a VDI 28 IN THE WATER. Three scoops later I had a Silver 1946 Dime!I dug a couple of new pennies deep in the surf as well, and a Wheatie on the way back to the boardwalk! I couldn’t be happier with this new machine on the beach. It is lighter than my Tesoro Sand Shark and seems to be just about as deep as the Excalibur that was following me around. My problem (being a Tesoro guy), is not knowing how to use it yet, but I am sure with a few more hunts under my belt I’ll be able to use it with more precision.So, to sum up, first time out at the beach was a pleasure and surprise. Very good separation and recovery in heavy trash (bottle caps; screw tops; bobby pins; nails; screws; wire), with good high tones next to low tones. Plenty deep, in wet sand and saltwater. I may never use my trusty Sand Shark again.
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    Look what I found today Terry 12-14 is a pretty magic range
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    Very cool I prefer larger calibers but all that matters is accuracy
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    Seems to be a dead end road, so shouldn't be too hard to miss... New area for me. I'll need to look at this one.