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    Here's another one I've had for awhile. I found it in Greaterville last year. It was the 'black' nugget from my original post. Cleaning it in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda allowed the good stuff to shine through. It's around a third of a gram.
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    During early Bradshaw history, there is the story of two French miners that worked a creek near Ship Rock for gold and silver. Apache Indian activity was very active in this area as it was near the still undiscovered secret hot springs that we now call Castle Hot Springs. These miners happened to find a great amount of gold which they hid in a small cave along or near the creek. As with most greed (gold fever) got the best of these two souls and they stayed longer than they should have. An Apache war party eventually found them and killed them both. The gold has never been recovered to this day and sits in a small cave somewhere along or near the creek. In remembrance of these two Frenchman the creek was named French Creek. This is the one lost treasure I have spent time looking for, but only found Hohokam ruins instead.
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    As I posted on FB, Glenn is my old mining partner...We had a much larger operation, Double Eagle Mine, up Eddy Gulch near Sawyers Bar ... The equipment is all from the '4o's & '50's ... Glenn build the recovery equipment from scratch in the 1990's ... His Sterling operation is a very small version of our operation at Eddy. That was quite a time (early '80's)...But we found lots of gold ... This picture is me (L) and Glenn (R) and our other partner Fred (C) up in Circle City AK... That's the Yukon in the background ... Cheers, Unc
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    Guess I know what I`m doing tomorrow
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    This 'winter' has definitely been weird for us here in Az. I guess it's winter conditions right now as this storm system moves through, but overall, it's been minimal precipitation and warm temperatures. It's actually cooler down south since Greaterville is around 5000 elevation. Either way, it's great weather for hunting around these parts. Hopefully things will thaw out soon enough for you guys and you'll be able to get out and find some more shiny. Take care and stay warm. Luke
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    I also have dived on Spanish wrecks. The thrill of a lifetime.
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    ....well at least for me. I was able to sneak away the other day and I wanted to go back to an area that's been kind to me in the past. My goal was to 'connect the dots' and hopefully find my way into a hillside patch between some gullies that are gold bearing. I brought out the GPX and I put on the 11" commander because I was in prospecting mode and I feel very comfortable with it's capabilities. The ground was going to be wet, and the 11" has the right combination of depth and sensitivity to smaller gold. So after a short hike, I started up the hill. I was finding smallish trashy bits as I went along. Every now and then I got a boomer. The kind of stuff that tells you that if it's been detected, it hadn't been detected very well. Had one nice mellow signal at the base of a rock outcrop. It got exciting for a minute, but it was lead. After a few hours, I was almost at the top of the hill and I turned around and looked back and I could see all the spots I had found little nuggies with the SDC this last year or so. From that perspective, it wasn't difficult to see where I hadn't been either. So back down the hill I went. When I got down there, I was standing on a bench of sorts, and looking across to places I had found gold before. Trying to 'line up' the bedrock so as to be on the 'same ground' even though I was on the opposite side of 'normal'. Probably not even ten minutes later, I got a broken signal. Some might dismiss it as noise even. I kicked a baseball sized rock out of the way and flattened out a tuft of grass. Now it was a repeatable mellow signal. Roughly five inches down, I'm into the decaying bedrock. The dark red clay is like playdoh. After pinpointing where the target was located I used my screwdriver to carefully pry up the soft bedrock. Once it was moved, the signal sharpened up and the first nugget of the day was found. So now, I'm looking around and I start kicking things aside and making sure I can get the coil flat on the ground. I worked my way up and around a cacti-grassy-cat claw zone and when I got down the other side, about five feet away from where I found the first one, there was a large basketball sized rock sitting right on the surface. I was able to roll the rock into the gully with my foot and sure enough, there was a nice mellow repeatable signal underneath. This is the point where I wish I could go back and play with some settings, maybe try to prop my phone up somewhere for a video, call out to a friend that was nearby..... Nope. So I made a nice couple scrapes with my burro pick and cleared a flat landing pad of sorts. The signal was still there and sounded very nice. So I start to dig. Fist sized rocks are coming out of the hole and I keep checking and the target is getting louder. Eventually about ten inches down (measured by turning the coil on it's side), I'm on bedrock. The target is giving the overload sound and I'm having trouble pinpointing exactly where it is. I tried the 'cancel' trick, but not a peep. So I widened out the hole and got a better idea where it was. I was almost certain it was gold, and it was going to be 'big' so I didn't want to take the chance and damage the nugget. After another few minutes or so, I finally managed to move the nugget out of the hole. Based on it's size, I guessed at least 2 grams. It did feel a little light for it's size, but it was clearly my second largest gold find. After I got it home and cleaned up, 1.75g was the weight. It's a specimen or something like that. The minerals that are trapped in the gold look like sand particles to me. I don't know if the gold somehow wrapped around the sand, or if the sand was in a crevice and the gold filled in around it. Either way, I'll take it. Luke
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    Headed back down to my new spot on a very nice sunny day today, and managed to snag these little surprises. I was surprised to see that who ever (how ever many years ago) worked this wash had grabbed the easy and largest nuggets, but overlooked those up against the bank!!?! I worked just the inside bend up against the existing bank, which in spots was about 2 ft. higher than the lowest point of the bedrock in the wash (which they had cleaned out very well). I picked away and shoveled-off the rocks, and dirt that covered the bedrock that was extending up into the bank. They (whoever they where??) had piled all the overburden up on the (steep) bank on the inside bend instead of stacking it on the other bank, which was much lower, and actually had more room to pile stuff on. Strange, considering I was cutting almost a foot (at times) up into the bank following the bedrock, and finding a nugget or two in cracks. I found the flattest nugget in the photo almost 3-foot higher up on the bank wedged tightly in decomposed bedrock. I managed to uncover 8 nuggets today (those around the dime). The lower 4 are from the same wash the I found on Tuesday. Total weight of the 8 nuggets was 1.53 grams. So I am walking with 12 nuggets at 3.01 grams total. It was really "FUN" finding that many nuggets in one day,....Got the first four before lunch,....YAHOO. Gary
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    Cool story Bill, Ive hiked all through that area when I was a teenager. There are allot of small caves in the black cave area just E of Castle Hot Springs. Your right about the Hohokam stuff some of the caves were packed with pottery and stone tools. Would be interesting if you knew where the Apaches attacked them, that would be a good starting point. DP
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    I started to read this book last week while on vacation. It was hard to put down! One of the best books I have read along with Diary of a 49er and Bacon and Beans From a Gold Pan. It's hard enough to find time to prospect these days let alone read a book, but flak says it correct.
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    Heck Luke, im thinking of going down south just to get warm. Sitting at 20 degrees right now with snow on the ground and a whole week of snow coming up this weekend and next week. Had storms all week this week😠. Again, nice nugget bud. Go find more.
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    Thanks.... When your average is .19g per 'nugget'. That is a big one. I'm starting to think about heading down south before it starts getting too warm.
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    Kanaka Town is about 1/4 mile south of my house. Been walking these hills since 1977 and have ideas.
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    Got a nice phone call today by the local metal detector dealer. It seems like two reps from White's Electronics are visiting him tomorrow. He asked if I would be interested in showing them around since 95% of the roads here are dirt/mud. The old Toyota with the big heavy diesel motor and 4x4 diffs with lockers likes that kind of stuff. So if it's not pouring rain in the AM I'll take them to my "worked out" patch only 15 km from my house. Of the 19 total grams I found in two years all were less than .7 grams and no more than three inches deep. We'll see if they can show me up! Also have an area that drives all detectors crazy with minerals that change every few steps. Took another bunch of reps there a couple of years ago and they lasted almost thirty minutes before calling it quits. Only problem now is the river I have to drive about 150 yards down in the middle of and it's been raining now almost every day for the last two months. I always wade it first to see if there's any deep holes that will swallow the Toyota. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
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    I thought you said it was big just kidding congrats
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    You know, it's not just the screwballs in power that want to restrict access to what is rightfully ours, we do it to ourselves many times. By not cleaning up after ourselves and others, being rough on others property, rude to land owners, skirting present laws, etc. What might be worse is being passive in the face of the nonsense that is being thrust upon us in many cases. If you don't fight the devil he'll come and eat you. Old Tom
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    Absolutely Old Tom. My home away from home is Island Beach State Park and my Buggy Permit. Made a lot of good friends down there. Although I don't have a Ford any more, run a Toyota Tacoma now. Its also a good place to Metal Detect, yes you have to get a permit there but, its free.
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    yowser...... I used to dive and metal detect under the waves....Garrett Sea Hunter.... A panic attack ended that.
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    If you have not read "Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea" by Gary Kinder you are missing one of the most fascinating and intriguing accounts of a treasure hunt ever written. It is the story of the search for the S. S. Central America and if you are interested in this sort of thing, you will be riveted, it's wild.
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    Would be dangerous to find if you had a weak heart....
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    Morlock all I can say is If you think it can't be done it won't happen. AzNuggetBob
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    Count me in. Don't forget to let me know just where it is..........
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    Sounds good! Will be there Tom H.
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